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Authors notes: Well it has been a long road and took over twelve months from the commencement to the epilogue of this fic. I'd like to thank all those people out there who have read this fic and the arc itself, to my beta's for putting up with my appalling grammar and spelling errors and encouraged me to keep going when all I wanted to do was toss the damn thing and shoot the muse. Your emails and comments have meant a lot to me. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed this arc and this fic, I did enjoy writing it all but sadly all things must come to an end and this fic is no exception. I will not be continuing the arc, prefering to leave things where they are and move on to other projects. Thank you all once again for reading and for your comments. Now I will leave you with the epilogue to this fic.


"Eternal Flame"

Commenced April 2003 - Completed August 2004 - ShenLong


Heero stood out on the balcony watching the sun slowly set over the horizon, glass of wine in his hand. He absently twirled the stem of the glass in his fingers, the oranges of the dying sun filtering through the white wine and giving it a golden hue. Down below the gentle sounds of the water lapping at the beach were soothing to his mind and the sounds of laughter from the club further down the beach were borne on the soft breeze that floated over the landscape.

Heero felt a peace steal over his soul with the serenity the island resort offered him. Idly his mind wandered back over the events of the previous weeks, Sally and Wufei's wedding, Quatre's employee's death and the missing chips, Paul's meeting with Leith and his father's subsequent abduction. The injuries the young man had suffered in his search for his father, the missing scrap and discovery of Grant's intentions; not to mention the hundreds that had paid the ultimate price for one man's insane need for revenge.

It could have been a lot worse.

Fortunately it hadn't.

Heero's face crinkled into a grin as he remembered the de-briefing and Howard's meeting with Une.

~ Flashback ~

The Commander had fixed Howard with her steely eye, her own face remaining neutral as she sized the man up. "I have a certain matter to discuss with you in relation to mobile suits?"

"Errr..… yeah. I'm sure I can explain that to you, ma'am."

"I'm sure that I don't have to remind you, of all people, Howard, that when the last wars were over with and the peace treaties set in place, one of the regulations of the treaty was that mobile suits of any form were outlawed. All existing suits were destroyed as you know. In reality you are no better than this man Grant who defied the law by building those dolls."

Howard rubbed at the back of his neck. "I guess so but..."

"Even if your intentions were for the good of the UES and not for seizing power control, the fact still remains that you built them knowing you were in direct violation of the peace codes. This violation as I am sure you are aware is a serious offense and punishable to the full extent of the current law."

Howard swallowed. "If I may be able to say a word in my own defense..."

Again Une cut him off. "I really don't think there is anything you can say, Howard. The evidence is all there, sitting in the hangar at the Phoenix base."

Howard's shoulders slumped. He had known he was breaking the law when he'd first started to build the mecha, but his intentions had been only for the good of the UES. He hadn't planned on using the Gundams, rather secreting them away so that if they should ever have been needed, at least they were there. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on which way you looked at it, they had been needed. Facing the charges he was now, Howard knew in his own heart he would have done it all again, regardless. He didn't regret building them; the only thing he did regret was that he'd involved his sweeper crew in this whole mess. Une's next words though had him stunned.

"In this case, given the extenuating circumstances, Preventer will not be bringing any charges against either yourself or the sweepers."

"Wh... what?"

"As far as Preventer is concerned those suits do not exist, they never did. No one other than yourself, your crew, the agents and those currently facing trial know of the existence of these Gundams. Those under trial will not be believed, mainly because Grant has been certified insane to start with and I'm sure the remainder of his followers would prefer to forget about the mecha anyway. Besides, who is going to listen to them? Preventer will naturally deny any such existence of the suits and I expect the same courtesy from yourself and the sweepers."

Howard's face began to light up with a smile. "You have my word on that, Commander."

"Now we are faced with the problem of what to do with the suits." Une tapped her pen on the table.

"May I make a suggestion here, ma'am?"

Une looked at him. "Go ahead."

"I was talking with Trowa Barton on the return journey and he had an idea..." Once more Une cut him off and Howard was seriously beginning to think that the stories about women never shutting up were true.

"I have already spoken with Quatre Winner in regards to the same matter. It appears that the conversation you had with Trowa, he also had with Quatre and we have decided to go with that option."

"Well, in that case would you care to elaborate as Trowa only gave me a sketchy outline."

