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The sun began to rise over the horizon line and cast its morning glow on Acmetropolis – and two rabbits, fast asleep on the desert floor.

Ace opened one eye in annoyance that the sky above them, which was dark yet covered in thousands of stars last night, that was now becoming brighter and brighter with each passing second.

He grumbled as he sat up, feeling Lexi's head lift up slightly, too, as she too sat up and glared at the area surrounding them. "Who," She yawned, "turned on the sun?" She said through half-shut eyes.

It took Ace a moment to answer, as he was too tired, "Don't know, I wish we had curtains right now, though – I want to sleep more." He yawned at the end of his sentence.

"What time is it?" Lexi asked, as she rubbed her eyes.

Ace grabbed his watch from beside him; he had taken it off last night so that sleeping would be more comfortable, "About five past four."

Lexi groaned, "Well there's no way in hell that I'm getting up this early." She looked at the motorcycle, and then back at Ace, "You wanna risk driving back to HQ?"

"Risk?" Ace looked at her in confusion, "What risk?" He yawned again.

"That one." Lexi smiled, "You're tired, I don't want you to drive unless you really want to...or feel that you have to."

"I'll manage" He said as he stood up. They had cleaned up all non-essential items last night before sleeping; it was only the blankets that they were using that they needed to pack away. "Do you mind if I pack those up?" Ace asked slowly, his fatigue showing.

"Sure." Lexi smiled, getting up, "I'll help."

The two folded up the blankets in silence, as they put the last in the compartment under the seat, Lexi looked at Ace with concern, "Are you absolutely sure you're okay with driving?"

"Yeah." He smiled as he put his helmet on, "Da wind in my face'll wake me up." With that he pulled up the glass screen which covered his face, and kissed her.


Lexi and Ace walked into their head quarters' main room, quietly, not wanting to wake any of their comrades.

"Whoa!" Lexi loudly whispered as she tripped over, Ace whipped his head around, he had been holding onto her hand, but as she fell, her hand slipped out of his grasp.

Ace quickly bent down beside Lexi, their main room was dark, but he could vaguely make out the shape of her body and head.

Lexi sat on the ground, rubbing her leg as she leaned closer to it to see why it was causing her discomfort.

Ace was unsure of what to say, the obvious questions being: 'Hey, are you ok?' – But it was obvious she wasn't. Another question sprang to mind, 'What did ya trip on?' – But neither of them could really see around themselves very clearly.

Instead Ace sat beside her and rested a hand on her leg in the place that she was rubbing, and gently moved her hand away, before carefully placing his own hand over the wound.

He kept his hand there for a few moments, before moving to roll up her trouser leg so that he could inspect her leg.

His eyes glowed yellow as he used his enhance vision to see against the light, but he sighed and returned her trouser leg to how it should have been.

"I can't see properly in dis light, I'll check it in my room." He stood up and held a hand out for Lexi, who smiled before reaching out to his outstretched hand.


Lexi pulled off her jeans whilst sitting down on Ace's bed; Ace himself proceeded to turn off the main lights in his room, as he walked over to where Lexi was.

When the room suddenly turned black, Lexi hesitated, "I think now we're back to the same problem as before." She laughed as she spoke.

She stood up when she felt Ace nearby, only for her to be greeted with a kiss as he pressed his lips against hers, while his hands encircled her waist and rested on her backside. She was about to pull away to speak to him, but found that what she had to say could wait, she liked the feeling of closeness with him.

Still kissing him, but holding onto his shoulders for support, Lexi stepped back to kneel on his bed, drawing him closer to her. Ace smiled whilst kissing her and pressed his weight onto her until he was on top of her.

He continued to kiss her, until Lexi pushed him up slightly and giggled, smiling at him, "Calm down, I can't breath through my ears y'know."

Ace smiled and shook his head slowly while looking down at her, he bent down to kiss her again, as he played with her fingers and hands as they held his.

Eventually Lexi signalled for him to stop, and looked as though she was attempting to catch her breath. When she had somewhat recovered it, she rolled to the side and turned on Ace's bedside lamp.

Lexi sat up, having to push Ace up as she did so, and sat on the pillows in front of him, while he leaned over her. She held a leg up in front of him and raised an eyebrow, "Forgetting something?"

"Oh, right!" Ace smiled as he got off of her. He studied her leg until he came across an area with fresh blood on it. He licked his thumb and wiped some of the blood away with it, parting the fur around the cut, so that he could examine how large it was.

"Does it sting?" He asked, looking up at her.

