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Lexi dropped her uniform on the floor and sighed, before stepping into the shower. She adjusted the shower head so that the water would run down her hair and ears as she stood and allowed the water to soak at her exposed fur, and the skin beneath that.

'Lexi looked down at the small space between them'

'And moved closer to him slightly'

'He shifted closer to her'

'He held her shoulders'

'He smiled back at her, and removed one hand from her shoulders, keeping the other where it was. He looked at it for some time, and Lexi looked at him, their faces only inches apart as they studied one another.'

Lexi sighed and looked to the floor. She had just remembered some of the events of last night, with Tech – and how awkward she felt looking back on it.

Some of the more subtle things, such as the two of them moving closer to one another, Lexi didn't realise their impact until now. But when they had looked at each other, and were so close, Lexi felt guilty. Nothing worth regretting had come out of it, yet Lexi felt distressed, she didn't want to tell Ace – but she knew she would have to eventually.

She looked ahead of her, noticing movement, as the door to the bathroom opened and Ace walked in. He was blurred because of the water and condensation of the glass shower walls, but Lexi knew it was him.

She smiled as she saw him remove his boxer shorts and step in the shower with her, "Morning, beautiful." He kissed her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Lexi giggled and smiled at him, "Morning." She placed her hands on his shoulders and pulled him against her gently, "I love you, Ace."

Ace smiled and kissed her neck, "I love you, too." He kissed her again, "So what were you dreamin' about last night?"

Lexi pulled away from him and gave him a strange look, "Okay, that was a random question – where'd that come from?"

"Last night, I was t'inkin' about..." He glanced at her, "...Somet'in', and then you started talking...its funny, but you kept saying somet'in' about Tech." He raised an eyebrow at her.

Lexi blushed, "Weird." She shrugged.

"Lexi," Ace sighed, "You were with Tech for a long time last night..." He held her shoulders to make her look at him, "Not'in' happened between you two, did it?"

"...No..." Lexi stuttered and broke eye contact with him.

Ace furrowed his eyebrows, "Lexi?!"

Lexi sighed and grabbed the soap, "Just let me wash and I'll explain when we get out of the shower."


Lexi pulled on her uniform pants just as Ace was putting on his shirt, "Ace...Tech and I were just talking..."

"...And?" Ace raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his chest.

Lexi looked up at him and stood up, putting her shirt on, "Look," She stood against him, "...admittedly...Tech and I..." She looked to the floor.

"What did you do?" He gave her a slight glare.

"Not what you're thinking, that's for sure."

"Then what did happen?"

Lexi sighed, "...You know what, Ace. Nothing happened, okay – Absolutely nothing, we did spend a lot of time talking, and we did kinda...move to sit closer..." She glanced at him, "I don't know why, though." She looked back at him properly, "But it was nothing that you need to get upset about. I mean, Ace, seriously, do you really think that I would do anything to jeopardise our relationship – Ace, you're the best thing that's happened to me in a long time, and I've never felt the same way about someone in the way I feel about you." She smiled at him. "I mean," She walked up to him and put her hands on his chest – "You're the only boyfriend I've ever had, and you're the only one I'd ever want."

A certain thing she said made Ace hesitate before answering; he wrapped his arms around her, "...T'anks" Ace smiled, he kissed the top of her head.

"You wanna grab some breakfast?" Lexi asked, looking up at him.

"Yeah." Ace smiled, "but let's just sort out dis stuff first, I know you put your stuff back, but can you give me a hand, he gestured to some of the articles of clothing, and the towels on the floor.

"Sure." She smiled, she bent down and picked up the towels and proceeded to put them on the towel rail.

"You're the only boyfriend I've ever had". 'That's not right.' Ace thought, 'Lexi's beautiful, and she seems to have so many 'guy friends' – Surely someone would have been out with her. I've had a girlfriend, but Lexi hasn't had a boyfriend? – That just seems...weird." He sighed and put their dirty clothes in the laundry hamper by the door.

He smiled at Lexi as they began to leave the bathroom, a thought crossed his mind, 'Maybe she was waiting for the right person?'

'Am I it?' He stopped in his tracks; Lexi gave him a confused look when she saw the look on Ace's face.

