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Story 3: Some Day

Pairing: Sokka/Toph

It was early evening when she strolled in to the small Earth Kingdom bar. She could feel people turn in their seats in order to see her. Toph didn't mind, after all she was some what of an odd site. It wasn't everyday a blind, barefoot girl walked into a bar. Not to mention being a war hero and still unmarried at 19. She shot a dirty look at the wooden floor, she hated the way it felt compared to the plain earth. Without the touch of the earth she was truly blind again. Patiently, she waited besides the entrance until she felt a hand take hold of hers.

"Just how long were you gonna keep me waiting Sokka?" Her voice chimed with a mix of mischief and happiness that she immediately hoped he hadn't noticed. Time may have granted a few inches to her height and bust but it hadn't remedied her shyness towards her friend.

"Well excuse me. You'd think a master earth bender wouldn't need anyone's help when it comes finding her way to a table." He teased, receiving a punch in the arm in return. He helped her to a chair and they began their new found tradition of drinking and talking the evening away. Sokka learned the first time this happened to only have a drink or two, because once Toph started, it was hard to get her to stop.

Time proved him right once again. In the few hours they were there Toph already had more drinks than she should of. Sokka had his hands full, keeping her from "earth bending every loser in here." It was when she stood from her chair and took an earth bending stance that Sokka decided now it would be a good time for them to leave. He quickly reached into his pocket and slammed down a handful of coins for their drinks. Before Toph could make a move she felt her world spin. Sokka had thrown her over his shoulder and now carried her out of the small bar.

"Hey Sokka I knew you were a ladies man, but I never thought you'd be picking me up." Toph snickered at her own joke. She grew a little annoyed when he didn't laugh along with her.

"Listen, boy toy. If your gonna carry me around the least you can is laugh with me." A little smile grew on her face as her fingers stalked their way down his back and around to his sides. He was going to laugh with her one way or another. Her fingers assaulted his sides, lightly poking and prodding him through his clothes. Sokka began to wobble between steps.

"Toph," he chuckled a bit , "If you keep doing that, I might drop you." Sokka had a increasingly difficult time walking with the earth bender. He decided it was time for her to walk on her own.

"What are you doing?" Toph panicked, feeling her weight shift in his arms. She swung her arms and legs wildly, striking him several times in the process.

"Toph!" He grunted as her knee drove itself into his midsection. His body lurched forward and then fell backwards on to the ground, causing Toph to shriek as she landed on top of him. She grinned as soon as she grasped the position they were in.

"No taking me out to dinner, just skipping ahead to the fun stuff, eh?" She giggled and drew circles on his chest with her finger.

"Get off of me, you're walking the rest of the way." Sokka groaned.

They walked across a field in which Toph's small stone house stood. Sokka walked close to her, ready if she should lose her balance. A few yards away from the house Toph stopped walking and stood in place.

"Whats wrong?" Sokka asked, turning to her. He had to admit she looked beautiful in the moonlight.

"I just got a great idea, come here." She curled her finger towards herself as if reeling him in with it.

As soon as Sokka was close enough she grabbed his hands.

"Were gonna dance!" She grinned.

"What? Why?"

"I've always wanted to dance with you."

"But Toph we should probably get you ho-" Sokka stopped talking when he felt the earth swallow his feet. Losing his balance he leaned into her.

"There you go." As she moved, so did the earth around Sokka's feet. Keeping his balance proved too difficult in this situation and he kept his weight on the smaller girl in front of him.

"I've always wanted to dance with you." She admitted, blushing.

"Since when?" Sokka was a bit surprised, even if he was aware of her feelings for him.

"Since the dance we had back when we were in the fire nation."

"Then why didn't you ask?"

"Because of Suki."

The name awakened a dull pain within the young mans heart. He and Suki had gone their separate ways some time ago. The dance stopped and a few moments of silence passed before Toph freed the young man.

"I'm sorry for bringing her up." Even with Toph's dulled mind she knew she might of opened an old wound.

"It's alright, but its really getting late. Lets get you inside."


The two stood inside her door way. Plans were made to meet again next week and goodbyes were exchanged. As Sokka turned to leave, he felt fingers wrap around his wrist. He sighed, this had happened before and he wasn't looking forward to having this conversation tonight.

"Sokka, how about staying the night?" A bit of Toph's shyness returned.

If they were going to be together, Sokka didn't want it to start like this.

"Not tonight." He tried to leave, but Toph's grip tightened.
"Why not?" She pulled him and they were face to face again.

"Not like this Toph." He looked to the ground, unable to meet her pleading eyes any longer.

Leaning in she offered a kiss to sway his mind. He returned it, tasting the liquor that still lingered on her breath. She relinquished her grip on him and as soon as she broke the kiss he turned to the door again.

"Goodnight Toph." He hoped the kiss would keep her from becoming too crestfallen tonight.

She was on his mind the entire time he walked back to the small village where he first met her tonight. Staring up at the stars in the night sky, he hoped that the day would come where she'd treat him this way without the aid of alcohol. He hoped that soon she'd be able to reveal to him her true feelings. He recalled the last time he talked with his father. The older man had asked him why he was waiting so long to find a wife. Sokka didn't give him the full answer, unsure if he'd understand. His father had warned him that if he waited too long, life would pass him by.

But if anything was still worth waiting, for it was her.

I am a perfect sale.
Just wrap me up with a bow and flowers.
I will neglect to tell.
I'll sell you a story that we love each other.

Some day I know I'll find my place.
Some day I know this pain will fade.
Some day I know I'll find my place.
Some day I'll sing my last rephrase.

-"Plastic Man" by Seether

Heh, I put Sokka through a lot of crap. Although its not my favorite I don't mind Tokka. Anyways thanks for reading