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"Well of course I've got a second for you, Lexi. How are you honey?"

Lexi pulled a face, "Fine...I guess."

"Are you sure, hon, you don't sound it."

Lexi rested her head in her hand, Ace put an arm around her, "No, mum its fine, it's just a bit rainy here at the moment, I guess the weather's been getting me down."

"The weather channel says it's the hottest Acmetropolis has been for five years, Lexi, it's still not as hot as here, but still."

"Well," Lexi sighed, "I guess it's something else, then." She made a grim face at Ace, and put her hand on the phone so that her mother couldn't hear her comment, "Ace, I've never been this nervous when talking to a family member."

Ace half smiled, as he couldn't think of anything to say in response, and rubbed her back for comfort when she began to speak into the phone again.

"Mum...I can hear you in the kitchen, are you sure this isn't a bad time, I can call later..."

"I told you Lexi, its fine, I haven't spoken to you in four months, I want to know what's happening. Did you speak to....umm...oh, what was his name?"


"Right, that's it. Did you speak to him about how you feel?"

Lexi glanced at Ace, "Oh, Boy did I." She rolled her eyes and subconsciously placed a hand on her lower abdomen. Ace noticed this and sighed.

"And, what happened?"

Lexi felt her heart drop into her stomach; she grimaced before speaking, "One second."

Lexi turned to Ace with a horrified expression on her face as she held the phone, once again, in such a way that her mother couldn't hear their conversation, "Ace, she wants to know what happened after we went out...as in, after we became a couple." She whispered frantically.

Ace bit his lip, "Tell her it's fine...and that you'll tell her all about it when she comes over. That way you're not really lying you're just..."

"...Avoiding the truth." Lexi sighed, "Good idea."

"Yeah, mum, I'm back...sorry...I had to speak to someone."

"That's okay hon; so, carry on from what you were saying."

Lexi bit her lip, "You know what mum, I'll tell you all about it, when all of you guys come over here."

"Lexi, hon, honey...what do you mean? Are you inviting us over?"

"Yeah," Lexi said happily, suddenly the thought of seeing her family again seemed fun...for a while. "Yeah, you know, just for a couple of days, so you can meet the guys, and we can catch up – I haven't seen you guys in..." She gulped...

"Three years." Her mother replied sadly.

"Actually, "Lexi started, "More two years, thirty-five weeks and four days. But, you know, that's just a rough guess..."

There was some hesitation before Lexi's mother spoke again, "Do you and Sam get any stranger?" The woman chuckled.

Lexi smiled, "...Well...yeah..." She laughed. Ace smiled at her.

"So honey, when would you like us to come?"

"Umm...well, sooner rather than later would be best..." Lexi glanced at Ace as she spoke.

Suddenly both Ace and Lexi's head turned towards the TV, as the rest of the group had found a film that they were watching, and the sound of an explosion and a machine gun had drawn the attention of the two bunnies towards the TV screen.

It was loud now, and combined with the thunder of the thunderstorm, and the pelting of the heavy rain on the windows, made talking somewhat difficult.

"Come on." Ace took Lexi's hand and led her back to his room where they could talk without the sound of the TV interrupting them.

"Lexi...Are you there?"

Ace and Lexi sat down on his bed, "Err, yeah, mum, sorry – Went to another room, it's pretty noisy, there's a thunderstorm outside right now and the guys are watching some action movie – it's getting pretty hard to hear"

"Oh, ok hon. So about us coming over...when..."

"...You know, any time this month's good."

"Lexi it's the twenty-eighth...do you honestly mean this month...or do you mean next...?"

"Err, yeah, I do. Thanks mum."

"Well...it looks like June's free from any major events, how does the sixth sound?"

"Yeah, that's fine." Lexi smiled.

"How long will we be staying?"

"However long it takes..." Lexi muttered.

"What was that?"

"Umm...nothing, nothing...However long you like...a week, two weeks, whatever's good for you."

"We'll come for a week, but I'm sure you won't mind us doing washing if we stay longer, do you?"

"No, mum, that's fine. Hygiene's always good."

There was a moment of pause from both mother and daughter.