"Ace?" She stood in front of him and took his hands, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Lexi, sorry." He smiled at her, "I'll just do da curtains." As he walked over to the window to open the curtains and blinds, but then remembered something else that Lexi had said, "You're the only one I'd ever want." 'She's almost twenty, why would she wait twenty years before she would have her first boyfriend? Surely she had one in high school...and...why would she date someone for the first time, be with them on the night of their first date, and not freak out when she found out she was pregnant with his child?' He thought.

He turned around and walked back to Lexi and wrapped an arm around her shoulders as they walked out of the room. But Ace never let go of his thoughts on Lexi. These thoughts contributed to the musings that had plagued his mind the night before, about a decision he needed to make.


Ace bit his lip when the bunny couple approached the kitchen and main room area, Ace could smell coffee – and he knew that its smell would make Lexi feel sick. He glanced at her and continued walking, recurrently glancing at her until they reached the kitchen, playing close attention to her facial expression and body stance in case she looked sick.

'So far, so good.' He thought as he took her hand and smiled at her when they entered the kitchen area. "Mornin', gang." Ace smiled at his team as they walked down the steps into the kitchen.

There was a selection of 'Morning's from the group. Tech, Duck and Rev, who were standing by the bench tops and waiting to prepare, or finish cooking their breakfast, gave Lexi once swift look, before glancing at each other, and pouring the contents of their white coffee cups into the sink; setting down the mugs by the basin.

Lexi frowned at them and sat down in a seat by Slam, "Guys, you didn't have to..."

"...Lexi," Tech interrupted her, sighing, "just stop, we've talked about this," He glanced at Ace who gave the coyote a slight glare, "your needs come first, and if the smell of coffee's gonna make you sick then we can't drink it around you."

Lexi felt a lump in her throat as she stared down at the table, not knowing that her expression had changed until she heard Slam speak to her.

"Blah ger Lexi sad?" He frowned at her.

No matter what he said, Slam had always managed to make Lexi smile one way or another, and this was no exception. She gave him a gentle smile and sniffed, "No, Slam; it's just my hormones acting up."

She looked over to where Tech and Duck were when she heard her name mentioned by the waterfowl, who immediately gave her a guilty look when he noticed that she had heard him, "Damn her super hearing..." Duck muttered.

Though normally such a comment would have made her smirk, somehow it seemed to worsen her mood as she sighed, but apparently she did so too loudly; as Slam immediately stood up from his chair, walked up to her, and hugged her, lifting her at least a foot off the ground as he did so.

Lexi, though taken aback, smiled at his gesture and laughed.

Ace, who had been keeping a watchful eye over Lexi to check that she was okay, laughed from his position by the toaster. Had any of their other team mates hugged Lexi in such a way, he would've felt threatened and perhaps even angry; but Slam was always innocent at what he did – when he ate food and cleared out the contents of the fridge, when he laughed at accidents involving Tech's inventions or Duck's mishaps, when he played sports with Rev, and when he trained with Ace. It almost seemed as though it was impossible for any other team to be mad with Slam, for they all loved him in a friendly way, perhaps because of his innocence and desire to always make his friends happy.

Truthfully, Ace didn't think that Lexi and Slam spent a lot of time together, and it wasn't because neither liked one another, on the contrary – a lot of the time the two acted like best friends. But because they had quite opposing tastes, they couldn't find much in common – which was why Ace tended to pair the two up a lot on missions.

When Slam did eventually let go of Lexi, he gently set her down on her feet and gave her a toothy grin before walking to the fridge to get his breakfast.

Ace walked over to Lexi and gave her a hug himself, "So are you okay, now?"

"Yeah." Lexi smiled.

"Good." Ace kissed her on the lips and smiled back at her.

"Ugh," Duck said in disgust, looking at the couple, "Can't you guys get a room?" Duck grumbled as he set his plate of pancakes down on the table, "There are people eating here!"

"Oh, Duck, give it a rest – I'm sure you'd make out with the TV screen if Misty Breeze were on it." Lexi smirked.

"I'm pretty sure he already has." Tech smiled as he sat down opposite to the waterfowl, Slam laughed in his seat as he shovelled a stack of five pancakes into his mouth.