"A little..."

He half smiled and thought for a moment, "Does dis help?" He kissed the cut on her leg, before looking back at her.

Lexi smiled and nodded, "A bit."

Ace smirked, "Well what about dis..." He licked the cut and looked up at her, she bit her lip and smiled at him, Ace then began to lick the rest of her shin.

He was stopped when she pulled her leg back, "Hey!" She looked at him with a smile, "I am not a lollipop!"

Ace smiled back at her, "Sorry, I guess."

Lexi scooted over to him, "For what?"

"Dat" He smiled, looking down at her.

Lexi blushed, "It wasn't actually that bad, just....startling."

Ace smiled and looked quite pleased with himself, "Great, I am da king!"

Lexi laughed and punched his arm lightly, "What's gotten into you?"

"I don't know" He smiled, as he turned his body to face her, "Maybe your crazy pregnancy hormones are brushin' off on me."

Lexi nodded and smiled lovingly at him.

"I had a really good time last night, Lex." He leant forwards and kissed her on the cheek.

"Isn't that because we kinda went at it like rabbits in that pool?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

Ace laughed, "Maybe."

"Well, I had a good time too, Ace, so thanks." She held her hand in his, "It's funny, 'cause I know like...old couples say this when they've been together for years, but..." She looked at him in the eyes, "I feel like I'm falling in love with you all over again, Ace."

Ace smiled back at her, "Same." He leaned towards her as if he were going in to kiss her, and Lexi responded by moving closer to him, only to be surprised by him kissing her nose and moving back – away from her. He quickly removed his shirt and jeans, leaving himself in his boxers, before he kissed her again – properly.

When he pulled away, Lexi smiled at him. She turned around to look at the clock on Ace's bedside table.


Lexi sighed, "We've been up for an hour now, we're probably not gonna be able to get back to sleep now." She glanced at him, "If only there was something that we could do so we could sleep again – you know - something that will make us get tired."

She crossed her arms over her legs, "But what to do, I mean, it's just you and me, alone, together, sitting on a bed for if we get tired."

Ace was listening intently, wondering what game she was playing; he'd be lying if he said that he wasn't somewhat confused, he understood the innuendos, but not why she wouldn't just come out and say what she was implying.

Lexi suddenly visibly perked up, snapping her fingers, "I've got it!" She turned to face him. "We should play a game of scrabble."

Ace gave her a confused, yet surprised stare.

"Oh wait..." Lexi's tone changed, "....That's too much fun. Oh what to do, what to do..."

Ace smiled at her before pushing her back so that her head rested on the pillows, as he began to kiss her, fiddling with her shirt with his hands. He pulled away after a few seconds of kissing her, "You know Lexi, you don't have to put on an act, just ask."

Lexi smiled up at him, "I know, but it was fun."

Ace smiled whilst rolling his eyes at her; as he bent down to kiss her again.






Ace whacked the alarm so that it stopped beeping. He groaned as the light reached his eyes, reminding him that, once again, he had to get up.

It was safe to say that he was in a much brighter mood than he had been the previous time he had woken up that morning.

He stretched out his legs and one of his arms, looking down at his other arm which was wrapped around a fellow bunny's shoulders.

Lexi was sound asleep, with her head pressed against Ace's shoulder, and her arms resting on his torso. The white sheet covered most of her arms but still enabled Ace to see the tops of her cream-peach coloured arms.

Ace used his free arm to rub his eyes, before placing his hand on top of one of Lexi's arms. He rubbed it gently, noticing how thin her arms were in comparison to his. But this, he assumed, was because he had more visible muscle on him than she did.

Lexi stirred beside him, and opened her eyes, before leaning up on his chest and kissing him. Ace was amused at how she looked: hair ruffled, while one ear was bent beside her right eye, and the other rested behind her on her back. To him, she looked rather funny.

"Good job, buddy." She said brightly, despite her tired appearance. She smiled at him as the two high-fived.

Ace smirked; it was even funnier now.

As they had developed more feelings towards each other – intimate feelings, as opposed to friendly companionship which they had once shared – the two had made a sort of tradition of coming out with a meaningless comment, and a high five, the morning after they made love. Ace thought that perhaps it was just a giddy feeling of closeness which had caused the strange tradition to occur, while Lexi believed that it was just an ice breaker from the awkwardness - at least, that was what she used to think it was.

"Well you're in a bright mood dis mornin', missy. What's up?" Ace asked as he sat up.

