some people say its an obsession...

i disagree... i see it as Love, adoration, devotion...

for one guy...someone i've idolized for my whole life.

and that guy would be.... SHAWN MICHAELS!!!


Hi i'm Chris Jericho, you might know me from wrestling... you might be thinking, what the hell is the first bit about, guess i got you a bit confused, well i'll start the story from the beginning. All my life, i have loved Shawn michaels, he was my idol, i tried to be like him, he was perfect.

When i started wrestling, i wanted to work with him and one night i got the chance, at wrestlemania 19, it was amazing, having him in the same ring as me made my heart beat faster then it ever had done before. At the end of the match i had to hug him and i did, but then i done something that i regret.

I can't believe i betrayed myself by doing it, but it had to be done, for my career. Well anyway after that i got fired somewhere along the line, so i left praying that if i did ever come back, none of my feelings for him will come back.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- A COUPLE YEARS LATER! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Chris Get up, remember you've got alot of work to do today!"

i grumbled at the voice, why did i have to share a house with that fucking idiot, Christian.


"i'm up!"

"good!, i've made breakfast"

"that's lovely"

i got out of my bed and had a quick shower, yeah i was secretly pleased that i had a good friend like Christian looking after me, i mean yeah i can look after myself but it's good having such a good friend like him around.

i got out, put on some dark blue jeans on with chains attached and a black top that had 'Y2J' on the front in a bright blue. i looked in the mirror, i had changed alot, i didn't have that stupid beard, or the long hair, i styled my hair and smiled at the mirror. I then went downstairs to see Christian at the table eating a fry-up.

"you trying to make me fat" i laughed, Christian laughed aswell

"well you need to have a bit more fat on you, people will just chuck you around the ring otherwise"

"yeah alright then"

I smiled as i sat down and ate my own breakfast, Christian was a good cook, me and him have been best friends for ages, i wish he wasn't on TNA and back on WWE because then i would have someone to hang out with, oh well.

"well i better get my bag ready, see you in about a week"

"yeah good luck, you'll be fine, i mean its not like you haven't ever been to the WWE and anyway, Stephanie's back she'll look after you"

"oh that's good"

Christian smiled at me as he stood up, he tapped my shoulder and walked out, to go to the TNA building.

i sighed as i went upstairs to get my bag ready.

A couple minutes later, my phone rang, i answered it, it was Stephanie"

"Hey Chris, it's Stephanie"

"Hey Steph, how are you?"

"i'm great you?"

"i'm alright, a bit nervous about my return"

"oh you'll be fine, right i'm coming to pick you up in about 5 minutes, so you better be ready"

i laughed, i can see Stephanie hasn't changed, she was still the bossy cow i knew back then. "okay, see you then"

i ended the call and started getting my back ready.


"you ready then?"

"Yeah Steph"

"then get in!"

I got in her white limo, she still liked travelling in style, she looked at me and gave me a hug

"i haven't seen you in ages, you've changed"

"yeah i decided to cut my hair and shave that beard off"

"it suits you, you look more sexy now"

she dropped her voice, so the driver couldn't hear

"even Shawn Michaels would be stupid not to like you"

"thanks Steph"

i trusted Stephanie with my life, her and Christian were the only two people that knew about my feelings for Shawn.

"right, theres alot of guys in the Locker room, that have been waiting for your return"

"really? who?"

"well Triple H, Randy Orton, John Cena and i think Shawn's going to be there aswell, i'm not sure"

"he's missed me?"

"uuummm, he usually arrives early to work, helps him concentrate on the match or something"


We arrive at the building a couple of minutes after, she links arms with me like we used to do...people used to say we were like an old married couple, but we just laughed at that, because she knew i liked Shawn... and i knew she liked Hunter#

We walked into the locker room, to see Hunter, Randy and John sitting on the benches, they looked up and smiled"

"Okay guys, he's back...Chris Jericho"

i smiled, hunter was the first to get up and pull me in for a hug.

"hey it's good to see you man, how you been?"

"i've been good, you?"

"i'm great, man you've changed your hair, it makes you look more like a punk"

"thanks Hunter!"

"your welcome"

Randy stood up next and shook my hand.

"we've been waiting for you to return, right after this we all need to get a drink"

"you haven't changed Randy"

Randy smiled as John stood up, he also shook my hand.

"yeah we need to celebrate this amazing day... it will be you, me, Randy, Hunter and maybe we could get Shawn to come too"

"where is Shawn?"

"he hasn't arrived yet, it's wierd, he's usually first here" John scratched his head as he said that, looking confused.

I sat down next to Hunter, Stephanie waved at me, before she left to get things ready for the show.


A couple minutes after she had left, Shawn walked in, his golden hair shone, he looked hotter then ever, all my feelings for him rushed back, just by seeing him again,i looked at the floor cursing under my breath, he looked straight at me.

"hey Shawn, you remember Chris don't you" Hunter said slapping my back, i looked up to see him smiling at me

"Chris, it's great to have you back" he shook my hand, from that touch i felt sparks, i smiled back.

"its good to be back"

"well i better get ready for my match, see you guys later"

and with that he walked out leaving me speechless...he shook my hand.

"you okay Chris?" i heard from next to me

i nodded. "well it's nice to catch up with you guys, but i need to get ready for my return thing, i'll meet you here after the show"

i walked towards the door, but before i left i turned round to face Randy

"oh by the way... i'm going to say sorry before our little promo, i don't mean anything i say out there"

Randy smiled, "i know that Chris... now go get ready"

i smiled, waved and left the locker room, hoping i don't bump into Shawn on my way.