"Oh, don't make me fight you, Blondie." Duck hissed as he glared at Lexi.

Ace furrowed his eyebrows at Duck and stood slightly in front of Lexi, in case Duck were to be true to his word.

"Relax, Ace." Lexi smirked at her partner, "We all know who'd win in that fight. Kinda like the time I whooped his ass in the training room, right Duck." She smiled at him.

Duck's eyes widened.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Lexi grinned as she moved to stand by one of the benches, "Was that a secret you told me to keep and never tell anyone?" She raised a hand up for a high five, "Guess this means I've got you back for all those things you've done to us, am I right!"

"Hell-yeah!" Rev laughed as he ran over to give Lexi the high five she was expecting from one of her team mates.

Duck crossed his arms over his chest, "You seem really cocky for someone who got knocked up on her first date." He raised an eyebrow at Lexi, who frowned and automatically turned to look at Ace, but the female bunny was forced to look back at the waterfowl when he continued to speak; "And don't even try to get him to look after you, Lex, he does that so often it's like he thinks you're so defenceless that you can't even tell me to 'stop being mean to you'" He stood up from his chair, "And another thing..." He was interrupted when Slam pulled Duck back into his seat and growled at him. That was when Duck finally registered the fact that the four of his male team mates were now looking at him with fierce expressions on their faces. "Well it's true..." He said meekly.

Rev turned to look at Lexi, "Lexi-are-you-okay-you're-crying?!"

Upon hearing that, all turned to face Lexi with concerned expressions. Lexi wiped her eyes with her hands and pushed off from the bench top, "I already said, it's just hormones..."

"...Lexi" Ace started as she walked by him, intending to leave the room.

"Ace, I'm fine." She continually spoke dismissively about her emotional state, despite the obvious fact that she was crying. She continued to cry as she left the kitchen area, and was out of sight from the rest of her comrades.

Ace glared at Duck, "You just couldn't keep your mouth shut, could you?" He frowned at Duck whilst sending him a vicious glare, before turning around and pursuing Lexi.

To Ace's surprise, Lexi wasn't in his room, but her own. He opened the door, noticing that the curtains were shut, and walked in quietly, hearing the sounds of crying coming from the hammock.

He walked over and saw Lexi sitting on her hammock, with her head in her hands. Ace frowned and walked over to her, sitting on the hammock beside her. He didn't say anything, and wrapped his arms around her until she was huddled against him and crying against his shoulder.

Ace tenderly stroked her hair and rubbed her back, merely comforting her and letting her cry. Before they had become a couple, Ace would regularly here Lexi crying in her room – on a monthly basis – and on several occasions he had gone in to see if she was okay.

Normally she would be crying purely from hormones as she got emotional at certain times of the month, but sometimes it would be worse – if they had had a particularly overwhelming mission, or if Duck was being more of a jerk to her than usual.

Lexi had always hated Ace- her secret crush, to see her cry, but as her leader, it was his job to see to it that they were all okay – regardless of whether what was making her unhappy could be helped or not. He had learnt that talking to her normally didn't do much, but just him being with there to comfort her usually made her feel better.

The fact that when Ace had been chosen to be the leader, and that he knew that there was a female on the team, had prompted him to read a book which focused on the differences between how men and women act and think - Though it sounded funny, it had helped Ace look after his lone female team mate on a number of occasions, as the book allowed him to understand how she thought differently to him, and how if she were upset, it was best to be there for her; instead of leaving her alone – though that did differ on some occasions.

So Ace sat with Lexi for roughly ten minutes while she cried, and not once did he ask what was wrong, and not once did he leave her side. He did have to switch positions occasionally out of slight discomfort, and on one occasion did he eventually decide to lift her up and sit her in his lap, for fear that she would hurt her neck after a while.

Eventually, as the sobs ceased, Ace spoke softly to her, "'s a stupid question to ask but: tell me what's it what Duck said?"

It took a moment for Lexi to answer, as she sniffed and slowly sat up she replied; "It's not that." She wiped her eyes using her sleeve, "It's this, it's all of this."

"What, Lex?"

"This, Ace: The mood swings, hormones, crying, midnight cravings...I've peed like...three times in the last hour...I keep going from happy, to angry, to sad, to horny and back again. And it's only gonna get worse, I have to tell our parents, I have to carry this kid around in me and look after it, then I have to give birth to it, and I'm terrified of all of that."