Lexi smiled at him as she kissed him again, "I really don't know, Ace." She giggled to herself quietly as she sat up.

"Well, it's definitely somet'in'." Ace kissed her on the forehead before swinging his legs over his side of the bed, and standing up.

"I just feel really close to you right now, Ace." She smiled.

Ace turned around and stared at her, "...In what way?"

"Last night." She shifted herself closer to where he was standing – whilst staying under the covers, "I felt different, something...seemed different." She smiled at him.

He smiled back.


'What's up with all the babies? Is there something going round right now, or something? They're everywhere; and they're getting annoying - especially all the ones that can't stop screaming...' Lexi walked through the park, her arms crossed over her chest with annoyance; she glanced from side to side at the families with children, babies, and toddlers.

Some children ran to and fro, laughing and squealing with joy and exhilaration, while toddlers took their first tentative steps across the soft grass, while their parents smiled and spoke words of encouragement when they fell.

Lexi smiled as she watched a family, the father holding his daughter's hands gently, yet firmly, as she struggled to balance on her feet, while her mother crouched ahead of the two, perhaps three feet away, holding a teddy bear, which she shook slightly now and again, as she smiled and held her arms out for the child.

Lexi tilted her head in slight admiration, the parents were so empathetic, they didn't expect their child to walk right then and there, nor did they not encourage her to keep trying, they smiled when she tried to walk without her father's aid, but they offered support and hugs when she fell.

The anthro studied the child's movement, her innocent features, yet content expression, but also her determination to achieve her goal – to walk to her mother. Yet every time she fell down, she wouldn't cry, nor would she be disheartened, on the contrary; she stood back up, shakily, and started again.

Lexi earned a wave from the couple when they noticed her watching, Lexi smiled and gave a slight wave back, before she began to turn away, out of embarrassment. She didn't want them to think that she was spying.

Lexi continued down the tree-lined path, having to pause from walking as two young boys ran just in front of her legs, she smiled as they passed, before walking again. She heard a faint 'Sorry', from an older male voice, perhaps the father.

Lexi sighed, she had never been a child-loving person, and it wasn't that she disliked children, but it was that she always had a fear of dropping a child, or a baby, if she held it. Though some people found it odd, others shared the fear.

She could recall when one of her aunts gave birth to a son when Lexi was sixteen, her aunt and uncle had driven from Phoenix to introduce their extended family to the new arrival. And while her parents, and brothers held the tiny boy, Lexi objected when she was given a chance to hold him, her sister, Sam, was the same, she also didn't want to hold the baby, but purely for the reason that she disliked the thought of baby vomit – not from fear of holding the child. Even some of Lexi's friends, who were around her house when her uncle and aunt had arrived, held the baby.

Lexi held her arm, she had heard people say that your views of other children change when you have your own, your instincts and feelings change, and suddenly the thought of a baby vomiting on you isn't a turn off, and you don't fear holding it because you know that you would never drop such a fragile creature.

Yet somehow she thought she was incompetent.

Lexi felt insecure, she didn't feel up to the challenge of being a mother, she knew that young mums struggled to raise children, even with their partner by their side; but Lexi felt that she lacked wisdom, and knowledge of both pregnancy and child care – she felt alone, she couldn't talk to her mother about it, not until she knew...and depending on how her parents reacted, she might not even get the opportunity to ask for help at all.

Lexi knew her mother well, she was very maternal, when Lexi and her friends were younger, her mother would mother her friends, giving them advice, and encouragement and love. Lexi didn't feel as though her mother, no matter how disappointed she would be, would abandon her during such a time, but she was unsure about her father.

Her father was a loving, caring man, who she, her family, and her friends respected a lot, but her father could also be very strict and even intimidating when he was exceptionally mad. And Lexi feared for Ace, his parents, and the rest of her team, she knew that her father wouldn't take her pregnancy as good news, and he'd be very angry, and would most probably lecture, or even shout at her, but be much more aggressive towards Ace.

Lexi sighed, she loved her dad, he was great, loving, kind, caring, supportive, and protective of his family – including a pregnant daughter – and Lexi began to fear whether he wouldn't want her around Ace, or the rest of the team, and that he would want her to return to Utah.

She frowned; he could do that, 'Could he?'


"So, Ace, how was your 'first' date last night, 'eh?" Duck raised an eyebrow and winked at his leader.

"DUCK!" Ace yelled, "I really don't t'ink dis is da time!"

Ace and Duck were currently between the claws of a giant, out-of-control robot – much like the 'Robo Amigo' that they had fought a year ago.

