Hi, I'm back... (que scary music). This is a break from There Is No End In Infinity, beacuse at the moment my brain is bursting with ideas and I can't get a moments rest. Also I have exams in the next few months so it might be hard trying to update.

Anyhow, this does follow some aspects of TINEIF, such as some of the pairings and also the ages. Were as:

The Hawks are all 18, (Aerrow/Piper/Junko/Finn (and get your mind out of the gutter that is not some crazy pairing!!!)

Starlings 21 and so is Flow

Stork is 23

Anyway, this is a collab between me and HawkSlayer whilst we were on a school trip together (basically for the week, I'm surprised niether of us ended up killing each other, but it was a great trip non-the-less). It's basically a gaint game of consquences, or a collab, niether of us let each other see what we were writing, but we did discus the plot before hand.

Read on and I hope you enjoy... I won't take all the credit. XD.

The sun was setting low over the wastelands. A huge airship flew towards the blazing orb. A lone figure was silhouetted on the deck, their fiery red hair ruffled gently by the wind, and piercing emerald eyes scanned the horizon. He sensed someone behind him and turned to see a slim girl with blue-black hair and gentle amber eyes. Slowly a grin broke over his face, the dark frown lifting to show the true character underneath, the chocolate coloured girl smiled shyly back, her amber gaze momentarily meeting his. She walked slowly over to him and rested her hand gently on his shoulder as they gazed out over the wastelands, not needing to speak. The young teen felt her hand gently squeeze his aching muscle, without thinking he rested his hand on top of hers returning the movement. The roar of a skimmers engine cut the peaceful silence of the evening like a knife, but the young teens paid no heed to it.

"You fought well today," the amber-eyed girl's soft voice flickered over the wind like hummingbirds, the redheads shoulders sagged.

"I lost," he whispered quietly, hands balling into tight fists. "I lost." The hand that was resting on his shoulder moved down to gently rest upon his, she was surprised that he kept hold of it as if it was his lifeline. The stood there in a comfortable silence, just enjoying each other's company. Slowly the boy turned to the raven-haired girl at his side, and carefully tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She looked up at him, her amber eyes wide and trusting. Gently she brushed a hand over the gauze on his face, it stood out as a reminder of his defeat.

"Does it hurt?" she whispered softly.

"Not that much," he replied smiling. Automatically resting his forehead against hers, and paused. "Not when you're here."

She smiled back, making no attempt to move away. The moment was so perfect, she wanted it to last forever…

Sorry it's so short... If you saw the writing book that we three pages :O, and it killed a 2 hour plane journey as well.

Please review and the credit also goes to HawkSlayer as well.