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Winter Fireworks


Chapter Six

It was cold. And windy. He stood on icy ground, the landscape was unknown. He wasn't in the seireitei. He wasn't in Gin's room.

Tōshirō's short pants were visible as he looked around. Where was he? He could only remember Gin. And the monitor when it suddenly stopped beeping. Did he die too?


The snowy haired male turned at the booming, echoing voice. It was cold but it was recognizable. Teal eyes widened as icy blue coils of the huge serpentine dragon circled him. Glowing red eye stared down at him.

"Hyōrinmaru." Tōshirō said lightly. It came together now, he was in his inner world.

"Do you know why you are here, Tōshirō?"


"You are a coward. And you would do well to believe me when I say that I refuse to be wielded by a coward."

Tōshirō blinked, obviously confused. Never had his zanpakutou complained about his prowess, his skills. He had never been week.

"Physical power is just as important as emotional power," the dragon said, reading Tōshirō's mind. You cannot control me if you do not have control over both of these factors."

Tōshirō let out a shaky breath. "Gin."

"Indeed. I have kept quiet over your behavior, thinking you to be wise enough. But when a zanpakuto is forced to kill his holder, things have gone too far."

Tōshirō looked down at the ice, as Hyōrinmaru spoke. He couldn't say anything. This whole situation, Gin's death was his fault. All because he was too childish to open his eyes. It was all his fault. The guilt was tearing him up inside.

"Did you want Gin to die, Tōshirō?"

Teal eyes forcefully met crimson ones. "No!"

"You knew of his feelings yet you reacted harshly to him. Was it for Matsumoto?"

Tōshirō shook his head, biting his lip. When Hyōrinmaru asked for the reason of his actions, he replied, "I-I don't know."

Ice fell and shattered loudly on the ground as the dragon shifted in irritation. "You do know, boy. You are afraid."

Tōshirō closed his eyes.

"You know what is right and wrong Tōshirō Hitsugaya." The shinigami flinched at use of his full name. "This act of foolishness is uncharacteristic in contrast to your normal self."

Eyes opened. "I know."

"Then what are you going to do about it. Gin wasn't the only one hurt in this predicament."

Kuchiki. Aizen.

"I-I'll apologize," Tōshirō said solemnly.

"And?" Hyōrinmaru asked, wearily. Tōshirō looked up then, at a lost on what to say. "What will you do if Gin was alive and breathing again?"

Tōshirō sighed, closing his eyes and picturing him.

"I'd love him."


Tōshirō jumped at the feel of arms holding him. It was the same patient room. Gin's room. Kuchiki and Aizen weren't there though. Tōshirō stiffened at the light chuckle that filled room.

"And sleeping beauty awakes. And here I was, about to steal a kiss."

Tōshirō pushed away and jumped out of the bed hoping that his blush wasn't at all visible. Gin sat there in the bed, perfectly healthy, smiling at him. No trace of discomfort, wounds, nothing. As if he hadn't tried to kill himself.

"You're okay."

"Mhmm. Did you miss me?" Tōshirō's reply was interrupted was interrupted with a bitter laugh. "Don't answer that. Of course not. I heard Matsumoto was released a while ago, why don't you go see her?"


Tōshirō's stern reply startled Gin, making the taller man jump and turn. "Pardon?"

"I'm sorry," Tōshirō whispered. "For everything I did. For everything I said. I'm not afraid anymore." He felt his throat tighten with every word. Tōshirō closed his eyes. "I. Love. You."

Silence fell over the room but Tōshirō swore his heartbeats sounded like thunder.

Tōshirō jumped, suddenly, when fingers caressed his face. He hadn't even heard Gin leave his bed. Lightly his face was pulled up and Tōshirō answered the silent plea, opening his eyes only to meet ones of a striking color.

Gin leaned down, and when his lips were an inch away from Tōshirō's, he quietly said, "Are you sure?" After a nod, the two finally shared a kiss. It wasn't cold, like the season outside the window. It was explosive and bright, like fireworks at annual festivals. It was filled with longing, passion.

When Tōshirō looked up at Gin again, he knew that everything would be alright.

Gin knew it too, and smiled.

"I love you, too."


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