The large robot had accidentally been modified, and grown to a huge size, bursting through the roof of the factory where it, and others like it, were being manufactured, and it had began to walk down a street of downtown Acmetropolis – Which was why the Loonatics had been called.

Jet pack bound, the Male Loonatics had reached the area of disruption, but firing both weapons and powers at it, had merely angered the robot, and it had managed to swipe out at them, where they immediately scattered - but not before the robot had grabbed Ace.

Duck, being...Duck, had attempted to save his leader in a 'heroic' fashion, but had consequently gotton himself trapped too.

"Hey, we've hardly had a chance to talk all morning!" Duck argued as he turned awkwardly to face his leader.

"Duck, we had breakfast together!" Ace hissed.

Duck pouted and sighed, "Yeah, but everyone else was there, which includes Lex, and you know women, they don't like their personal information to be shared with others, especially if it involves relationships!"

Ace raised an eyebrow, "So how long did it take you to work that one out, five months...years...." He glanced up at the robot.

"...Five minutes!" Duck shouted, "After Lexi brain-blasted my tail-feathers off, that Christmas."

"Oh yeah," Ace chuckled, "I remember dat."

"Tech!" Duck shouted across to the canine of the team, who was recovering after being thrown against a window, "Have you got any gizmo to get us out?"

Tech shook his head, "Not with me, I hadn't actually planned for...this," He pointed at Ace and Duck, "To happen."

Duck groaned, "So now you come unprepared. Nice one, genius."

"So what does that make you, Mr 'Ace! I can get you out by quacking myself right into the same spot as you, and making this thing too tight for you to be able to quack us out again'." Ace frowned.

"Hey, I had good intentions."

There was a grumble of intelligence from Slam, as he suddenly flew close to the Robot's neck, having commanded Rev to fly in front of it to distract it, where Slam could have the opportunity to punch the robot's neck – Which Slam had identified as its weak spot.

He was right

One punch was enough to release the robot's grip on Ace and Duck, as the robot began to emit large sparks, before it's blue eyes faded to a black, and it tumbled to the ground – were it sprawled itself, lifeless, along the very road which led to the park.

"Great Job, Slam!" Ace cheered as he gave the Tasmanian Devil of the team a high five.

"Yeah! Nice-one-Slam-that-was-great-how-you-figured-out-it's-weak-spot-and-punched-the-life-out-of-that-thing,it-was-so-cool, you-must-have-hit-the-thing-hard-for-it-to-'die'-like-that,-no-wonder-you're-a-champion-of-a-wrestler!" Rev exclaimed in delight.

"Yeah...." Ace said awkwardly, before gesturing that the Loonatics descend.

Upon touchdown, Tech inspected the robot to check that it wasn't about to get up, upon hearing confirmation that the area was safe, Ace asked the rest of the team whether they had seen anyone underneath the robot's 'landing site' before it fell, incase someone could be trapped underneath it.

Witnesses also stated that they saw no one underneath, which made Ace breathe a sigh of relief. "Okay, well dat's dat taken care of, now we need to..."


Ace paused, hearing his name be called out by a familiar voice that seemed too close for his comfort.


The entire team turned towards the direction of the park as they heard the familiar voice again. No one else was near by, and so the voice had been easy to hear and the sounds of feet, running towards their direction were easy to determine.


The blonde bunny, clad in her uniform like the rest of the team, like she had been all morning, ran towards them, "Guys, what happened, are you okay?!" She called as she ran.

When Lexi stopped before the group, she was greeted with smiles from all except Ace. With a frown he walked over to his female companion, and crossed his arms over his chest when he arrived in front of her.

Lexi looked taken aback by his expression and stance, along with the rest of the team, meekly, she voiced her thoughts, " there something wrong?"

"Lexi, what are you doin' here? You could've been killed!"

Lexi jumped when he raised his voice, "How, Ace?"

Ace pointed to the heap that was the robot, which lay sprawled out over the road just a few metres beside them.

"We were on a mission, Lex, you know dat it's dangerous, you should've stayed at home!"

Lexi furrowed her eyebrows, "So you want me to stay at home, because you're on a mission, and apparently I'll be safe...there." She pointed towards the tower.

Ace nodded and looked as if he was about to speak, but Lexi interrupted him, crossing her arms as she spoke, "...Well, I'm glad to hear that you care about all the other millions of innocent people here that also could've been killed."

The male and female rabbits glared at each other, the rest of the team becoming somewhat uncomfortable and concerned.

