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Unfortunately nothing ever last forever. A squirrelly blond boy burst out onto the deck, grinning like a lunatic. The two jumped apart like they had been tasered. As normal the blond didn't notice his leader refraining himself from hitting his head on the wall, and the Amazonian prowling towards him with a predatory glower on her face.

"Hey guys, heads up!" the blond idiot yelled, despite the two being in close proximity to him. "Starling's just landed in the hangar bay." A red haired girl skidded up behind the squirrelly boy and raised her eyebrows.

"C'mon, get a bloody move on," she grinned. "We can have this lovely little Titanic moment later."

"Can I kill them now or later?" the girl in question snarled, furious at her ruined Titanic moment.

The red head laughed softly and gently squeezed her hand – an action not missed by the others. "We'll just have to embarrass Finn another time."

His girlfriend nodded evily. "Espically when Starling's here -"

Aerrow and Piper headed onto the bridge. Behind their backs Finn looked puzzled dand Aerrow's twin mimed being violently sixk behind their back sand then mad e rude sign behind Aerrow's.

Sighing heavily Piper crossed her arms over her chest and refrained from stamping her foot in a childish manner. Grinning Aerrow lent back against the round wooden table centred in the wide open room. Finn and Callie followed them onto the bridge. As they entered Callie tripped over her own feet and fell, into Finn creating a type of domino effect as Finn fell into Aerrow and Aerrow into Piper. Callie disentangled herself from the mess and grinned apologetically at Aerrow who was glaring at her, though he didn't mind the position he was in. Pulling Finn up by the wrists (ignoring his complaining) she grinned at the two.

"Gonna stay in that position all day?" she asked grinning. Knowing the reaction his twin was after Aerrow rested one elbow on the floor about Piper's head, and the rest of his body across her.

"Well we could…"

Callie rolled her green eyes and poked Aerrow in the side with one of her point boots. He winced and smacked her away. This almost caused her to lose her balance again and she would have fallen if Finn hadn't caught her.

There was a nattering and laughing of girlish voices as two of the oldest memembers of the Storm Hawks came into the bridge, another male following, hands clamped over his long ears and muttering something about mindworms.

"No way!" there was a laugh and the sound of a high five being given. "He said that?"

"Uh-huh," the voice was followed by two females - one merb and the other human, both where in the peak of a rapt discussion. If they were of the same species these two could have been thought of as sisters, or close relatives, but they had only properly know each other for two months. They entered the bridge and saw two things. The first was that Aerrow and Piper were lying on the floor with Aerrow's arm slung around Piper's shoulders and the second was that Finn seemed to be hugging Callie. Starling scowled at the latter impression, but grinned at the couple disentangling themselves.

"Come on, get up," she rolled her eyes and ended up glowering at Callie.

"What's your problem?" Finn asked, immediately jumping to Aerrow's twin's defence.

"Oh nothing," she replied sarcastically, desperately trying not to rip his head off. Loud heavy footsteps sounded down the corridor.

"What's the problem?" a kindly voice asked. "Finn and Callie were just hugging…"

Starling sighed. "That is the problem Junko," she replied, and in return getting a few smirks. "WHAT?"

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