Ace furrowed his eyebrows in sadness at her, "I'm sorry, Lexi." He kissed her, "I'm really sorry." He kissed her again, "I know it must be hard, Lex, but it's normal – and I know it doesn't change da fact dat it's hard for you, but you need to know dat da guys and I all understand dat if you start crying, or you feel sick suddenly, or you lose your appetite, or if you occasionally snap at us – we won't be offended, and we're not gonna make fun of you for it." He intertwined his fingers with hers, "and I don't mind your mood swings, Lex, its normal and I shouldn't even be upset with you for anyt'in'."

"Why?" Lexi looked at him.

"You're doing dis, Lexi. You're keepin' this baby; despite how you really didn't want it, but because you knew dat I liked the idea of havin' a kid. What you're doing for me, Lex, is more than I could ever ask from anyone, and I don't even know how to repay you for dis. Lexi, what you're doing is amazing – and that's exactly what Tech and Duck were talking about earlier."


"While you were talkin' with Slam, and you looked over at da two of them because you heard them say your name – I heard what they had been sayin', Lexi, they were sayin' dat they couldn't believe dat you were doing all of dis – even for me, and dat they were really happy dat you and I have made dis work, and dat we haven't fooled around over dis, and dat we haven't lost our friendship, and our love for each other over dis." He smiled at her.

"And Lexi, remember, I said I was going to tell our parents – so don't you worry about dat – besides, you and I are pretty fast at runnin'." He smirked at her and earned a small laugh out of his smaller companion, "I'm sure all of dis will get easier, Lexi – you're probably just a bit stressed out dat our parents have to know, and your hormones are pretty much all over da place right now – but I'm sure they'll settle down, it's just all of da chemical changes dat are happening in you right now. It's like puberty, you go from being a normal, happy little kid, and then you start changin', but after all of dat happens – everyt'in' sorts itself out and you're fine again. And dat's what's happenin' to you, you'll just be a little bit more emotional for a while – but it won't be anyt'in' dat you can't handle. But if it get's to be too much for you, I'll sort somet'in' out, like...just give you somet'in' to do to relax, for instance...we could go somewhere, just you and I, for a while – or you could talk to a counsellor to get all of your emotions out, or I could get you a spa session or somet'in'." He smiled at her.

Lexi smiled back, "You don't have to spend money on me..."

"...Yes I do Lex," He interrupted her, "I'm da man, I'm da provider – so I am going to provide you with all of da services you need no matter what da cost is, okay?"

Lexi looked reluctant.

"Lexi," Ace sighed, "I can't physically do anyt'in' to stop dis baby from growin' inside you – all that I can do is offer any assistance, look after you – keep you safe, and keep you happy. I'm not gonna let you get depressed over dis, because women can get depressed during pregnancy, and I will not let dat happen to you – Lexi, you're too much of a nice person to have to suffer through somet'in' dat you didn't have a say in..." Ace paused, and stared at Lexi, who had caught on to what he had said, and also realised what he said.

'You're too much of a nice person to have to suffer through somet'in' dat you didn't have a say in'

"I'm sorry Lexi," He sighed, "It...Came out wrong..." He frowned.

The two sat in an awkward silence for some minutes, musing over what had been said – that key sentence – combined with what had happened to Lexi in Utah, was a sensitive topic.

Four minutes passed before Lexi leaned up and kissed Ace, and rested her hands on his shoulders; Ace looked down at her, "What?"

Lexi fiddled with Ace's shirt for a while before answering, "Ace, talking or thinking about the thing in Utah always gives me nightmares...and makes me feel afraid and alienated from everyone else...but...when I'm with you, when we're in together together, I feel happy again...because it get's rid of all of the stress...and makes me feel better..." She half smiled at him. She took a deep breath, "I don't know how to say this but...can we..?"

Ace smiled at her and kissed her fervently yet tenderly, with great care that he might kiss a new born baby with – which was ironic. He brought a hand to the back of her head, so that he was able to guide her down, and so as to act as a cushion for her (as one wasn't present on the hammock) Lexi kissed him back as he carefully placed himself on top of her, and she smiled up at him, "Thank you."


