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It was early Tuesday morning and Gibbs and his team was heading to a new crime scene. Gibbs and McGee were in the front seat, McGee was taking to Abby online concerning some of the fiber analysis they had received on another case they were wrapping up. Tony and Ziva were in the back seat. They both were being very quiet.

They were heading to Sperryville, Va which was off Highway 211 about 79 miles from the Navy yard. Suddenly a deer jumped out in front of Gibbs and hew swerved to miss hitting it and went off the road and down a ravine about 50 feet. Tony and Ziva barely saw what was happening as they felt the car swerve and felt it going end over end. McGee was able to yell it's a deer and then tossed the computer down as the car went over the side. Gibbs tried his best to avoid the full force of the deer however not only did it hit the car hard it caused it to go to the right and forced it down the ravine.

Gibbs awoke rather quickly somehow he was not hurt the air bag had protected him along with his seatbelt. He turned to his right and could see McGee moving and making noises.

"McGee hey you all right?"

"Umm yeah Boss, just little sore, but nothing feels broken."

Gibbs undid his seatbelt and turned around. Tony was starting to stir they both had been thrown around all the glass was broken and you could see the tiny pebbles in there hair and lying around them. Ziva on the other hand was not making a sound or moving.

"Tony, Ziva, hey wake up…" Gibbs was getting worried.

"Zee… umm ohh uhhh Boss." Tony started to wake up he recalled the car hitting the deer and going over the side.

"Ziva…. Ohhhh Ziva come on sweetcheeks wake up. Please Ziva." Tony had opened his eyes and saw Ziva lying against him not making any noise. He reached over and was grateful to feel a pulse.

"DiNozzo!!! Do not move her much." Gibbs ordered.

Tony wanted to pull her closer and hold her but he knew Gibbs was right they had been thrown around pretty good when the car flipped going into the ravine, she could have hurt her neck.

Gibbs got out of the car he saw they had went about 50 feet into the ravine and that it was steep he was amazed they had survived the fall.

"McGee can you get out?" Gibbs yelled at him.

McGee was still shocked however he was now starting to realize he was okay and then got out the car. However when he got out he saw where they were and realized how serious of a situation they were in. He moved to the back door to open it for Tony then realized it was crushed so much it was not about the open. Tony would have to get out either through the front or the back window or the other side on the back. The back of the car seem to have took most of the impact. None of the windows in the back remained in tact however both his and Gibbs windows were intact. McGee then walked around the car and joined Gibbs.

Gibbs was leaning into the back of the car through the window. Ziva was starting to make noises however she was not awake. It appeared that her right leg was broken at least at the angle it was lying and that she had a head injury as she was bleeding from a cut at the top left of her head. Tony had some cuts and scrapes however he said he felt okay otherwise. He did not think anything was broken.

"McGee is our phone working? I have no bars." Gibbs growled.

"Sorry Boss, I lost my signal about 5 miles down the road." McGee stumbled over the words.

Tony grabbed his cell and Ziva's. "No signal on either of ours."

"Tony I will leave you here with Ziva and McGee and I will go get help?" Gibbs hated to do this however he knew they needed help.

"I am fine Boss. Just hurry, ok?" Tony pleaded as he gently rubbed Ziva's hand.

Gibbs noticed the way Tony was looking at Ziva as did McGee.

"McGee grab your gear leave any bottled water for Tony and Ziva and let's go. Hopefully it will be less than an hour before we are back with help."

Gibbs and Tony both started to head up the ravine. Tony gently prodded Ziva begging her to wake up and talk to him, to forgive him for the argument they had earlier.

"Tony…" Ziva struggled to get out of the sleepiness she felt. Her leg was hurting and she had a horrible headache.

"What… Tony… my leg hurts…and I feel sick…."

"Zee… Hey there sweetcheeks, I know it looks like you may have to go on desk duty after all we had a car accident and you may have broken your leg. Come on now wake up we need to keep you awake especially if you feel sick you may have a concussion and I refuse to let you sleep more than me." Tony tried to tease her however he was not sure it was coming out the way he wanted it to.

Ziva could here Tony talking but he sounded like he was a million miles away.

"Tony…. I am so tired…"

"Hey now Ziva, come on every morning you make me get up at 0430 and go running for an hour and I have not complained much so now it is your turn to stay awake and talk to me."

"Tony… I think I am going to be sick." Ziva was starting to sound more awake; however Tony could hear fear in her voice also.

"Ziva it is okay, I promise. If you get sick it is no big deal however you must talk to me, you have to stay awake ok?"