"WEI has many satellites and resource centers scattered around the Earth, Colonies and space. Quatre has proposed to house the Gundams on one of these research satellites, only he and I know the exact location of the satellite in question. The Gundams will also be contained behind several elaborate security systems, systems which can only be accessed with certain codes; those codes again are only known by myself and Quatre. The Gundams will remain there, in secret and hopefully will never see the light of day again."

"Amen to that," muttered Howard.

Une leant forward across her desk. "Thank you, Howard. Despite the fact that you did break the law by building those suits, I'm glad that you did, if you hadn't," Une paused. "I don't even want to contemplate what could have happened. The UES, Preventer and myself owe you a debt of gratitude."

The blush tinged Howard's cheeks as he looked at the Commander. "Let's just call it even, shall we?"

Une laughed. "I guess I can live with that." She stood up and offered her hand to Howard who shook it warmly. "Thank you again, Howard. Feel free to use the Phoenix base for as long as you need. Any parts you require, just book them to the Preventer account. The Gundams will be transported to their new residence somewhere in the next twenty four hours."

"Thank you, Commander Une. I appreciate the offer and I'll have the Zodiac fixed and out of here as quickly as I can."

~ End Flashback ~

True to his word, Howard had fixed the Zodiac and left for space and his waiting contracts within four days, the Gundams had disappeared and no one asked any questions. In one way Heero was pleased that the suits hadn't been destroyed like their predecessors, it was a comforting thought to know they were still around as a last resort should the need ever arise again. He certainly hoped they wouldn't have to be used, as much as he missed piloting his suit, he could live without it.

But there was a certain, braided American he couldn't live without.

Still staring out over the landscape, the sun almost gone now so a pair of familiar arms wound around his waist. He leaned back against the bare chest of his husband and lover.

"Wha'cha thinkin' 'bout, Heero?"

"Nothing," came the quiet reply.

Duo nuzzled his partner's neck. "Yer thinkin' about somethin'. Yer got that look on yer face."

Heero smiled but continued to gaze out. He raised his glass to his lips and took a sip of the wine, deciding to come clean. "I was just thinking about the past few weeks."

"Ahhh..." Duo's nuzzles turned into soft kisses. "I'd say everythin' worked out okay."

"Hai, it did." Heero partially closed his eyes. Grant had been formally charged with various infringements that ranged from murder and kidnapping to plotting to destroy the peace. His trial would take place once his wrist had healed enough for him to be released from hospital, although Heero doubted very much he would actually enter a plea or try to defend himself. The hospital psychiatrists had already certified him as insane. The group that had been arrested with him also faced various charges from the serious to the minor; all would stand trial over the course of the next few months.

Bob Martins had been offered a job by Une in the computer section of the Preventer organization. His skills would be a valuable asset to them and Bob had readily accepted. He would remain in hospital for a couple of weeks before being released and moving into the new apartment Preventer had supplied as part of the job perks. Leith was well on the road to recovery, the swelling around his spinal cord shrinking by the day and the sensation in his legs slowly returning. Doctor Stokes expected him to make a full recovery within six months.

Leith's boss had kept his job open for him, not wanting to lose a good employee and for that Leith had been grateful. The budding relationship between himself and Paul had deepened and grown. Both having come to appreciate the other through the events that had been thrust upon them.

The news of Heero and Duo's marriage had been well received by their fellow agents as well as by Shane, Fayah, Toby and Benny. Fayah especially had been thrilled at the news and even managed to get a dig in at Duo because he'd caught the bridal bouquet at Sally and Wufei's wedding, saying that the old wives tale had come true in his case. Toby and Benny, once the news had sunk in, had then set about badgering Trowa and Quatre as to when were they going to get married. Benny especially gave Trowa a hard time, wanting to know when he was going to make an honest 'man' out of Quatre.

Heero gave a soft chuckle as his memories came back, Duo heard it and immediately pounced.

"What's so funny?" he asked as he continued to nibble at his husband's neck.

"I was just thinking about Toby and Benny. I wonder if they're giving Trowa and Quatre any peace yet or if they're still annoying them with wedding plans."

Duo laughed. "Yeah, I couldn't get over the look on Quat's face when Toby asked him if he were gonna wear the weddin' dress."

Heero snorted. "Somehow the vision of the CEO of WEI in a wedding dress does not appeal."

