Over the last several days Gibbs had looked at his life. He realized he had not only blamed his self but the agent who was killed trying to protect Kelly and Shannon.

Officer George Yates was a young man that was only 38 years old. He had been married for almost 2 years. His wife and him had a newborn son, that Gibbs had never knew about.

Gibbs stood outside the house in San Diego. It was a small older a frame style house. He wondered if this was the house that SA Yates had lived in with his wife?

Leslie and Kole Harris Yates were a joy to met. Gibbs found out that he was not the only one to loose someone important that day. Two families were destroyed now was the time to heal. He wished he had done this 15 years earlier, he could have possibly been there for the young boy that was left fatherless. He would have not taken his place however they both could have filled a void in there lives.

Gibbs had been avoiding Tony and Ziva. He was now outside there house, with a present for the future DiNozzo. He realized that an accident was that an accident. However this time he was adding someone to his family he did not loose anyone.

A year later

Ziva sat in the Nursery holding her son and singing a Hebrew lullaby. One she had heard her parents sing to her as a child a thousand times over. It was hard to believe that tomorrow she would be returning to work after being off for the past 6 months for maternity leave.

Tony stood in the door watching his wife hold their son. He had watched her change so much since they had been married. Tony was taking the next three months off for paternity leave. They had decided that it would be better this way. Tony could bring Zander into the office to see Ziva as needed and help Ziva with her separation from him.

A year ago they nearly lost everything, their son, each other and there best friend and boss. Now they were celebrating their life ahead.