"Nice one"

"Yep." The two high fived and laughed, "We are such dorks!" Lexi giggled.

"Yeah, well be proud of dat," Ace kissed her, "Dat means our kid's gonna be double dat, and then we'll be an awesome family."

Lexi giggled, "You know, I've never really thought of us being a family, for some reason." She looked at Ace, "It sounds nice."

"Yeah," Ace looked at the ceiling, "Except when you remember dat we have not'in' for dis kid right now..." He looked over at her with a worried expression.

Lexi bit her lip, "Well we've still got eight months, it's not like it'll come out of me in the next couple of least" She looked down at herself, "I hope not..."

Ace smiled at her, "So what are we gonna do about a room for dis kid?"

Lexi turned to him and snuggled in closer to him, "Well...if you don't mind...I was thinking that we could move some of my clothes and stuff into your room...since that's where I've been doing my sleeping lately...and then we could make this room the baby's room."

"Good idea" Ace smiled, "It'll probably be sleeping in our room for a while, since it'll only be young, but afterwards, we could put it's cot in here – Dis room's across from my – our room, so if anyt'ing's wrong, we won't be far away – plus, then we don't have to worry about plumbing for a bathroom when it get's older."

"Yeah." Lexi smiled, "She placed a hand on her lower abdomen, "So what do you want it to be, Ace?"

"Not mutated, dat's for sure – which reminds me." Ace turned to look at her, "Please stay away from da microwave, otherwise I'm gonna have to wrestle you to the ground if I see you anywhere near dat t'ing." He smiled at her.

Lexi giggled, "Okay. But Ace, I mean, do you want it to be a boy or girl?"

Ace sighed, "I don't know, I don't mind if it's either, really. I t'ink deep down I'd like it to be a boy, probably in da same way you'd like it to be a girl, but I wouldn't really mind it either way." He smiled at her. "What about you?"

"Same as you – I don't really mind." She looked at him again, "So what qualities do you want it to have?"

"Qualities – as in...What it inherits from us?"


Ace pursed his lips, thinking, and then he turned to her, "I really want it to have your laugh."

Lexi raised an eyebrow, "But if it was a boy...I think he'd get teased at school for having such a girly laugh." She smiled.

"You know what I mean." He half-smiled at her, "You?"

"I really, really want it to have your smile, Ace."

Ace smiled, "Seriously, what is it with you and this t'ing?"

Lexi giggled, "I don't know, I just love it."

Ace laughed at her reply and rolled over to kiss her, "You're really...strange sometimes, you know?" He kissed her again.

"I know." She let him continue to kiss her until he smiled at her and whispered in her ear, she looked up at him and smiled, "Yes." She wrapped her arms around his neck as he kissed her again.


"Sooo....twice in a row," Lexi smiled, "and this is the second time I've had to get dressed this morning, Ace." Lexi smirked at him as she put on her uniform boots, "But I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the reason why I was out of my clothes." She smiled and kissed him.

Ace smiled back and pulled his shirt down to cover his torso, "Yeah."

Lexi yawned and stretched out, "Does it normally make you really tired?"

Ace gave her an amused look, "Yeah – dat's why people generally do it at night."

"Oh." Lexi stopped stretching, "I always thought it was because it was more romantic or something." She sighed, "Either way, I'm really tired; are you?"

"Not really," He smirked, "But dat'll make the story behind our absence more believable.


"Well, if we were both asleep or somet'in', the guys might figure it out, but if it's just you, then perhaps they'll just assume it's because you're pregnant and dat's why you're tired."

"I guess, yeah – you're right." She smiled at him, "See, this is why you'd make a great dad."

Ace smiled back, "I t'ink we're both gonna make pretty good parents."

Lexi nodded, "Oh, Ace...I was thinking, it's just gone one o' clock – perhaps we shouldn't do...what we just did too often, otherwise the guys might get irritated by the fact that we're always gone, and what if we get a mission?"

"Well, it'll be really embarrassing for me" Ace smirked.

Lexi smiled back and giggled a little before yawning, "That's it." She declared as she walked to the door, "I am sleeping, and nothing will stop me – can I use your bed, or..."