Chuckling loudly Duo replied. "Well, yer gotta admit it would suit him much better than Tro!"

"You do have a point there."

They continued to stare out at the horizon which was now changing steadily to black as night crawled over the land. The moon rose high in the sky, her light not yet strong enough to permeate the landscape. Duo gave a soft sigh and hugged Heero closer to him. "Happy?"

"Of course."




"I wonder if Une has forgiven you yet, Duo?"

"Nani?" Duo stopped to think for a moment.

"You remember, the de-briefing?"

"Oh, that." Duo gave a smile against his husband's neck "I guess the timin' was a little off."

"A little off! More like way out of line!" snorted Heero and then laughed.

"Yer gotta admit though, it was worth it just'a see Wuffies face," snickered Duo.

Both men's minds traveled back to the de-briefing in Une's office. They had all presented themselves as requested at nine hundred hours, showered, shaved and refreshed; well, as refreshed as they could be considering all they had gone through the previous few days. So there they had all stood, in a nice little line in Une's office, standing to attention as the Commander had stood and run her eye over the assembled agents. Duo had been unable to help himself; the line had come out of his mouth before his brain had a chance to register what he was saying.

He turned to Heero and whispered. "Yanno, she reminds me of the gay drill sergeant who used ta like ta stand there and stare at his privates." Unfortunately for Duo, his whisper hadn't been as quiet as he'd thought and the entire room had heard him. Somehow Heero had managed not to lose it completely, Quatre on the other hand, had simply dissolved into fits of laughter and Trowa had his one good arm full trying to support the blonde and not collapse with mirth himself. Wufei had turned a dangerous shade of purple and looked like he was about to choke while Une had stood stock still, her mouth twitching.

Needless to say he'd been pretty well bawled out.

The moon had risen fully now and the night had taken over, cicadas chirped, serenading the couple on the balcony and Heero raised his wine glass once more, draining the last of the liquid from within and then turning around in his lover's embrace to face his new husband. Since their marriage on L2 six days ago, they had completely abstained from sex in any form, wanting to wait until they were finally on their honeymoon and the reality of their marriage had set in before consummating it. Heero thought it was a pretty much a moot point seeing as how they had indulged in the sexual act for the past few years, but it meant something to Duo so he was prepared to bow to his husband's wish. Besides, with their respective injuries, they really hadn't been up to much anyway.

Now, though, they had both healed and Heero was more than ready to share his body with his partner and fully commit to their marriage. He brought a hand up to cup Duo's cheek, rubbing his thumb gently over the skin as he drank in the vision of his husband. They had come a long way together, grown and matured over the years to what they were now. Heero's mind thought back to that day so long ago on L2 when he'd chased Shane through the streets after the drug raid he'd been attempting had turned sour. How that lucky break had led him to Duo, feverish and dying in the basement of the ruins of the Maxwell church. [1]

He'd come so close to losing the American; even now he shuddered at the thought of what might have been if not for the chanced stumbling upon Shane. But now was not the time to wallow in what might have beens, now he had a lot to be thankful for. He had a good job, a warm home full of love and laughter, two adopted 'children' and a husband that loved him as much as he loved them. Marrying Duo had been the best decision of his life.

Duo watched his lover's face as the various emotions flittered through the deep, Cobalt eyes. He had an idea of what was going through Heero's mind, having had similar thoughts pass through his own over the past few days. He was one lucky man... and he knew it. Good, respectable job, the love of his family, nice home and now he was married to the most perfect creature in the entire universe. Yes, he was one lucky man all right; and he intended to hang on to this for all he was worth. He gave his husband a soft smile and reached up to brush aside the chocolate bangs that preferred to fall all over Heero's face. "Love yer," he whispered as he leant forwards to brush his lips against Heero's.

The kiss was all too fleeting and Heero shifted his hand to the base of Duo's neck, pulling him back for a deeper kiss. His other hand wandered to the tie at the end of Duo's braid and deftly released the thick plait of hair. Still kissing his husband, he worked his fingers through the silky mass, unraveling the braid and allowing the hair to blow gently around them both. During the wars he'd often chastised Duo about the impracticability of such length of hair, but Duo had steadfastly ignored the constant jibes and now Heero was glad he had. He was simply fascinated with the tresses, enjoying nothing more than to sit with a brush and tease the tangles from it, run his fingers through the length of it, feeling the weight and softness of the strands against his skin. There was no two ways about it...

