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"That bitch! I'm so gonna kill her when we get back, if we get back." Gokudera said. (1)

"Well, at least she brought us somewhere nice." Yamamoto said as he gestured to the scenery.

"I don't care about this scenery, all I want to do is protect te-" Was all Gokudera said before he tripped on a tree root.

"Gokudera!" Yamamoto said as he grabbed Gokudera's arm, only to be pulled down also. The two went tumbling down a couple feet until they stopped.

The position they were in, was very suggestive. Gokudera was under Yamamoto, who had his knee very close to the forbidden zone. The two were silent, until Yamamoto spoke.

"You smell very sweet." Yamamoto said.

"What the heck are you- muph!" Gokudera said before Yamamoto kissed him. The kiss was neither harsh nor rough. In fact Gokudera liked it, until he felt a tugging at his jeans.

"B-baseball freak! W-what're you doing!" Gokudera said after he broke free from the kiss.

"Your body feels hot, so I'm just going to cool it down." Yamamoto said.

"Of course it's hot, I'm in he- Wait, you aren't going to do what I think you're going to do!" Gokudera said, and his answer was his length being taken out and being rubbed.

"S-s-sto-" Was all that came out before Yamamoto kissed him again. Gokudera was lost up in all of this. The kiss and the feeling, down there were too much. Suddenly, the kiss stopped, and then there was slight pain in his rear.

Gokudera looked and saw that Yamamoto had insert a finger into him. Gokudera didn't say anything, because it was starting to feel good. It didn't occur to Gokudera that his pants were off.

After a while, the number of fingers increased to three, then they were taken out, only to be replaced by something bigger.

Gokudera didn't care about anything other than getting the climax. So Yamamoto was allowed to thrust in and out, while also pumping Gokudera length.

Soon the two were in rhythm, Gokudera moved with Yamamoto as he thrusted, then, they both climaxed. The two panted as their perspiration dripped off their bodies.

"Hey, wanna go another round?" Yamamoto said.

"I don't have as much stamina as you." Gokudera said as he panted.

XS (2)

"Vooiiii. What the he-" Squalo said before Xanxus kissed him very roughly. After they broke the kiss.

"Just shut up and enjoy." Xanxus said.

Again, they kissed again. Xanxus slipped his hand under Squalo's shirt and began to feel around, causing a slight moan to escape.

Xanxus moved his other hand to Squalo's pants, but before anymore could be done, the door slammed open.

"Hey, who said you could have him!" Dino shouted.

Xanxus growled. "Squalo is my subordinate, so he's mine!"

The next thing that happened was a fight that destroyed almost everything. Xanxus was the main culprit in that.


Chrome had just finished putting Murasaki to bed as she walked to her, her and Mukuro's bedroom. Mukuro was on the bed reading a book, but he stopped when he saw Chrome.

"Oya, is Murasaki finally asleep?" Mukuro said as Chrome climbed onto the bed with Mukuro.

"Yes Mukuro-sama." Chrome said as Mukuro pulled her closer to himself.

"Would you like to make love?" Mukuro said as he placed a soft kiss on Chrome's cheek.

"I'm tired." Chrome said as her eyes began drooping.

"Kufufu. That's all right, you can have a repeat." Mukuro said as his red eye changed to the number 1, as Chrome fell asleep.

During the whole school day, Chrome swore she kept seeing flowers and blooming Sakura trees, but she brushed it off as her imagination. There was also the fact that her body was beginning to feel incredibly hot. It was then when lunch came that Mukuro approached her.

"Are you feeling alright, Chrome?" Mukuro said.

"I don't know, I'm feeling kind of hot." Chrome said.

Mukuro walked up to Chrome and placed his lips on her forehead. "You're a bit warm." Mukuro paused. "But I can fix that, if you trust me." Mukuro said.

"I'll always trust you Mukuro-sama." Chrome said.

"Then let us go somewhere quiet." Mukuro said as he took Chrome's hand and led her outside to a tool shed. After he opened the door, it was surprisingly clean, but it looked like someone had cleaned it recently.

Mukuro took off his jacket and put it on the floor, then he lay Chrome on it. Before Chrome could ask what he was going to do, Mukuro kissed Chrome. Mukuro prodded at Chrome's lips with his tongue, and Chrome allowed him entrance.

So Mukuro took the chance to explore Chrome's mouth with his tongue. All the while, his hand moved to under Chrome's shirt and began moving in a circular motion. Chrome moaned.

"Kufufu. Chrome, hold your arms up." Mukuro said. Chrome obeyed, and Mukuro swiftly removed Chrome's shirt, revealing a black lace bra. Chrome turned her head away, blushing. Mukuro laughed again. "Well, let's get you cooled down." Mukuro said as he successfully removed Chromes skirt and panties in one tug.

