Alfred pushed the button and watched as the glass tube holding the bat suit slowly revolved and rose out of the floor of the bat cave. He took a breath and opened the glass door. The suit seemed so ominous to him. Would he fit into it? There was only one way to find out!

"TAI CHI PRACTICING, SNOW BOARD CHAMPION, I CAN FIX THE FLAT ON YOUR CAR! I MIGHT EVEN BE A ROCKSTAR!" Even deep underground in the bat cave, the music blasting from Bruce's stereo could be heard.

Alfred unhooked the suit, but as soon as he did, fell to the ground like a rock.

"Ow." His voice echoed back to him in the empty cave.

It had looked so light on Bruce! How was he supposed to wear it when he could hardly lift it? Oh well, how he did it didn't matter, as long as he did it. He was suddenly filled with new determination. He was going to take Bruce's role as Batman, no matter what it took


Catwoman slid her nail into the lock, carefully picking it open. She smiled as the final click sounded from within the lock, and then the door was open. She silently slipped into the darkness of the jewellery store.

When she got inside she gazed hungrily at the glass counters full of precious jewels. She was so busy doing this that she forgot all about disarming the alarm system. The police were already on their way.

She hurried to the first counter and broke it open without even noticing what was inside. All that mattered is that it was sparkly, beautiful, and valuable. She slipped a small gold diamond ring around her finger and stared at it. Her eyes sparkled greedily.

It was so beautiful…

As Catwoman stole the precious jewels inside, Batman... err… Alfred had finally made it to rooftop above. When he dropped from the rope he gasped in exhaustion. How did Bruce do this every single day! It was so tiring! And he hadn't even fought the criminal yet! He collapsed onto the roof, fighting to get his breath.

When he finally got up, Catwoman had completely emptied the store and was making her way out the back door. Alfred jumped to the ground below, his cape flying out behind him. He hadn't been expecting it to be so high and screamed and shut his eyes, waiting to hit the ground.

He fell flat on his face.

Catwoman stared as the dark figure fell from the roof right in front of her screaming and flailing around as it went. She was too stunned to say anything.

"Ow." He muttered. Suddenly realizing that she was standing in front of him, he jumped to his feet (a rather slow jump, but still a jump). He straightened his mask and then shot out his hand in front of him, palm facing forward. He rearranged his face, hoping desperately that it showed something menacing.

"Stop villain! I am Batman! You…" He pointed his finger in her face. "You are a very bad person. Shame on you!"

Catwoman just continued to stare blankly at him.

"Umm… Fear me?" He tried weakly.

She laughed. "You think I'm stealing this stuff?"

"Umm…Well…Yeah. You have all those jewels in your hand, and you have a costume on, and the alarm is going off. So, ya know… I just..." He stammered. He looked down at his gloved hands.

"Well for your information I own this store! So before you go around making assumptions, mister, please think!" She poked him hard in the chest so he fell over into a pile of garbage cans.

"Ow." He muttered again and looked up. "Umm… I'm sorry, I... I didn't… I just…" He stuttered again.

"You better be!" She was stunned that Batman had even believed her. Normally, he would have had her in cuffs by now. Hmm… Something was different about him; she just couldn't put her finger on it.

She stomped away down the alleyway, waiting for Batman to catch up to her any second, but strangely he didn't.

She ran to her car, threw the jewels on the passenger seat and raced the car away down the road past the police coming towards her. "Suckers!" She whispered through her smile.

Back in the alleyway, the very confused Alfred was dusting himself off when he spotted something glittering on the pavement. He looked closer and realized it was a diamond. That woman had dropped it!

His eyes widened. He grabbed the jewel and rushed to the road.

"Hey! Wait! You forgot your-" Her car was already half a block away. "diamond…" He looked down dejectedly at his hand but then his face rose in determination. He wasn't going to let the nice woman lose something so valuable, not when there was a robber on the loose!

He searched his belt and found the keys to his batmobile and groaned. He could have taken it the whole time, instead of jumping from rooftop to rooftop all the way here.

Ignoring the temporary anger he felt, Alfred got in the car and started it. He pressed down the gas pedal very gently with the tip of his toe and it shot forward down the street after the woman. The speed pressed him back against the seat.

He easily passed Catwoman and screeched to a stop in front of her. She slammed on the brakes, gathered up the jewels and scrambled to get out of the car.

At the same time, Alfred had gotten out of the batmobile and was running after her.

"Wait! M'am! Wait! You dropped this!" He reached out to grab her shoulder and tripped over the edge of the sidewalk, falling forward and knocking her to the ground. Diamonds spilled across the sidewalk.

"Oh! My dear! I'm so sorry!" He scrambled to his feet and grabbed her arm to pull her up too.

Suddenly, they were both bathed in the bright headlights of the police cruisers.

Commissioner Gordon opened the car door.

"Good job. Batman! We thought you had left us for a while there! Where have you been?" He smiled at Alfred, who was extremely confused right about now. "Wait, no, explanations can wait. The main thing is that you captured Catwoman yet again! I knew you could do it!" He patted Alfred on the back, who was still frozen, halfway pulling the struggling Catwoman to her feet.

"I…" He didn't know what to say.

"Ah, no need to say anything my friend. I'm just glad you're back! We all are." He gestured to the rest of the police, (who were pulling Catwoman away from Alfred and squashing her in the back of nearest cruisers) and the buildings around them. He patted Alfred on the shoulder again and walked away towards them.

The nice lady (well to Alfred she was a nice lady, to everyone else in the world she was a villain) hissed at the police and struggled to free herself from their grasp, as he continued to stare in utter confusion.

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