"Come-on-guys, it's-no-big-deal, -let's-get-out-of-here." Rev placed a hand on Lexi's shoulder as he gestured up to the sky which was beginning to darken as clouds rolled in from the south.

"Yeah, good idea, Rev." Ace spoke monotonly as he activated his jetpack– the jets opening out by his shoulders.

The rest of the team followed the actions of their leader, all but Lexi; who was without a method of transport, she had walked to the park that morning.

Ace hesitated, looking at his partner, "Lexi, do you need a lift?"

Lexi looked at the five faces of her fellow team mates; all turned to her. She sighed and gave Ace a slight glare, "I'll walk."

Ace bit his lip, "Maybe dat's not such a good idea – I'll..."

Lexi slumped her shoulders and sighed, "Ace, I got here by myself, I can get home by myself – I don't need a guide!"

Ace's stance shifted slightly, rather than poised and ready like he was previously, he looked more saddened and protective, sighing, he replied; "Keep in contact – be careful, please, Lex" He activated the jets on his jetpack, and suddenly a roaring emitted from his jetpack, along with those of the other teams', as they slowly lifted off the ground, "I love you, Lex!" Ace called down to her.

Lexi merely waved before walking away.


"Can you believe that tension back there?" Duck said as he slid the jetpack off his arms, "I mean, talk about awkward!"

"Duck, I'm right here!" Ace glared at the waterfowl, the quintet were standing in the hanger, having flown in just moments ago. They were putting their jetpacks on their respective shelves, when Duck came out with the loud comment.

"Sorry, Ace" Duck spoke meekly, receiving a glare from his leader, before following Ace and the others out of the hanger. Duck regained his composure enough to ask: "What's up anyway, she seemed really angry." He gasped and acted surprised, "What did you do?!"

Rev and Tech gave each other suspicious glances as they turned to face their leader, while Slam stood by the rabbit looking confused. "Lexi agdguy?"

Ace glanced at the Tasmanian devil and sighed, "Yeah, buddy, she is angry. But maybe it's just da hormones, y'know." He shrugged. Ace turned around and began to walk towards the main room, before turning around and facing his team.

Rev, Tech, Slam and Duck noticed their leader's look and stood to attention, waiting to hear what he had to say.

"Umm, guys...While Lexi's not here, I do have somet'in' I need to talk to ya about, it's pretty important." He eyed his watch, "But I do want to keep an eye on da time, it shouldn't take Lexi more than ten minutes to get here, and I want to make sure she gets home okay, I don't want somet'in' to happen."

Ace glanced at his watch before looking back at the rest of the team, "Tech, can we talk in da lab?"

"Sure, Ace." Tech replied as they turned to walk the few steps towards the lab.

Once inside, Ace began to speak. He looked uncomfortable, and paced the area by the door for a while, "I'm not quite sure how to say dis...umm..." He rubbed the back of his neck in thought.

With a sigh he turned to face the rest of the team, "Do you guys remember when we first got together as a team, and Lexi was quite....quiet and...Distant?"

They all nodded

"Well, I've got da explanation to dat..."


Lexi sighed in annoyance as she felt another raindrop land on her fingertip, she held her hand out in front of her, feeling the few drops of rain as they fell from the darkened sky. She knew that it was only going to get heavier, and she still wasn't too close to home.

"Damn it." She muttered as she began walking again, 'Maybe I should've gotten that lift...'

She walked hastily now, through the quiet, desolate streets. As the rain got heavier she walked faster, until her pace had quickened to a run, as she used one arm to cover her hair as it hung down it front of her eyes.

She finally reached the door to the headquarters, and swiped her key card into the door. She slipped in before the pneumatic doors had even finished opening, and headed straight for the elevator, where she selected the one hundred and twenty-fifth floor, and the elevator began to ascend.


"...Oh and guys." Ace called out to the rest of his team as they left the lab, "Lexi's really sensitive about this, so please don't say anyt'in' to her, or act weird around her." He turned around, "Especially you, Duck."

Duck didn't reply, he didn't know what to say, he merely nodded in response as Ace left the corridor and entered the main room; leaving the rest of the team to look at each other, and in mutual agreement realise how lucky Lexi was that she was with someone like Ace


Ace straightened up when he heard the sound of the elevator arriving at that floor, and he knew that it wouldn't be long until Lexi walked through the door.

When the pink bunny did emerge, Ace, who had been standing right by the door to where she would be coming in, immediately pulled her against him as he kissed her deeply.