"Lexi, honey, are you still there?"


"I need to serve up this food, your father's up on the roof cooking, and everyone else's...somewhere. Is it okay if I go, I'm sure you can talk to them later."

"Yeah, mum, that's fine. Oh, but also – can you see if Leah can come too, I miss her, plus this way she can see Alex again." She smiled.

"Okay, hon – I'll ask her. Well, it was lovely to hear from you again, I'll send your love to everybody, and we'll be seeing you on the sixth, then."

"Yep." Lexi smiled.

She sighed as she hung the phone up, before looking up at Ace. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion at her saddened expression, "Lexi, what's wrong?" He placed a hand on her cheek.

Lexi put her own hand on top of his, "I...I don't know. I guess I'm kind of nervous about them coming now, because this all seems so real now, but...when I thought of seeing my family again while I'm here...I had never anticipated that it was going to be...because of this." She sighed and placed a hand on her lower abdomen.

Ace frowned, and was just about to speak, when a large rumble of thunder erupted from just over their head quarters, and a flash of lightning lit up the sky which the two bunnies could view out of Ace's window.

In a split second the lights and all other power within Ace's room went out. The two bunnies could vaguely see each other because of the slight light coming from the window, and the occasional flash of lightning from outside.

Ace furrowed his eyebrows, "That means our defences are down." He stood up and took Lexi's hand, leading her out of his room at a fast pace before meeting in the main room with Tech, and the other team members standing a few feet behind him.

Ace let go of Lexi's hand and looked around, "So everything's out?"

"Everything." Tech responded, "But I do have a back up generator that should keep our tower's defences up, but it will only last for twelve hours."

"I thought they only used back up generators in hospitals?" Duck walked forward to speak to the two anthros.

"I did a little bit of thinking after our encounter with Melvin last year." Tech made brief eye contact with Lexi, who had been affected the most by Melvin the Martian's arrival when he had made a deal that she were to stay with him to be his gaming partner, in return for the Martian to not blow up, or shrink the planet.

"So what do we do now?" Lexi asked, she looked at all of her fellow team mates.

Ace walked over to the kitchen and opened up a cupboard before returning with a flash light in hand, "We find candles and more flashlights, for starters."


"Oww, damn what was that?" Lexi accidentally pulled on Ace's arm as she tripped over. The power was still out, and the Loonatics had departed to their rooms for the night. Unfortunately, though Ace had enhanced vision and knew where he was going...Lexi didn't.

Ace turned around and looked for her, his eyes finally landed on the floor in front of him; he quickly bent down to see if she was okay. "Lexi...are you alright?" He placed a hand on her shoulder.

Lexi stood up shakily and looked down at herself as Ace stood up. She then looked back at him and smiled, "All good."

Ace smiled and took her hand again, pulling her closer to him so that it would be harder for her to fall, as they walked from the 'corridor' of Ace's room, into his main bedroom.

"Well, I'm gonna go and brush my teeth." Lexi let go of Ace's hand, and kissed him before heading towards the bathroom.

"I'll grab your pyjamas from your room, Lex. Then I'll join ya." He smiled at her and left the room.



Lexi sighed and rolled onto her back again, she placed a hand on her stomach and stared up at the ceiling, hearing nothing but the soft, rhythmic sounds of Ace's breathing, and his steady heartbeat.

She looked over at Ace, seeing his chest move up and down with every breath; and decided not to wake him. She kicked off the sheet and slid her legs over the side of the bed, grabbing her pyjama pants from the bedside cabinet and putting them on; the start of Summer had been very warm already, and it was only May, and the nights were beginning to become uncomfortably hot.

Lexi placed a hand on her forehead and sighed again, the room was hot and the air for humid and sticky, making sweat appear on Lexi's fingers when she pulled her hand away from her forehead.

She walked over to the window, but upon realising that it was still raining outside, she reconsidered her idea of opening the window to let cool air into the room – and instead opened up one of Ace's cupboards and took out the electric fan, plugged it in and turned it on.

She stood in front of it for some few minutes to feel the cool air on her back, before glancing at Ace and leaving the room.