"...No, Lexi its fine, go ahead." He smiled at her and kissed her before she left.


The Duck, Slam, Rev and Tech stood in the main room waiting impatiently for their two remaining team mates to come.

"Jeez, what's taking them so long?" Duck looked down at his watch, "I wanna get some lunch, I'm starving!"

They all turned their attention to the corridor where the team's bedrooms were as Ace came walking towards them.

"Hey, where'd your shadow go?" Duck chuckled to himself.

Ace gave him a displeased look, "If you're talking about Lexi, she's asleep."

"Why, is she sick or something?" Tech sounded concerned.

"No" Ace smiled to himself, "She's just...very tired."

Tech nodded in acknowledgment, but luckily didn't work out what Ace meant.

"Great." Duck threw his arms up into the air in annoyance, "She always ditches, it's so annoying. Every month, on the twenty-ninth, when we do this lunch she ditches – so lunch costs just a bit more when we split the bill." He crossed his arms in annoyance, "Typical Lexi, It's like every month something's up that stops her from moving or something."

The team exchanged glances, they knew what stopped Lexi from coming sometimes, but apparently the waterfowl didn't.

"Yeah, Duck." Ace smirked, "Women and stuff dat happens at certain times of da month – it makes no sense, does it." He raised an eyebrow.

"No. And it's ridiculous." Duck stubbornly replied, "Let's go."

The team started for the door, but Ace stopped and looked back at Tech, who was the last to leave. "Tech," Ace said to the coyote of the team, "Make sure you lock dis whole place."

"I always do," Tech smiled, "Nothing'll get in."



Lexi woke up to hear the sound of the phone ringing and sighed. She rolled over to the other side of the bed and picked up the phone, she was still tired; but tried her best to hide the fatigue in her voice.


"Umm...Hello, who is dis?" A male voice answered, it had a slight accent to it.

"Lexi...from the Loonatics. Who ..."

"...Lexi? D is da number for Ace's phone."

That made Lexi jump, if that was Ace's parents, they'll be suspicious as to why she was in his room in the first place.

She tried her best to hide the alarm in her voice, "Umm yeah, it is...who is this?"

"It's Kevin, Ace's cousin – I'm calling from Florida about da E-mail he sent me, he's invitin' us over."

"Umm, yeah; that's right." Lexi sat up.

"Do you know when he wants us over?"

"Sorry, no. Not exactly, but I can get him to call you back when he comes home, he shouldn't be too long, he's only out to lunch with the guys."

"And you're not with them?"

"Umm...I just...I just don't feel too good right now, I thought it best that I stay home."

"Oh. Well I hope you feel better, and can you make sure you tell Ace I called?"

"Yeah, sure."



Lexi put the phone back and sighed, and lay back on the bed, she still felt tired and wondered how Ace was managing to not fall asleep while he was having lunch at a restaurant with the guys.

She stared up at the ceiling and suddenly felt lonely. Everything was too quiet, and she wished that she could be with Ace. So that she could hear his gentle, rhythmic breathing, and she could feel the soft fur that covered his body.

She loved to feel the warmth that radiated from him and feel secure when his strong arms encircled her as they slept, knowing that he would always keep her safe. Lexi smiled to herself and shut her eyes to sleep some more, but her eyes shot open upon hearing the sound of the locks being overridden.

She sat up, someone was getting in.

She looked at the clock, the guys had left twenty minutes ago, and she knew they wouldn't be back yet.

She considered radioing the guys for help from her com unit on her uniform which lay on the arm chair – she had put on a vest top and a pair or sweat pants to sleep in because they were more comfortable than her skin tight uniform. She glanced at her uniform, eyeing the com unit, and decided to take her chances.

As she neared the door to Ace's room, she tried her best to consider all of the possibilities, but each thought that gave her hope was contradicted by her better thinking – and she knew that the guys would have made a sound that her super hearing would have picked up.

Whoever was in the tower was being quiet about it

She took a deep breath and opened the door turning to the right to enter the main room. She tried to steady her breathing as she walked the few steps before whoever was in the main room would see her, and she powered up her brain blast in preparation.

She gulped, took a quick, shallow breath, and entered the main room, checking all around her.

He was standing not four metres in front of her, and she gasped.