"I'm sorry Lexi, I..." Ace started when he had pulled away, but Lexi interrupted him.

"It's okay, Ace." She looked up at him, "I get it, you were stressed out, it happens to all of us. And I know you were just trying to keep me safe."

"T'anks, Lex." He kissed her again, but Lexi's face hovered close to his when he had pulled away – she was so close that their noses were almost touching.

She quietly whispered to him, not breaking eye contact at all, "But thank you for the apology." She placed a hand on his chest, "And I still owe you for helping me with my leg this morning – Perhaps that'll be my thank you, to you." She smiled at him and kissed him.

Lexi turned around, suddenly realising that they had an audience, Ace, who hadn't noticed his comrades' arrival, was taken aback as well; and he placed a hand on Lexi's shoulder and stood slightly in front of her – anticipating something from his team mates.

Like a lightining flash, Rev appeared in front of Lexi, and hugged her tightly, picking her up as he did so. "Oh-Lexi-you're-okay-I'm-so-sorry-if-I-ever-did-anything-to-make-you-upset-or-uncomfortable-I-know-how-hard-it-must-have-been-for-you-and-I'm-so-sorry-that-I-wasn't-there-to-help-you-or-make-you-feel-better-or...whoah!"

Rev's rant was interrupted as Ace and Tech managed to pry the fast talking bird off of Lexi, and hold him still.

"Okay, I can breathe now, thanks guys." Lexi wheezed. She turned to Rev, "What was that about?"

Rev looked rapidly back and fourth from Lexi and Ace, and began to sweat with anxiety. "...Umm-I-missed-you?"

Lexi furrowed her eyebrows in confusion and glanced at her watch, "Rev, thanks, but I was gone for thirteen minutes."

"So much for playing it cool, Rev." Duck moaned, he stood a few metres away from the group with his arms crossed. "And you didn't trust ME!" Duck pointed at Ace.

"Sorry, Ace-Lexi-sugar-rush-hee-hee." Rev grinned at the bunny duo as Ace crossed his arms in annoyance at the bird.

"Sugar rush?" Tech repeated, "Slam did you put sugar in his tea, again?" Tech turned to Slam who stood behind him.

"Er, yerh blag de la...yeah." Slam nodded.

"Oh joy." Duck moaned again whilst face palming himself.

"Riiiiiiiiiight..." Lexi nodded absently, "Well I'm cold, so I'm gonna have a bath and probably watch TV afterwards so..." She gave a final glance at her team mates, "Bye."

She started to walk away before Ace called her back. The leader distanced himself slightly from his team mates and turned towards Lexi.

A large clap of thunder stopped him from speaking, and he and Lexi naturally turned towards the window just as rain began to pour down the windows and lightning flashed across the blackened sky.

"Whoa-Tech-look-at-that-thunderstorm-I-mean, Isn't-the-shear-power-of-those-thunderclouds, scientifically-called-cumulonimbus-clouds, spectacular!" Rev jumped up and down in excitement as he stared out of the window.

"Yeah." Tech eyes the bird, "No more sugary tea for you..." He muttered to himself.

Duck drew the attention of all the Loonatics to himself, as he let out a tremendous gasp of excitement, "A thunderstorm, that means....Misty Breeze will do an 'on-the-spot' weather report from the central park, and I will watch it live!" The waterfowl teleported to the sofa and sat down comfortably before switching on the television and gawking at the blue-haired figure on screen.

Ace and Lexi gave the duck confused looks before returning to look at each other, "Lexi, you said da night before last dat you would call your parents today."

"Oh yeah." Lexi replied, "Shall I do that now or..."

"...I was just remindin' ya, you don't have to do it now. You wanted to have a bath anyway."

Lexi looked up at him for a few moments, "Ahh, screw it; I'll call them now." She walked over to the kitchen and reached for the phone. With it in hand, she sat down at the table, Ace sitting beside her, and she began to dial for home.


A phone rang in an almost full house, all of the rooms smelled of a mixture of barbequed meat, and cologne; and voices of many people could be heard coming from other rooms – voices of both males and females, joking and laughing about things which anyone outside of their friend circle would barely be able to comprehend.

A woman took an oven dish out of the oven and sighed at it, remembering a night similar to this one, but three years ago, when one of her daughters had offered to return the dish to its owners – on the other side of the small town.

The woman sighed, but turned her attention, finally, to the phone mounted on the wall beside her.


"Hey mum, it's me, Lexi...have you got a second?"