He had a hair fetish.

The kiss began to deepen and become more sensual. Duo's lips parted at Heero's tongue's request and the invader swept inside, gently running over soft palate, enamel and gums, teasing the inside of Duo's mouth as the known sensitive spots were sought out and plundered. Slick muscle met and entwined with its counterpart, sharing an erotic dance as they stroked against one another. When air became a vital necessity and they finally parted, both men were flushed and the shortness of breath wasn't entirely due to the lack of oxygen.

Duo gazed deep into the eyes of the man he loved and respected while he sucked softly on Heero's bottom lip. No vocal words were needed, communication took part completely through the visual sense; Duo asked, Heero acquiesced. With their arms still locked around each other, Duo gently walked backwards, leading Heero from the balcony through the open French doors and into their suite. Their eyes never parted, remaining focused entirely on each other. Once inside Duo stole another kiss, shorter but no less sweet before resuming their journey through the suite and into the bedroom. With a few more stops on the way for a little sampling of each other's lips, they eventually made it to the bedroom. Breaking the latest kiss, Duo wriggled out of Heero's embrace and climbed on the large bed, his hand still holding Heero's and inviting him to join him.

Heero watched his lover's graceful descent to the bed and once he was upon the mattress so Heero followed. They stretched out next to each other and resumed their soft, gentle kisses, taking their time to reacquaint with each other's taste and texture. The passion began to awake, building slowly and consuming them both. They didn't want to rush; they had all the time in the world. Familiar territory was gently explored again and to Heero it was like discovering the delights of Duo's body for the first time. He was glad now that Duo had insisted that they abstain from sex until now, besides the fact that he was reintroduced to all the wonders of his husband's flesh, the wait had heightened everything and made it so much more sensual, the pleasure not only from the physical side but also the emotional side was increased tenfold.

Duo carefully kissed along Heero's smooth jaw to his ear where he nibbled softly. His tongue darted out and he licked along the shell before pressing a kiss behind the ear lobe, knowing this was one of Heero's weak spots. His husband moaned softly and tilted his head offering Duo more skin to lave with his tongue. Duo eagerly took him up on the invitation. Kisses soon rained down upon every bare inch of flesh, slowly working along Heero's neck towards his shoulders where the tank top prevented Duo from continuing. Duo brought his hands up and tugged at the hem of Heero's top. "Off," he growled.

Chuckling softly, Heero raised himself and hooking his fingers under the hem he drew the shirt up and over his torso, tossing it to the floor and then lying back down again. His arousal was beginning to strain against his jeans making him very uncomfortable and he ached to free it. Duo must have noticed his discomfort for next thing he knew, fingers swiftly had the fastenings to his pants undone and were beginning to slide the jeans from his hips. He lifted up slightly to ease the removal and then flopped back to the bed as his pants said good bye to his ankles and landed somewhere near the door. Now he was lying dressed only in his briefs and even they were hard pressed to contain his excitement.

Having divested his husband of the offending garments so Duo stood and began to remove his own pants, the tight material of his black jeans sliding over his lean hips and pooling on the floor where he stepped out of them. Clad only in his boxer briefs he once again sank to the mattress and took up where he'd left off.

With Duo's lips bathing a warm, wet trail over his collar bone and then down his chest to latch onto a nipple so Heero moaned his approval and arched into the touch. He brought his hands up, eager to touch his husband and return some of the pleasure. His hands sank into the curtain of hair that surrounded them and he carefully gathered it up, pushing it to one side so as he could stroke the soft skin of Duo's back. One hand remained at the base of Duo's skull, encouraging him to continue to suckle while the other traced lazy circles over the milky skin and along the bumps of Duo's spine.

Releasing the now hard nipple, Duo kissed across the chest to the twin and took the brown nub into his mouth, worrying it lightly with his teeth and then bathing with his tongue. He loved to taste every inch of Heero and would easily lick him from head to toe if given the chance. Heero's hands on his back felt good and he moaned as they drifted lower to locate a particularly sensitive spot in the small of his back.

Gently stroking the pads of his fingers over the spot he knew would cause Duo to moan, Heero shifted a little on the bed, the movement giving him a little extra reach. He managed to bring his fingers to the base of Duo's spine and tease at the top of the cleft, rubbing gently and coaxing more delightful moans from his husband.

