Here it is the extra chapter, hope you enjoy it, i just wanted you to know how the other guys were thinking and feeling at the time, so we get tons of people's POV's yay, some won't be as detailed as others cos it will be repeating stuff, i also am not writing a Christian or AJ one because they weren't technically at the scene they just randomly appeared like people do in fanfiction lol

Shawn Michaels

Relationship with Victim: Love of his life, Husband


It was just after I got married to Chris, honestly i can't believe that i'm marrying Chris Jericho...i still actually can't believe he loves me....i mean i'm an old man now and he's just so hot.

Anyway I was going back to mine and Chris's new house to get my stuff and go, I brought Hunter with me

"hey Hunt...when are you going to ask Stephanie to marry you?"

"soon mate soon...she's just so perfect for me...i love her to bits...where are you going on your honeymoon"

"uummmm....England i think"


"its because that's where Chris proposed to me and we also didn't go everywhere we wanted to"

"oh okay"

We parked the car and we rushed inside to get my stuff, Hunter helped me then as we were walking out of the door, we were grabbed from behind.

"don't struggle or i'll kill ya before your precious lover comes" someone hissed in my ear, i gasped

it was Randy Orton!

I felt myself being pulled into the front garden and out of the gate, infront of the road.

"now John give Hunter his phone, he needs to phone his precious girlfriend"

John sniggered and gave Hunter his phone, Hunter looked at me and Randy confused,

"what the fuck man?" he said

"phone Stephanie...or Shawn will begin to lose body parts"

Hunter glared at Randy before phoning Stephanie

"what am i meant to say" Hunter muttered while it was ringing

"say that i have Shawn at gunpoint...that's all she needs to know"

My heart sank, when i realised what was going to happen, they were going to kill me

"hey Steph...uummm....Randy's got Shawn at gunpoint....i'm fine at the moment and so is Shawn....okay bye bye...love you"

he then hung up, Randy quickly pushed me away from him and got a gun out of his pocket

"now let the real fun begin"

I gulped..."Randy it doesn't have to be like this...let's just talk"

"i don't wanna talk to a slut like you"

"i'm not a slut!"

"hey slut i wouldn't want to argue with me....i'm the one pointing a gun at your head darlin'"

My breath froze in my chest, he was right...i was just literally buying myself time

What felt like hours, a car turned up and Chris and Stephanie came out of it, Chris looked at me and then Randy, he looked majorly pissed off

then after a while, Randy pointed the gun at me and i thought this is it.

I closed my eyes and i heard the gun shot, all i felt is myself getting pushed backwards, i thought it was the force of the bullet but i didn't feel any pain

I opened my eyes and i looked at the floor and saw Chris lying on the floor bleeding from the chest, Chris had jumped infront of the bullet to save me

"Chris nooooo!" i heard myself shout, i felt so numb and cold, i couldn't move i was glued to the spot, i had no feeling anywhere in my body.

I felt dead.

I given his diary later on by Stephanie, who probably looked as bad as me, i opened it and read the last bit on the page

" I hope nothing happens to Shawn, i would jump infront of a bullet for him....he doesn't deserve to die, no-one does

WTF is randy on

this might be my last diary entry

bye bye diary"

I read it and burst out crying again, nowadays im like a walking empty shell, John has tried to apologize to me but nothing can bring my Chris back from the dead.

Randy Orton

Relationship with Victim: - was his best friend, ended up killing him

Statement: -

Now i know aload of people want me to do what John done and start apologizing for killing Chris and nearly killing that slut but honestly, i don't feel like saying sorry to anyone, because quite frankly just because i was the one with the gun and i was the one that technically shot Chris, it was that's slut fault if that slut didn't tell Chris to jump infront of him, the slut would of died and Chris would of been happy with John.

So anyway after that little hiccup, John doesn't talk to me anymore, which is fair enough cos he was only a good shag and before the police came i ran, picked up Cody Rhodes and we ran away to Australia.

Now me and Cody are married and happy, i don't know why you are bringing any of this crap up, yeah i did get fired from the WWE and so did Cody for being married to me, so what honestly them guys can kiss our asses they will need us back eventually.

I just know it the WWE cannot survive without a legend killer

John Cena

Relationship with Victim: - was his best friend, helped Randy set up the killing of Shawn, was obsessed with Chris

Statement: -

Yeah i know i fucked up, i let my heart lead me and not my head, i would never of wanted Shawn dead, i was just letting Randy control me because i was so madly and deeply inlove with Chris and Shawn didn't deserve him.

So anyway me and Randy, well mostly Randy had been planning this for ages, we knew Shawn would have to go back to the house to get his stuff for the honeymoon, so me and Randy hid in his front garden and grabbed him and Hunter, i didn't actually think Randy would shoot anyone.

I've been fired for what happened, i've tried apologizing to everyone for the incident but no-one forgives me

i feel so alone in this world now, i feel like an empty shell....no-one likes me and no-one loves me

i'm going to die a lonely sad guy


Relationship with Victim: - Was like his brother, best friend...very close to Shawn aswell

Statement: -

I still can't believe Chris has gone man, i mean come on he was awesome...no-one that's awesome should die

I made sure Randy and John got kicked out of the WWE straight away, before Stephanie was sent to prison for murder, i've never seen her so angry

she smashed up our house, i don't blame her though....you should see Shawn

he's lost the light behind his eyes, he just walks around like a zombie, he handed in his notice to the WWE yesterday

Me and Stephanie made him move in with us, so he doesn't do anything stupid...we sold Chris and Shawn's house too many memories

hopefully Shawn will be able to be a little bit happy...Chris wouldn't want him moping around.

Stephanie Mcmahon

Relationship with Victim: - was like his sister, his closest friend

Statement: -

I still can't believe Chris is gone, when i got that phone call from Hunter, i thought oh shit Shawn's gonna die and then Chris will be heartbroken....but it's the other way round, It's heartbreaking seeing Shawn, he reminds me of a zombie...its like he's not living, it's like his heart has been ripped out of his chest

I gave him Chris's diary cos i know Chris would of wanted him to have it and keep it...Chris would only of let me or Shawn keep it and honestly i don't want to read his diary.

Anyway i'm going to make sure Shawn lives the rest of his life without anymore upsetting moments...i'll look after him

it's the least i can do for Chris