Title: Something
Author: anatagasuki
Genre: Drama/Poetry
Notes: This is a useless crap of a poem I just drabbled while thinking of Edward and Midnight Sun. Supposed speaker is Edward. Not edited.
Disclaimers: Stephanie Meyer's one lucky gal.


You shouldn't know me in the dark
You shouldn't tarnish all these binds
You shouldn't leave me one more mark
You shouldn't make me do these crimes

You shouldn't come close to me at day
You should always draw the lines
You shouldn't cross my way as you may
You are to pretend I'm not alive

You cannot be with me that way
You cannot risk your life everytime
You cannot think on and on about what I say
You should still want to keep your life

I cannot breathe the air you've been in
I cannot risk shortening my distance
Your expressions I cannot undermine
I can't see your mind at all

I know this is immoral
I know I'm infringing all the rules
Beings who feel something this strong
Are sure to be, if not worse, fools

I want to take a glimpse of your smiling face everyday
I want to see your tempting blush creeping on your cheek
I want to hold your hand and feel your touch on a sunny day
I want to take a ride in my car with you by my side

It's hard to say the truth but it's harder telling lies
I could keep up my façade for everyone to see
But when I'm with you I know
The smiling person talking will be truly me

There's a person that I want you to truly know
There are secrets I want you to recognize
There's something inside me that shies away from you at all cost
There's something going on about me that I cannot disclose

But there's something else clear in my head
Something I've never felt in my cursed existence
Something I'm fairly certain I'd despise but prized instead
The fact that maybe something is right in this pretense

I know, something that I'm sure of
I love you so

Told ya it's crappy.