Duo left his tormenting of Heero's chest and raised himself up to steal a kiss. While their mouths were occupied so Duo reached for the tube of lube he'd put under the pillow earlier, bringing it out and flipping the cap. Breaking the kiss, he wriggled around so as his head was facing Heero's groin while still lying to the side of Heero and putting his own groin within easy reach of Heero's hands. Underwear quickly became history.

Watching his lover carefully and seeing the position he was settling into, Heero rolled to his side and raised his left leg, bending it at the knee and opening himself up to Duo. Duo was quick to catch on and placed himself also on his side, raising his left leg and bending at the knee in reciprocation. Now they had complete access to each other's groins.

Duo brought his face closer to Heero's cock and buried his nose in the wiry curls, inhaling deeply. He loved the scent of Heero, the smell of musk, sweat and Heero's own unique body odor. It was an aphrodisiac in itself and Duo wondered if he could bottle it. He opened his mouth and let his tongue come out to play, licking over Heero's sac while he continued to nuzzle the base of Heero's penis. He managed to squeeze some gel out onto his fingers and tossed the tube up to land by Heero.

The small missile coming his way alerted Heero to the lube and he quickly picked it up and flipped the cap.

"Prep me, Heero," came the sultry request.

Heero began to squeeze the gel out onto his fingers when he felt Duo's slick digits sliding between his cheeks. "I thought you wanted me to prep you?" he asked, his voice slightly hoarse.

"I do, husband of mine. I wanna try somethin' different though."


Duo raised his head from between Heero's legs and looked at the confused face of his partner. "Trust me, Hee-chan. I wanna make love ta yer but I also wants yer ta make love ta me."


Duo smiled and returned to his investigation of Heero's crotch and ass while Heero, finally understanding what Duo wanted to do, smiled and lowered his own hand to the cleft of Duo's ass.

Gently, fingers explored, tracing along each other's crevice, finding the tiny holes and slowly inserting fingers. Duo panted as Heero's two fingers slid in and out of him, stretching his anal muscles in preparation for his thick length. He began to rock his hips, pushing back and encouraging Heero to continue his ministrations. While Heero was fingering him so Duo worked three fingers into Heero's passage, carefully maneuvering them and loosening the hole. He loved to touch Heero so intimately, especially given the responses his husband emitted. Soft moans and quiet begging for more as Duo obliged, pushing in deeper and stroking the moist, hot walls lovingly.

Heero's other hand found Duo's sac and began to fondle the hardening testicles as he continued to fuck Duo with his fingers. The swollen cock bobbed in front of him, dripping pre-cum and practically begging to be touched. Heero traced a finger along the underside from root to tip and then rubbed his thumb over the slick head, smiling as Duo thrust into the touch. He gave a sudden loud gasp as Duo found his prostate and stroked it mercilessly.

Duo decided that they were both prepared enough, he really couldn't stand much more of the teasing they were both enduring and desperately wanted to feel his husband's thick length buried inside him almost as much as he wanted to be deep inside his lover's hot channel. With a whimper he managed to pull his fingers from inside Heero and push his own hips away from Heero's fingers. He turned around and stared. A lump formed in his throat as he took in the vision of Heero, lying flushed and spread before him. Never had he seen such an appealing sight.

Heero's fingers entwined themselves in Duo's hair and he pulled the American down for a kiss, tongue diving inside the heated cavern eagerly. When the kiss broke he rested his forehead against Duo's. "Do you want to take me first or would you like me to take you?" he asked, his voice low and husky with need.

"I think I'd better take yer first, Heero. Don't think I can last much longer, yer too good with this whole foreplay thing," Duo replied with a seductive smile.

"Then make love to me, Duo, consummate our marriage by joining your body to mine."

The tears began to form but Duo blinked them away and gently pushed Heero to his back and pulled his knees up. He picked up the tube only to have Heero take it from him and spread the gel lovingly along his aching cock. He groaned with the contact, wanting nothing more than to be inside his lover.

With one last stroke to his husband's length, Heero released the organ and lay back on the bed, spreading his legs wide. "Show me how much you love me, Duo. Make love to me."

