Home for the Holidays

Snowgre woke up in the cage to voices.

They belonged to two other kids his age.

He gasped when he saw them.

They had blue skin, and snow white fur like his.

They even had emerald green eyes like him.

"W-What's going on here?

Who're you?" Snowgre asked confused.

"It's okay Snowg.

It's us Yashi and Ami.

We're your brothers.

We haven't been together since we were little.

Charming captured us to take our magic away.

You see our magic can only be taken if somebody takes our souls.

Like what he's doing to you.

At least we're not giving into him." Yashi explained.

He nodded.

"I…. Do remember them.

They are my brothers.

I can't believe we've been apart for this long." He thought.

Ariella was still up thinking.

Shrek was deeper in the forest far from the camp.

He sighed as he prepared to summon his Ogreix especially the Flame of Honour.

He was nervous about this as he felt the surge of power that signaled the Flame of Honour..

"I know this could be bad but I have to try!

Snowg's counting on us especially me.

I have no choice but to try this.

Maybe I can control it somehow." he thought as his body was surrounded by olive green flames and it glowed in his hazel eyes.

He was scared but thinking of those he cared about helped him to control it.

"Wow I knew he could do it!

He had to find a way to control that much Ogreix before he lost control.

I wonder what made him want to try?" Leah thought watching him from the tree she was in.

She couldn't sleep but was in her Knight of Friendship armour which was turquise blue with a long flowing cape and couldn't be destroyed or broken no matter how hard anybody tried to.

The Ogreix faded and he fell onto the grass catching his breath.

"Who's there?

Show yourself!" Shrek said.

He heard soft laughter as Leah landed on the ground on her armoured feet.

"Relax it's me.

Why're you out here?

I thought you weren't going to use Ogreix as long as you lived?" she said.

He sighed at that.

"I..... wanted to see if I could control it instead of it going beserk like it always does.

Besides when we're against Charming, I have no choice but to use it.

I won't let that creep harm Snowgre or anyone I care about!" he said, his eyes glowing with Ogreix.

"It's okay.

Let's just calm down, okay?

I was curious.

I know how much you care.

It's what...." she said.

"It's what?" he asked her.

"It makes you stronger than Charming.

That vain Mama's Boy only cares about himself and has no inner strength.

But you, you're able to protect cloest to you because your heart is stronger like Jen's.

No wonder you guys share Ogreix.

Just like Carley and Ogre Child.

I know you'll stop him.

You always do.

But there's something else bugging you, isn't there?" she explained to him.

"Thanks for that.

There is but I don't feel like talking about it." he told her.

She found him asleep as dawn broke.

Carley smiled seeing him asleep.

"Good morning.

You okay?" Leah asked her.

"Yeah I'm fine.

Shouldn't we wake Shrek up if we're going to open the portal to the North Pole?" she replied.

"In a while.

Let's just say he was working out last night." Leah answered.

She saw a smile on her friend's face.

"He was training to control his Ogreix, wasn't he?

It's just Ogre Child and I were in Aria and she sensed somebody was using Ogreix." Carley said.

Charming cackled as he found what he was looking for.

It was a staff with a snow globe on it.

It was the Sceptre of Christmas Spirit.

"With this I can destroy the season through it's spirit!" he said as he tried to activate it but it wouldn't work.

This angered Charming.

Snowgre saw Ami laugh softly at that.

"Ami that's not funny!

It's serious.

Christmas could end up destroyed because of him." he told his sibling.

"We know but we're laughing because he can't use it.

Only those with Christmas spirit can use it like us and Santa or Ogre Claus." Ami replied.

"That's good.

I hope Shrek and the others show up soon." Snowgre thought as he felt dizzy and weak.

"That's not good.

Charming has his soul in that enchanted book of his but only those close to him can open it.


No it'll never work just like anything I try." Yashi thought stroking his brother's fur.

Yashi was sixteen and wore goggles on top of his furry head.

He was creative, smart and kind and caring.

Ami was fifteen and loved sports.

He had a feeling that Yashi was up to something.

Shrek saw worry in Carley's eyes as she prepared to open the portal to the North Pole.

"Don't worry.

You can do this.

It's a piece of cake." David reassured her along with the others.

"Okay here goes.

Portalus Openus!" she said as magic shot from her hands and a portal appeared.

"Let's go!" Fiona told her as they went through.....