She headed to the Kitchen and stood at the steps for a moment, deciding what to do. She took out the bread from one of the cupboards and placed it in the toaster, before turning the toaster on.

She stood by the window and watched the rain fall from behind the curtain while she waited for the toast to finish cooking. But when she heard the familiar sound of the toast popping up, she returned to the bench top to retrieve it.

Her super hearing picked up the sound of movement coming from the lab, as Lexi took her toast out of the toaster. Curious, and in need of conversation, Lexi took her plate with the two slices of bread resting on it, and started for the lab.

She pressed the locking button on the centre of the door, which opened it, and she walked in. Had she and Ace, or she and Rev not gone to find Tech to ask him to accompany them on an outing on so many occasions, Lexi wouldn't have been able to know where she was going – the main lights in the Lab were off even though the power had been restored in the very late evening – the bunny couple had discovered that when Ace attempted to turn his lamp on, and realised that it did indeed work. But the only light source within the large, dark room was coming from a small source at the back of the room.

Careful not to step on any wires which littered the floor, Lexi manoeuvred around bench tops which she could remember the placements of, and walked towards the light.

Eventually she turned a slight corner and saw Tech leaning over a desk, lit by a single lamp, looking busy at work. Lexi stood and watched him write for a couple of moments, before setting down the plate of toast quietly on the bench next to her, and walking over to him.

She was about to greet him as she walked up to him, but found that out of the corner of his eye he must have noticed her already, for he jumped and looked startled for some few seconds, before shooting her a confused, and slightly unimpressed look.

Lexi gave him a guilty and apologetic look, "Sorry Tech..."

Tech rubbed his eyes and sat so that he was facing her, "Don't worry about it, Lexi; you just startled me, I didn't hear you come in."

He raised an eyebrow at her, "Wait, what are you doing up?"

Lexi leant back on the bench top behind her, "Couldn't sleep, it's too hot tonight, plus I got...hungry." She frowned.

Tech smiled and shook his head at her, "Please don't tell me that you're embarrassed by that, Lexi."

She didn't make eye contact with him and looked off to the right, "Then I won't say anything."

"Lexi," Tech sighed, "Why would you be embarrassed? What's happening to you in your state is normal, you can't control it – and you can't ignore it either."

"I'm not ignoring it, Tech, I'm..." She sighed and placed a hand on her forehead, trying to think. She removed the hand from her head and rested it on the bench top, "I guess..." She sighed in defeat, "...I don't know." She mumbled.


"I don't know, I guess I just feel kind of...embarrassed....that I'll be eating loads and getting weird mood swings...it'll be like puberty all over again, except I'll be...like...huge!" She sighed, "And I'm just used to being able to eat food and not really put on weight...but now..." She subconsciously placed a hand over her lower abdomen, Tech noticed this, "I don't know...it'll be weird."

Tech stood up and walked over to her, "Are you worried that we'll..." He looked to the side to think, "...judge you or something?"

Lexi nodded, "But it's not just that." She mumbled. "It's going back to...like...tribal times but..." She bit her lip and sighed before looking at Tech in the eyes, "You know there's the whole, Men did the hunting and providing, while Women looked after kids and did the less...physical work..."

Tech nodded.

"I don't know whether it's because of natural selection with early humans and animals, where the males would pick the most attractive female to be their mate, or whether it is just some weird psychological thing women have – because none of my brothers or guy friends from back home have ever really complained about their appearance...as far as I know – But I know I have, and my twin, and little sister have, and my best friend Leah has...but..." Her eyes moved back to the floor to the right of her. She sighed, "I guess that I'm worried that..."

"...We won't find you attractive?" Tech finished.

Lexi shut her eyes in defeat and slumped her shoulders, "Yeah." She mumbled, "I know it's stupid..."

Tech leant on the bench top to the side of where Lexi was leaning, "Lexi, Scientific fact does prove that a man does find a woman more attractive when she's pregnant – I'm not sure whether it might be due to increased levels of hormones and pheromones, or what it is – but it's true. And Lexi," He turned to the side to face her, "You're a sensitive, empathetic person, I'm sure you don't want other men checking you out anyway – Ace loves you for exactly who you are, so don't worry about what anyone else thinks of you, I doubt he's the kind of person who'll only love you because of what you look like – he's not shallow like Duck and people like him."