Once again the lump was in Duo's throat as he positioned himself in-between his lover's spread thighs. Taking the base of his cock in his hand he guided the tip to the waiting entrance and rubbed gently at it, the hole flexing with anticipation as he did so. Unable to wait any longer, he began to press forward, watching as the head slipped inside and the shaft followed. Soon he was buried to the hilt, his balls pressed against Heero's cheeks and he stilled his movement to give them both a chance to adjust.

While they had made love to each other on many occasions in the past, to Heero it was as if this was the first time. Duo was being gentle and caring, penetrating him with a tenderness that served to show Heero just how much the American really cared for him. His chest restricted and for a moment he found it difficult to breathe, so overcome with the emotion he was once incapable of feeling. The slow slide of Duo's cock brought him back into focus as the flared head rubbed along his inner walls creating a delicious friction.

Beginning his withdrawal, Duo slowly drew his hip's back, still watching the place where they were so intimately joined. His shaft came into view but before the head could slide out, he pushed forward again, seating himself in paradise. He began to build a steady rhythm, slow and consistent, making sure to give Heero as much pleasure as he could from the act. The pleasure built slowly for them, the tightness of Heero's sheath against his throbbing cock driving Duo mad with need. The muscles rippled along his length, the head was squeezed while the shaft was massaged. It was pure heaven and hell at the same time.

As Duo's strokes increased so Heero began to thrust his own hips in countenance. He savored the slow pace, delighting in the sensations that swam through his nerves, setting him alight and craving for more. He longed to touch himself, jerk his own cock and relieve the tension building in his balls but he didn't. Duo wanted him to make love to him once the American had reached his completion, so Heero would wait. Duo's cock brushed his prostate and he screamed as his world turned upside down. If the baka kept that up then he was sure he would shoot his load without being touched at all!

Duo lowered himself to lie atop of Heero, his arms unable to hold his weight with the emotion he was feeling. He buried his face in the crook of Heero's neck while continuing to thrust in and out of Heero's body. His lips found salty flesh and he kissed and sucked at the soft skin, his breathing becoming rapid and shallow as his pleasure increased.

Wrapping his arms around his sweet lover as Duo lowered his body so Heero tried to push some of the chestnut hair out of the way. It was clinging to both of them; being sweaty as they were it wasn't easy to push the strands away. Heero felt the change in Duo's rhythm as the cadence increased; obviously his husband was getting close to his release. He began to push his own hips harder against Duo's, encouraging his partner to let go and soar into oblivion.

"Uhhh... ahhhh..." Duo moaned as his thrusting became more frantic. He raised himself slightly and looked deep into Heero's eyes. "Love yer, baby," he ground out. "Gonna... uhhh... come..."

Heero raised his head and snatched Duo's lips with his own, plundering his mouth with a fierce kiss while his hips jerked up to meet Duo's. He clenched and released his channel, the muscles responding and gripping Duo's cock, massaging the length and increasing the stimulation. He felt Duo begin to stiffen and then thrust deep inside him, holding himself up as his body shuddered with his fall into nirvana.

"Nnnnn..." cried Duo as his seed spurted from his slit and was swallowed by Heero's passage. His cock pulsed, sending stream after stream of thick semen deep into Heero, thoroughly soaking his insides. Moments later his arms gave out and he slumped to lie against Heero's chest, the Japanese man rubbing his hands along Duo's back as he rode his orgasm to the very end.

Slowly his vision returned, along with some energy and Duo was able to shakily slide from within Heero's body and lie to the side of his lover, one arm remaining draped across Heero's chest in a possessive gesture. He snuggled in close, panting softly as his body returned from its orgasmic high.

Heero's arms remained wrapped around Duo's body, holding his husband close to him while the storm of endorphins washed through his lover's body, almost drowning him in the pleasure. Feeling the heart rate and breathing starting to return to something akin to normal, he gently relaxed his hold and began to feather kisses over the top of Duo's head. "Thank you, Duo," he murmured softly.

Regaining control over his muscles, Duo shifted again and kissed Heero. He nuzzled against Heero's cheek, warm breath filtering over the heated skin. "Now it's yer turn ta show me how much yer loves me, Heero," he whispered and then began to nibble on Heero's ear lobe.

