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Be sure to note that this story deals with wolves, and anything relating to wolves. Meaning I will use wolf terms and the people in this world are wolves and can also change into wolves.

Please don't mind how this chapter came out.

Building a Pack

Sun light peaked through the window and spilled over Tsuna's face as he opened his hazel eyes. Tsuna sat up on his bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. His wolf ears twitched as he heard someone at the door.

Tsuna looked toward the door as someone walked in, it was Reborn. "Hey Reborn." Tsuna said, then he got a kick to the face. "Didn't I teach you any manners. You should have said 'Good Morning'." Reborn said.

"Sorry I forgot." Tsuna said as he got up and went to the bathroom. The reason he forgot was because Reborn was a relatively new pack member, he had been introduced after the pack he was currently in had lost it's wolf caretaker.

Tsuna had been really sad when it happened, so his dad looked and found another caretaker, which was Reborn.

Soon after, Tsuna finished with his morning routine and was out the door. Not bothering to eat breakfast, because, there would be no breakfast thanks to Reborn.

Reborn's excuse "Survival of the fittest." So a muffin from the convenience store worked just fine. With breakfast being eaten, Tsuna thought how his new school would be like. Today was the start of a new school year.

"I wonder what school will be like there, what are the students like. I hope they're nice, seeing as how I need my own pack." Tsuna said as he began to remember Reborn's words.

When you turn sixteen and get to the new school, you must build your own pack. (1)

Tsuna didn't think that was possible, because the nickname no-good Tsuna stuck to him like glue, but hopefully, luck would be on his side.

After a bit of walking, Tsuna made it to the school. This school looked like any other school, but it's organization seemed to surpass all the others. Tsuna could seen all the upperclassmen packs, and they were walking along each other without any problems.

'This might not be so bad.' Tsuna thought as he walked toward the board that had the names of all the students.

When Tsuna saw his name, he took in a breath of air and walked to the classroom he was assigned. When he got there, he saw all the people, some looked nice, some looked strong, and some looked not so nice. The one who didn't seem nice, was glaring at everyone, including him.

Tsuna made a mental note to stay far away from that person. Pretty soon, school started and everyone was introduced to each other. After, the new students were allowed to walk the school grounds during luck so that they could get to know the place.

As Tsuna walked, he saw the boy who was glaring at everyone in homeroom. The boy looked to be a foreigner with silver hair, and he seemed to be climbing a tree to get something.

Then suddenly a baseball came flying from out of no where and hit the boy, causing him to fall. Tsuna gasped and ran to the tree that the boy was falling out of. He successfully got there, but unsuccessfully did not have enough time to actually catch the boy, so the boy landed on him.

"Ow." Tsuna said as the boy got off him. "You, you saved me." The silver haired boy said. "Oh, it was nothing." Tsuna said. "Yes you did do something. You prevented me from getting hurt, and as repayment, I'll join your pack!" The boy said.

"Uh, if that's what makes you happy." Tsuna said. "Oh, please forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Gokudera Hayato." Gokudera said.

"My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi, but you can call me Tsuna." Tsuna said. "Oh, I'm not on equal standing with you, so instead, I'll call you tenth, because you saved me on the tenth second." Gokudera said.

"Okay. By the way, I wonder where that baseball came from?" Tsuna said, but he didn't have to wait long, because soon, his question got answered as a dark haired boy came running toward them.. "Hey, did you see a baseball fly through here." The dark haired boy said.

"Yeah, it flew through here and knocked me out of the tree!" Gokudera yelled. "Why were you in the tree?" Tsuna asked. "Oh, I was playing with my dynamite, and it got caught in the tree." Gokudera said.

'Dynamite!' Tsuna shouted in his head. Then the dark haired boy stopped in front of them. "Sorry, I was just so into my practicing." The boy said.

"It almost killed me!" Gokudera said. "Calm down, no ha-, er, not that much harm was done." Tsuna said. "If the tenth says so." Gokudera said.

"Oh, you're in a pack already. Can I join it, it's my first day here. By the way, my name is Yamamoto Takeshi." Yamamoto said.

"Hey, you can't just join just because you want to!" Gokudera shouted. "It's okay, my pack isn't that big." Tsuna said. "If you say so." Gokudera said.

And before any more words could be said, someone spoke. "Crowding around is against the rules."


1. I'm not actually sure about the ages and grades in Japan, all I know is when their new school year starts, so if any knows, please tell me so the future chapters can be correct.

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