Lexi half smiled, "I guess you're right."

Tech smiled, "And Lexi, with regard to the rest of us, we're your friends, we don't care what you look like, and we can all understand that this is hard for you, and Ace. We won't think any less of you because of this, nor will we think that there's something up with you if you do occasionally get emotional – be it anger or sadness." He smiled at her.

"Thanks, Tech." She smiled at him. "If you don't mind...I wanted to talk to...someone about something else that's really bugging me."

"Sure, shoot."

"Do...do you think that, being in my pregnant state, I shouldn't be going on any missions, Tech?"

Tech looked taken aback by the question, "That's not really for me to decide."

"Tech, please, just your personal opinion, please."

He looked down, "I'm not sure, Lexi." He looked back at her, "There would be circumstances where I think it would be fine for you to be on a mission with us – but others I'd not want you on. I understand that in your current state," He looked her up and down, "There are no physical signs that you're pregnant – and a villain being able to notice that, and being able to single you out because of that – thus making you vulnerable to attack are what we're concerned about. But right now, no one would be able to tell, but it's still easy for you to hurt yourself, or be hurt, and possibly miscarry the baby."

Lexi's features saddened as she stared at the ground below her.

"Remember, Lexi, though you may think that you're capable of looking after yourself, that kid in you – its life support system is you, and if anything were to happen to you, via you being physically hurt, or having something harmful getting into you, that child in you is going to suffer as well – and in its current development stage, it is vulnerable – that's why its recommended that women don't fly during their first and third trimester because they're the stages in the foetus' development that it's the most vulnerable to abrupt, unnatural, and violent movements."

Lexi sighed, "I guess you're right." She moved away from the bench top and stood in front of Tech, who still leant against the object, "It's just that, the times that you guys have been on a mission without me, I've felt lonely and scared that something bad might happen to you – and then I need to do something to get the thought of your...demise...out of my head. That's why I went to the park yesterday."

Tech half smiled at her, "I guess I can see how that upsets you. Some of the times that I've been alone here monitoring or building something whilst watching the news, occasionally I've worried about seeing one of you be badly injured...or worse. But I've had something to do, you don't – I can understand how scary those thoughts must be to you."

"Exactly!" Lexi took a step closer to him.

Tech smiled at her reaction, but then frowned, "You and Ace seemed to have a bit of a confrontation yesterday regarding your visit to the park..."

"Yeah." Lexi replied glumly, "What did you make of that, just out of pure curiosity?"

Tech looked up to think, whilst lifting himself up so that he sat on the workbench which he had been leaning on, "It was slightly awkward – I could agree with both of you. I admit that Ace was over-reacting, and that you had a point – anyone could've been hurt, not just you. But I also agreed with Ace in the way that...maybe he didn't like the idea of you being out alone without any of us knowing about you being out."

Lexi, whose eyes had moved from Tech's face as he was talking, to the ground, now looked up at him with a suspicious glance on her face, "He told you...didn't he..."

"Yeah...why, did you not want him to?"

"No, I mean yes ...I asked him to tell you guys instead of me, that subject makes me uncomfortable."

Tech wasn't sure what to say in response to that, and so he nodded. There was an awkward pause between the two after that neither was sure of what to say to one another with the sensitive topic which had just been briefly mentioned.

"You and Ace are okay, now, right, Lex?" Tech asked after some time.

"What do you mean?"

"After the argument on the mission, you're not still mad are you?"

Lexi shrugged and sat up on the bench top as well, "To be honest, I'm still a bit pissed with him, I mean; I just want to help out and not have to worry about you guys. When regular women get pregnant they go on a maternity leave when they're a few months pregnant..."

"...But Lexi, they would be doing other jobs, like working in an office or something like that, doing much less physical and dangerous jobs like what we do."

"True..." She looked down, but then up at Tech again, "I'd just like Ace to realise that I can look after this kid and not every decision I'm making will potentially kill it – I do know what I should and shouldn't be doing, I just wish he'd give me a little more freedom to make my own decisions."