Groaning softly, Heero pushed his body from the mattress and upwards to loom over the slender frame of his husband, Duo sliding to his back and positioning himself underneath. Heero leaned forwards and pinched a kiss. "I..." another kiss, "love..." another kiss, "you..…" and again a kiss, "Duo Maxwell..." Heero's lips closed over Duo's in a deep, sensual kiss which only broke when it was apparent they needed oxygen.

Smiling through sweaty bangs, his skin still flushed from the after glow, Duo spread his legs and brought them up towards his torso. "Take me, Heero. I need yer baby."

Heero grabbed the lube again and quickly slicked his length. The tube was tossed to the side and Heero took up position, the emotion running high in his veins and heightening the eroticism of the moment. He placed the head of his cock at Duo's entrance and began to press forwards, slowly penetrating his husband and savoring every moment. Duo's passage opened to him, welcoming him home and caressing him affectionately as he slid into familiar territory. The sheath was hot and tight, rippling muscles threatening to take his sanity completely from him as his body was carefully massaged by Duo's eager inner walls.

Sliding his eyes shut, Duo concentrated on the feel of Heero slipping into his body. It was pure torture, the thick head pressing against his walls, forcing the passage to give way to his large cock. There was no pain, just the familiar sensation of being opened up, filled to capacity and Duo loved every second of it.

When he was completely sheathed inside, so Heero paused for a moment, breathing deeply and calling his hormones back into line. He wanted to make this last. Once his iron will had reasserted itself so he began to move slowly, steadily withdrawing and then sliding back inside with ease. He began to set a rhythm, slow and torturous to them both. Although Duo had already come, Heero knew it wouldn't take long for his lover to return to attention. Duo had a quick recovery time and with Heero now buried in the American's body, he knew it would only take a brush of the head of his penis against Duo's sweet spot to bring the long haired man to complete stiffness.

Lazily thrusting in and out he once again marveled at how well Duo's body fit him, it was as if they were made for each other. His chest began to restrict again with the love he felt for his husband. Regardless of what had happened in the past and what was yet to come in the future, he knew he had made the right decision the day he'd gone to look for Duo all those years ago and now he had the most beautiful creature in the universe in his arms, his bed, his life, forever.

The slow lovemaking fired Duo's interest again; he could feel himself slowly beginning to harden again under Heero's gentle thrusting. When Heero's cock pressed against his prostate the stars danced in his head and his cock jumped to full erection, eager to enjoy more of the moment. "Ahhh... Heero..." he groaned as his hips moved of their own accord in response to the stimulus.

"You like that, Duo?" Heero snickered as he rolled his hips to prod Duo's prostate again.

"Ahhh... Fuck that feels so good!"

Heero began to increase his tempo. Pushing himself up and hooking his arms around Duo, he drew the other man upright with him until he was half kneeling, half sitting on the bed, Duo straddling his lap with his thighs either side of Heero's. With the new position, Heero could manage to penetrate his lover even deeper and quickly took advantage of the fact, thrusting as deep as he could get and hitting Duo's sweet spot as often as he could. He placed tender kisses to Duo's neck, murmuring softly as he laved the skin with loving attention. "You'd better hang on, Duo. I'm going to give you the ride of your life."

Whimpering softly, Duo buried his face against Heero's neck and clung to his lover and now husband as his body was repeatedly invaded, his channel stroked and caressed with each forward thrust of Heero's cock then teased and tormented with each withdrawal. He could feel his own arousal pulsing between them, his balls tightening with need and aching with passion. It all felt so mind blowingly good that Duo wanted to stay lost in the haze forever.

The sweat ran down Heero's back with the effort of maintaining the pace he'd set himself. His thighs burned with the effort of propelling his penis in and out of Duo's hot sheath, but he couldn't have cared less. The pleasure he was receiving far outweighed any discomfort. His body moved on auto pilot, leaving his mind free to enjoy the heady rush that only making love could give. He was aware of Duo's renewed erection pressing against his belly and feeling his own end racing to meet him so he dropped his hand between their bodies and curled his fingers around the shaft, beginning to tug gently.

Duo screamed as the extra stimulation hit his nervous system. Surely he was drowning with all the pleasure that swam through his body. His nails clawed at Heero's back as his pelvis matched every stroke of his cock and thrust of Heero's penis inside him. Lights danced across his vision which began to blur at the edges while hot passion tore through his gut. "Ahhh... Fuck, Heero. Too damn good. Can't last... Gonna cum, baby."

"Then come for me, Duo."

