Story: The Viking and the Telepath

Summary: Based after the third book (since I've only read that far, may adapt as I read more), and a little mix of the show as well. After Sookie returns from Mississippi, heart-broken over Bill's betrayal, she finds herself wanting to call Eric. Something draws her to him, and she thinks it's just lust. But as they grow closer and closer, she finds that she needs Eric just as much as he needs her.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything in relation to the Southern Vampire Series books by Charlaine Harris or anything relating to the True Blood series. No money was earned in writing this; it is purely for my own pleasure so I can play with Eric. 

AN: I'm currently reading through the books and watching the show, and I have a fascination with Eric. So this is my story. I started writing this after finishing the third book. It will most likely combine a little of both the book and the show.

Chapter One-

Sookie sat on the couch of her house, contemplating what she was about to do. This was a hard decision for her to make. Bill and she had not spoken in weeks, and she had no intentions of calling him. That wasn't why the phone was in her hand. She had the urge to call someone else, someone completely and totally bad for her. Eric. The name sent shivers down her spine and she couldn't exactly figure out why. Maybe it was the numerous times he's kissed her, or hinted that he wanted to sleep with her. Or maybe, she really was as crazy as everyone said she was. But there she was, with the urge to call him. She picked up the phone and dialed. "Fangtasia."

Sookie breathed in deeply. "Pam, this is Sookie."

"Sookie, I heard you have uninvited Bill and Eric from your house. And you aren't seeing Bill anymore." Pam's voice held amusement. For a vampire, who weren't quite known for their sense of humor, Pam's was just as twisted as Sookie's.

"I did," Sookie said. "I need to speak with Eric."

Pam went silent on the phone, and then spoke carefully. "Regarding what Sookie?"

Sookie sighed. "You act like I'm going to do him some kind of harm. I need to ask him something. Just put me through to him."

Pam sighed, much more for Sookie's benefit than an actual reaction and placed her on hold. Checking the office, Pam realized that Eric was out in the club. Much better, this way Pam could watch Eric's reaction to the phone call. With the speed of a vampire, she was beside Eric and whispering in his ear. "Sookie is on the phone."

Eric remained calm, after all he was entertaining the humans, but Pam felt him tense. "What does she want?"

"She is being vague. She said she had something to ask you." Pam grinned, and although her fangs were retracted, she looked just as malicious. "She actually got an attitude with me when I asked what it was about."

Eric didn't grin, but he took the phone out of Pam's hands. "Leave," he said and she was gone before he finished the word. Putting the phone to his ear, Eric spoke. "I am here."

Sookie didn't know what reaction was stronger; she wanted to laugh at his phone manners and moan at the sound of his voice. She settled for sighing softly. "Eric, you have the oddest phone manners."

"What should I say?" He asked.

She knew he was teasing her. "Try hello next time. I am here sounds so… well damn, so you."

Eric laughed lightly. "What do you want Sookie? After all, you did uninvite me from your house, along with Bill."

Sookie took a deep breath. This was where she was about to get dangerous. "I think I've changed my mind. About you being invited, not about Bill."

Her words were fast and her southern accent more evident, a sign Eric knew meant she was nervous. He grinned, eyed Pam in the corner watching him, and licked his lips for show. Pam's eyes widened and she left the room. Jealousy wasn't a good trait on Pam, even if she had no claim on Eric. "Thank you for the invitation back into your home, Sookie. Should I have business, it will be much easier this way."

She hoped her was teasing her. She didn't know, or couldn't tell, from the sound of his voice. "I…"

He laughed, and a few heads turned in the club. "Was there another reason for allowing me access to your home again?"

Sookie stalled before answering. "You are an evil ass, you know that?"

"Of course I do, my darling." He drew the last two words out and he could almost feel her shudder over the phone. He stood and walked out of the club and into the backroom. "I must go, I will call you back." He hung the phone up and handed it to Pam. "Entertain the humans, I will back before dawn."