"But Lexi, remember, Ace doesn't have the same physical, and mental connection with his child, and he won't until it's born – you, however, do because it's living inside you, and you posses the necessary...equipment which will allow it to live, but that will also mean that you'll have various hormones circulating in you that will change you, but also give you a special connection with your child – and maybe Ace just wants to do what he can to look after both you, and the baby – Perhaps he almost feels threatened by the way that he can't defend it, which he would naturally have the instincts to do, the same with how he wants to protect you and make sure you're always safe and okay. And until the baby's born, he won't be able to establish a proper attachment with the baby because as far as it goes, he has nothing to do with it – physically – though it is made up of half of him, it's not living in him – therefore he has no way of...getting to know it."

"I guess." Lexi frowned, and folded her arms on her legs and stared around the dark and empty lab.

"Are you nervous?"

Lexi looked taken aback when she stared at him in shock, "What? No, I trust you, Tech, I..."

Tech chuckled, "...No, Lex, not here, I mean...with the whole being pregnant thing."

"Oh that." Lexi smiled, but then frowned, "Hell yeah, I don't even know half of what's happening to me. I always listened in health class, and biology, but they never taught us what pregnancy would be like, and how I would feel."

"What do you mean?"

"Well for one, I really need to talk to my mum, or someone who I trust, with experience of the whole being pregnant thing – so I'll have to speak to her when she get's here. But also," She turned to look at him, "I think I'm already getting mood swings, I mean, lately I've been feeling kinda sad about this whole mess, so I usually talk to Ace about it, and so we have talk about all of this, but then we end up..." She blushed.


"Umm..." Lexi looked down at the small space between them, and then back at Tech, and moved closer to him slightly, "I end up going from feeling really sad about this, to suddenly being super horny – I mean, do you know what that's like?!" She looked him up and down before he had the chance to answer, "But then again, you're a guy, you probably do." She smirked at him.

Tech smiled, "I'm sure that's normal, Lex."

"I hope so; otherwise I might be turning into a schizophrenic." After a moment of silence, she turned to look at him again, "How are the other's taking all of this, do you know?"

"After we all found out from your friend..."


"Yeah, after we found out when it was due, and you and Ace had gone to talk, we did all talk about all of this."


"Rev and Slam were pretty much just as shocked as I was, but Duck kept going on about how we should've anticipated it because the two of you are rabbits, and then...he tried to work out when it would've been...conceived."

Lexi blushed, but looked obviously hurt upon hearing that news as her posture became tensed but submissive, and she crossed her arms over her chest and looked away from Tech.

Tech became worried, he jumped off of the bench top and looked at Lexi, "Don't worry about what he said, we set him straight – he won't say things like that, again."

"It's not that." Lexi mumbled.

"Then what is it?"

"It's kind of personal, and...I'm sorry, Tech, but maybe I should talk to Ace about it first..."

"There's no need to apologise, Lexi, I understand."

"No, but I don't know how he'll take it – It's to do with the baby...but only a little bit...it's...more to do with it's...conception..."

"What do you mean, Lexi?" Tech sounded stern, "Is Ace not the father?!"

"What? No!" She sighed and slumped in posture again, "He is, it's just that...it's to do with the thing that he told you about today..." She looked up at Tech slowly, "The thing about me...back in Utah..."

Tech furrowed his eyebrows for a second, and then gave Lexi a concerned, yet horrified expression, "Ace didn't do that...to...you...did he?"

Lexi's eyes widened, "No, no he didn't, he never would, it's just..."

"Lexi if he, or anyone did anything to you that you didn't want them to do..."

"I know Tech, it's an offence, and it's sexual assault – trust me, I've had this conversation with my dad a lot." She sighed, "Look, never mind. I'll talk to Ace about it, I'm sure he'll understand...I think it's important that I let him know first..."

"Okay, Lex." Tech half smiled at her, "But if you ever need to talk, don't be afraid to bother me." He smiled at her. As he looked at her, he noticed something near her arm which rested on the table, and walked around her to inspect it.