Ziva opened her eyes some however everything was a little blurry and it made he head hurt worse. She then finally focused in on Tony. She could see he had cuts on his face and he looked scared.

"I must look a mess if you look that scared, my little hairy butt." Ziva tried to joke and gave a half smile.

"I am not scared. I am just worried. So are you going to tell me what I did this morning to make you not talk to me since breakfast?"

Ziva closed her eyes again the reason she was mad at him might not matter now. She did not want to get his hopes up then crush his hopes. Anyways he had told her this morning as they were running that he was glad that they were careful as they saw a couple with two jogging strollers with 4 kids in total in the strollers. Then she opened her eyes and looked at Tony.

"Nothing really, I am too tired to fight now. Let me sleep, please." Ziva started to close her eyes again.

"Hey now, I still have no clue what I said. If this relationship is going to work we need to talk. Come on you are the one who told me communication is the most important part. Also did we not agree on any more secrets ever between us?" Tony really would have preferred not to have brought this up now however to keep her awake he would start a fight if he had to.

"Tony my head is hurting and my leg hurts. I just want to sleep a little." Ziva begged.

"So my little Ninja is to wimpy to talk right now. Are you afraid I will win?" Tony was now baiting her, anything to keep her talking and wake.

"Ziva, come on hey please wake up." Tony gently touched her face as he went to wake her up.

"Where are all those Mossad skills that you talk about? Saying you could stay awake for days at a time. I bet that was a bunch of talk, Mossad this and Mossad that. Come on I met Daddy he is not that scary. Ze…. Hey Ziva, come on, please. I need you to wake up." Tony was starting to worry now her breathing was normal however he could tell she was falling asleep as the breathing became more rhythmic.

Ziva was trying to stay awake however he body was fighting her. She knew he was trying to make her fight to argue with her so she would stay awake.

"Tony…I …I am so tired….I am cold…." Ziva did not even notice she was talking in Hebrew now and continued to tell Tony more. She then leaned into Tony's shoulder. (if in italics she is talking in Hebrew but written in English)

"I am scared Tony…"

Tony was now really worried, she was talking in Hebrew.

"Hey love, my Hebrew is not that good yet. Could you say it in English?"

Ziva leaned into Tony more, he felt so good, this would be better if they were at home in there bed snuggled together. She then felt herself drifting off again.

"Hey…. Zee come on wake up, baby… Remember you said we were not to go to sleep if wither one of us were mad at each other."

"Not mad…sleepy…." Ziva then took Tony's hand and laid it on her stomach.

"I am so sorry…Tony please let me sleep my head hurts and my leg is starting to hurt more." Ziva was starting to actually cry some. If the car accident was bad enough to broke her leg and have her hurt this bad then chances of still being pregnant was slim and this made her start to cry more.

"Hey baby…. Shhhhh….I am sorry…Zeee…"

Suddenly Tony heard voices.

"TONY… ZIVA… we are on our way down with the fire department, hang in there." Gibbs yelled.

"Zee hey you hear that? After they get you to the hospital and they check you over then you can sleep okay?" Tony begged her while giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Ziva, come on stay awake just a little longer…" Tony was begging her now. Her breathing was relaxing more and more and he could tell she was going into sleep and if she had a concussion that could be very dangerous.

"Tony… I love you…I am scared..."

"Ziva, I love you too… Look help is right here, you will be fine," Tony said into her ear and kissed her forehead and brushed her hair away from her face.

"Tony…I can not loose…" Ziva wanted to tell him however her brain would not let her continue to talk.

"Zeee… come on you will never loose me. However you have to promise never to leave me."

Gibbs and the rescuers all arrived at the car and heard the last couple sentences. Gibbs knew they were closer than they should be however this sort of proved that rule 12 was out the window for these two or would be soon.

The first paramedic and fireman manage to pry the back door off the car and then put a c-collar on Ziva and then placed her on a back board and they start to take her up the ravine. They wanted to put Tony into a c-collar and take him up on the back board however he refused and with leaning on Gibbs for a little support he headed up with the rescuers following Ziva.

Once they go to the top they placed Ziva onto the awaiting life flight to be flown to Bethesda Medical Center. Tony wanted to go however they told him they could not allow him to go. He reached over and gently placed a kiss onto Ziva's lips. She however did not return the kiss.

The paramedic wanted him to go to the local emergency room that could look him over, however he refused. Gibbs knew where they all three needed to be and it would take over 2 hours to get there normally. However he made a call and a Navy search and rescue heilo that happen to be on a training mission would be there in 10 minutes to pick them and drop them off at Bethesda.