A keening cry fell from his lips as the white passion spurted from the slit of his cock. Duo's second orgasm ripped through him, rendering him almost paralytic with the intensity of it. The first had been exceptional... the second completely overwhelming.

The channel clamped tight around him but Heero continued to thrust as Duo's cock erupted in his hand. He forced his hips to pump harder, desperate to reach his own climax and fall into the abyss of pure pleasure. His balls drew up and his cock swelled as the first streams of seed began to force their way from his cock and into Duo's passage where it was welcomed eagerly. "Nnnn... Duo!" he shouted as his brain went into melt down, the heady rush of release claiming his sanity and tearing it from him.

They were locked in each others arms, bodies twitching and convulsing together as their respective climaxes invaded their bodies and minds. Breathing harshly and sweating profusely they slowly managed to fall to the bed, Heero slipping from within Duo's body as they made their descent. They lay together, content to let the tide of orgasm slowly recede while heart rates and breathing began to slow. Coming down from their 'highs' so the cool air of the evening made its presence known and Duo shivered slightly. He raised his head and stared into the sleepy, sated eyes of his partner and lover. He dropped a kiss to Heero's nose then spoke. "We should get cleaned up a little 'fore we goes ta sleep, Heero."

"Too comfy," came the soft reply.

Duo chuckled. "Yer waits there and I'll go get a cloth." Duo extricated himself from Heero's arms that were reluctant to let him leave and padded to the bathroom. He ran the hot water and quickly cleaned his groin and belly from the passion of their joining before rinsing the cloth and returning to the bed where Heero waited for him. He smiled to himself as he took in the sight of Heero. His husband looked like a happy, sated, sleepy kitten, curled up on the bed the way he was. He reached for Heero's thigh and spread his legs. "Time ta get clean, Hee-chan," he murmured and gently ran the cloth around his husband's groin, cleaning away the stickiness and making Heero more comfortable. Tossing the cloth to the floor, he climbed back into the bed and drew the covers up over their naked bodies. He snuggled deep into the open arms of his lover and husband and accepted the kiss that was given him.

"Are you happy, Duo?"

Duo quirked an eyebrow as he stared deep into his lover's eyes. "What sort of a question is that, Heero? "

Cobalt blue eyes stared into amethyst and Heero raised a hand to cup his lover's cheek, rubbing his thumb slowly across the defined cheek bone. "I just wanted to know if you're really happy, you know, with me, Shane, Fayah and everything..." Heero trailed off. He had to admit that the question sounded a little lame even to himself and he couldn't explain his reasons for asking, he just felt he needed to know, needed to hear it from Duo's lips.

The swell of salty tears were once again present in Duo's eyes but he blinked them back. "Now yer listen ta me, Heero Yuy. We've both had rough lives, been forced ta do things we didn't want ta do for whatever reason, our pasts are tainted with many things too damn horrible ta want ta remember; but." Duo paused and leaned close, brushing his lips over Heero's. "It's our futures we need ta be lookin' at now, not the past; we can't change that, no matter how much we want ta and I guess we have a lot ta be thankful fer. I loves yer, Heero. Love yer so much it hurts. All I ever want ta do is be with yer, share my life with yer, 'cause believe it or not, the word happy fer me is Heero." Duo lowered his head again and took Heero's lips in a heated kiss, one that he poured his entire soul into, desperate to let Heero know just how much he really cared for and loved the Japanese man.

The tears flowed down Heero's cheeks but he didn't wipe them away, preferring to let the emotion run free. He hugged Duo close to him and stroked a hand along his husband's back. "You mean the world to me, Duo. You're my reason to get up in the morning, my purpose for living, the owner of my heart and soul and the only one whom I wish to share my entire being with. Without you I have nothing. Aishiteru, Duo. Forever and always. Arigato for bestowing me with the greatest gift anyone ever could by becoming my husband."

Pulling Heero close to him, Duo let his own tears fall. He was so happy and content with his life that he had to pinch himself some days to remind himself that he wasn't dreaming. Shoving all thoughts of past and future aside, he concentrated on the here and now. Sure there would be many more obstacles life was bound to throw their way, but with Heero by his side what would appear to be unclimbable mountains would be conquered with ease; after all they had the best weapon to fight any threat with.


~ Owari ~

[1] See the first fic in the arc "Lost Souls"