He picked up the plate and looked at her, "Toast? When did I..."

"...Oh, sorry, Tech – that's mine, I made it when I woke up 'cause I was hungry – but then I heard you and figured I could talk to you." She picked up one of the pieces of toast which already had some of it missing from when Lexi ad eaten some earlier, but offered Tech the remaining slice, "Toast?"

Tech gave er an amused look and looked at the slice, "Thanks....are you sure you don't want it?"

"Nah," Lexi smiled at him, "I'll make more if I need to – it is cold, though, Tech." She added the last part when he was about to pick up the slice.

The two sat in silence for some moments, before Lexi decided to talk to Tech again, "So why are you up so late?"

Tech rested the remainder of his toast on the plate and turned to her, and swallowed before speaking, "I don't know, a thought just came to me – and I decided to start making plans." He shifted closer to her, he checked his watch, "And it's getting pretty late, I should pack this stuff up."

"What were you working on?" Lexi smiled at Tech and walked over to the work bench.

"No, Lexi – please don't!" Tech managed to jump in front of her and stop her from looking, he held her shoulders, "It's...a...surprise. So please...don't look."

Lexi smiled at him, "Okay, Tech."

He smiled back at her, and removed one hand from her shoulders, keeping the other where it was. He looked at it for some time, and Lexi looked at him, their faces only inches apart as they studied one another.

She smiled at him before a sudden realisation came to mind, and she stepped back, away from him. His hand fell back from her shoulder and she stared at him in shock. "What...what was that?"

Tech stared at her, confused, "What?"

Lexi began to slowly back away, "Tech...I...I don't wanna sound insensitive....but...I know that situation...and...And I know what was gonna happen..."

Tech rubbed the back of his neck, "...Yeah..." He looked up at her, "Was that just an example of your mood swings, 'cause I have to be honest with you, Lex, I've never really felt anything for you..."

Lexi hesitated, and stuttered before answering, "I don't know." She frowned at him and glanced at a wall clock mounted on one of the lab walls, "It's late...I should go before Ace wakes up and wonders where I am."

Tech nodded, "...See you..." He looked at the clock, "...later, Lex."



Lexi sighed as she opened the door to Ace's room, she walked in and looked at Ace, he was still asleep, but had removed the sheet from covering his torso, obviously he was hot.

Lexi smiled at him and walked around the bed until she reached her side, she was about to climb in, but decided to look out of the window to see if the rain had stopped yet.

She pulled off her pyjama trousers first, knowing that she would get hot later, and made a small gap in the curtains to look through. She stood there for a few moments, gazing out at the city below her – the clouds which had soaked the city earlier had now rolled away and revealed the glowing full moon above, which allowed silvery moonlight to cast its glow across the large expanse, whilst allowing puddles of water, and droplets to shimmer in the light.

"Holy cheese!" She jumped when she felt arms around her waist and warm breath on the back of her neck, "Ace!"

Ace smiled and rested his head on her shoulder, until she turned around; he gently pulled her against him and rested his head on top of hers, "Where were you?" He spoke quietly.

"I got hungry, so I went to get some toast, then I heard noises in the lab, and I ended up talking with Tech for a bit."

"A bit." Ace stepped back from her, "Lexi I woke up just after you left here, and I kept an eye on the time, it's...it's 2:43 AM, Lex."

"I'm sorry, Ace, I lost track of time." She sighed.

Ace looked her up and down, "I don't need you to apologise, I just wanted to know whether you're okay, you seem edgy."

"I'm fine, Ace."


"...Really, Ace!"

He sighed, "Okay." He wrapped his arms around her again and hugged her, before kissing her.

Lexi rested her head on his shoulder as he rubbed her back, and shut her eyes from the relaxing notion she felt as he rubbed her back. Moments later he scooped up her legs and held her in his arms as he stared out of the window, and then watched her as she eventually drifted off to sleep.

He smiled at her and sat down on the bed, still cradling her in his arms. In the end, he gently set her down on the bed and lay down next to her, resting a hand on her lower abdomen as he further contemplated an idea that had been forming in his head for many weeks...