Hey all! Man im on a roll today! Im watching my season 3 of NCIS and im finding all theses cute little scenes. This one is from season 3 episode 9.



Gibbs walks into abbys office and can tell that she is upset. He walks up behind Abby and gently rubs her neck.

"You ok?" Abby could tell from the caring tone in his voice that he was concerned.

"I must have screwed up Gibbs." Gibbs sits down on the corner of Abbys desk.

"You didn't screw up Abs."

"But no I have all this evidence. Forensics, the thing that I love, and I believe in. And it says Tony's a murderer" Gibbs turns to face Abby.

"Tony's not a murderer"

"I know he isn't. But something's gotta give. I mean either the forensics are wrong, Just bad Forensics or... We have to save him Gibbs." Gibbs leans down to Abby

"We will." Abby starts to play with her fingers.

"Because if this goes to court, with his fingerprint and his bite mark on the leg, Tony's going to go to prison for the rest of his life. And I'll be the one to put him there." Gibbs can see the tears that have started to form in Abbys eyes. Slowly Gibbs placed a gentle kiss on the top of Abbys head.

"Im scared Gibbs." Gibbs stood up and pulled Abby into a tight hug.

"Everything is going to be ok Abby." Abby hugged Gibbs tighter.

"You're just saying that to make me feel better." Gibbs gave a slight chuckle before stepping back from the hug
"it's the truth Abs" Abby smiled. Gibbs brought his hands up to cup Abbys face before slowly lowering his lips upon hers. Before Abby could respond to this gentle kiss Gibbs pulled away, and rested his forehead on Abbys.

"Everything will be ok."