Now Chrome was really red. Then Mukuro unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. After he pulled them off. "Kufufu. No need to be embarrassed." Mukuro said as he positioned his length at Chrome's entrance. It was then Chrome met Mukuro's eyes, she nodded.

So Mukuro entered her and Chrome took a sharp intake of breath. To lessen the pain, Mukuro began to kiss, suck, and massage Chrome while thrusting in and out of Chrome. Finally, with one last thrust, Mukuro released his seed in Chrome.


Hibari pulled Tsuna's shirt off and then began working on Tsuna's nipples. Tsuna began moaning, which made Hibari smirk.

"Sensitive, I see." Hibari said as he kissed Tsuna, letting his tongue ravage Tsuna's mouth. Then he began moving his mouth down, down Tsuna's neck while kissing and sucking, then down Tsuna's chest and stomach, finally reaching his goal.

Hibari unbuckled the pants and pulled them off. Tsuna gasped at the sudden sensation of his length meeting the air.

Hibari smirked. "You're already hard." Hibari said. "Well, that will change." Hibari said as he took Tsuna in. Tsuna gasped as his manhood was engulfed by Hibari. Hibari began moving up and done, and just as Tsuna was near the edge, Hibari stopped, but then turned Tsuna onto his stomach.

Then Tsuna felt something invade his entrance, he looked and saw that Hibari was licking, there, and the next thing Tsuna knew, Hibari had discarded of his own pants and entered Tsuna. As he thrusted, Hibari also began pumping Tsuna's length.

As the two got near the edge, Tsuna released his seed and Hibari after. Hibari took himself out and repositioned himself and Tsuna, so that he was cradling Tsuna in his arms.


Byakuran moved so fast that Dragon didn't know where she was until Byakuran had suddenly stopped and threw Dragon onto, a bed, and before Dragon could get away, Byakuran had pinned her to the bed.

"Hey, let me go!" White Dragon said as she struggled.

"If I did that, you would get away, or more like disappear from my sight." Byakuran said.

"What do you mean by that?" White Dragon said as she stopped struggling.

"We're somewhere under the school, and I made this place like a maze, so it'd take a while, even for you." Byakuran said as he leaned down and began sucking on Dragon's neck.

"A-ah! T-this is rape!" White Dragon said between gasps.

"Well after this, it won't be considered rape, and you'll be wanting more." Byakuran said as he ripped at Dragon's clothing, revealing a plain white bra. "Hm, this bores me. I have a better idea." Byakuran said as he removed the bra.

Dragon squirmed as Byakuran took one nipple into his mouth, and the other between his fingers. After finishing with Dragon's nipples, he moved back to her neck. He began to suck and nip, and then he bit Dragon's neck, that he drew a little blood.

"A-ah, s-stop..." White Dragon said as Byakuran licked the blood away. When the blood had been lick away, a mark in the shape of what looked like a tiger was left.

"Now that that's done, lets move to something bigger." Byakuran said as he ripped Dragon's skirt and panties off.

And before Dragon had anytime to say anything, Byakuran had discarded of his pants and plunged into Dragon. Dragon let out a strangled scream that was muffled by a kiss. Byakuran wasted no time in exploring Dragon's mouth while thrusting in and out of Dragon.

All the while Byakuran worked on Dragon's breasts as he took Dragon. After what seemed like hours, Byakuran spilled his seed into Dragon.

Byakuran exited Dragon and fell to the side of Dragon, who turned to face him.

"I hate you." Black Dragon said.

"I love you too." Byakuran said as he kissed Dragon.

The next day

It was now known that no one was to touch Tsuna, or else they would face the consequences.

"Gokudera, Yamamoto! When did you get back?" Tsuna asked.

"We got back yesterday, no thanks to Dragon." Gokudera said as he glared at Dragon.

"Oh, that's right. Well, I couldn't help you either way." Black Dragon said as she eyed a smiling Byakuran.

"Well, at least you're here now." Tsuna said as they started walking. "By the way, Gokudera, why are you walking funny?" Tsuna asked.

Gokudera turned a shade of red and Yamamoto laughed, confusing Tsuna.

"Kufufu. Why don't you ask Dragon, she's walking funny as well." Mukuro said as he and Chrome suddenly appeared.

"Shh! Mukuro!" White Dragon whispered.

"We both have great stamina." Byakuran said as he smiled.

"Ah! Byakuran!" White Dragon said as she began to chase Byakuran.

It was then Tsuna realized that it was probably similar to his pain in his rear.

-The End-

1. Technically, Dragon is that, because wolves are apart of the dog family, and she is a girl.

2. Sorry, I just couldn't imagine them together, it was hard to do pairings I'm not a fan of.

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