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"Ace!" Lexi gasped, "You almost gave me a heart attack!" She walked over to him.

"Sorry, Lexi." He smiled, "I was walkin' quietly unless you were still asleep."

Lexi smiled back at him, "Oh, well I thought there was an intruder who was sneaking around, that's why I got freaked out." She hugged him, "But at least it's just you."

"Lexi," he looked down at her, "Can I just...critique on what you just did?"

Lexi gave him a confused look, "Hugging you?" She raised an eyebrow.

"No," Ace looked serious, "You told me dat you thought I was an intruder when you heard me?"


"Next time, Lexi," He sighed and looked uncomfortable, "Please don't just walk right through da doorway there," He gestured to the opening to the corridor from the main room, "Had there been an intruder here instead of me or one of da guys, and they were armed – they would've been able to shoot you, or anything really easily. Next time, try and sneak and cover yourself behind stuff."

"Oh," Lexi nodded, "Okay. Sorry..."

"...you don't have to apologise, I'm just saying dat it could've been bad...had da circumstances been different." He smiled at her.

Ace took her hand, "so what are you doin' up?" They began to walk back to Ace's room hand in hand as they spoke

"I woke up because your phone rang."

Ace gave her a confused look, "Who was it?" They walked in and sat down on Ace's bed.

"Kevin, your cousin," She looked down at their joined hands, "He wanted to know when you want them to come over." She looked up at him, "I wasn't sure of the specifics, so I told him that you'd call him back."

Ace smirked, "Oh, will I?" He raised an eyebrow, "Well, I'm sure he can wait." He leaned down and kissed her, running his hands up and down her sides.

Lexi giggled at the feeling on her torso, "Wait, Ace." She broke away and looked at him, "Can we not...do this? Not until tonight anyway, I don't want to spend too much time in bed today."

Ace smiled at her, "Okay," He kissed her again and looked over at the phone, "I guess I should call."

"Yeah." She smiled at him, "Did you get any lunch, or did you just come back?"

Ace crawled across the bed to get to the phone, and went back to Lexi, "Yeah, I figured you'd be lonely, so I ditched – much to the dislike of Duck." He smirked at her.

"Figures," Lexi smirked, "I'll make us some lunch."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, it's fine." She smiled at him and kissed him before she left.

Ace smiled back and began to dial the phone. He put the phone to the side of his head and waited for an answer.

He drummed his fingers on his knee after a while when the phone didn't answer and sighed, thinking about him and Lexi, and the child they were having together. He smiled at the thought, and wondered what their child would look like.

He was brought out of his thoughts when the phone beeped and a voice announced that he would have to leave a message. Ace sighed and spoke into the phone, "Hey, Kev, it's Ace – Sorry I couldn't reach you earlier, I'm calling now at," He eyed his watch, "1:47PM our time, call me back when you get a chance and we can find out when it's best for you to get here – I hope all's going well, say hi to everyone for me, bye." He sighed and hung up the phone, turning his attention to the door when he heard a knock.

"Ace," Lexi appeared at the doorway, "Lunch is ready." She smiled at him.

Ace stood up, "Good, I'm starving."


"So, Lex," Ace said as he sat down at the table.

Lexi brought their plates over and sat down herself, opposite to him, "Yeah?"

Ace took a quick bite out of his sandwich and swallowed before talking, "I couldn't help but keep t'inkin' about what you said dis mornin'," He looked at her, "Have you seriously never had a boyfriend...before me?"

"Yeah," She shrugged, "It's no big deal."

"Yeah well, I was just wonderin' why; did no one ask you out? Or...were you waitin' for da right person?"

Lexi smiled and looked down at her plate, "A couple of guys asked me out, and a few had crushes on me – some of whom I was good friends with, and I guess I didn't want to ruin that. High school relationships never work out, and I guess I didn't want to lose a boyfriend, and a good friend. Plus, yeah, I was waiting for the right person."

"So...pretty much, you're saying dat you didn't want to jeopardise any of your friendships in high school...but what about our friendship?" Ace raised an eyebrow at her.

Lexi took a sip from her glass of water and pursed her lips, thinking, finally she spoke; "Remember, Ace – I said that High School relationships never really work out, and the last time I checked, we're not in high school anymore." She smiled at him, "Plus, it was you who asked out me. And I had been crushing on you for three years, I couldn't say no!"

Ace smiled, "Yeah dat was a pretty big gamble on my behalf, especially since I'm your leader."

"Mmm." Lexi looked out the window, "I wonder what Zadavia would say about all this," She looked back at Ace, "if she was still here instead of on Freleng?"

Ace looked up to think and half smiled at her, "Well, I'm assumin' dat she'd be pretty pissed, especially with how our relationship's ended up; we 'did it' on da first date, you're pregnant now, plus...we have been goin' at it like rabbits lately."

"How does that change anything? – The whole, us 'doing it', thing." Lexi asked.

Ace gave her a confused look, "Dat was one of da rules when we became a team, dat wasn't allowed."

"Oh yeah, true." Lexi thought for a second, looking at her plate, and smiled to herself.

Ace raised an eyebrow at her, "What?"

"I was just wondering, why is it that you and I keep...you know...'doing it'?" She smirked, "I just don't get why it's happening so often lately."

Ace smirked, "Who knows, perhaps da shock of you being pregnant has worn off, and we're just...makin' up for what we missed out on?" He shrugged.

Lexi got up and walked around the table to sit on his lap, "Not to mention that we're more comfortable around each other."

Ace looked down at her, "Wait...when were we uncomfortable with each other?"

Lexi blushed, "You weren't?"

"Nope. Never have been."

"Not even the first night we did it?"

Ace thought for a second, "I was kinda nervous, but dat was da only point so far dat I have been."

"Huh, weird."

"Why?" Ace gave her a concerned look, "Were you nervous?"

"Yeah," Lexi replied, sighing slightly, "That first time...I was really nervous..."

"...why?" Ace interrupted her, "Did I...did I do somet'in' to make you uncomfortable?"

"No..." Lexi looked up to think, and then looked back at Ace. She stood up and took his hand, leading him into his room where she shut the door and got the two to sit down on his bed, "It was just that...It was the first time since...what happened in Utah...that I had done that. And if we count what happened in Utah out, it would have been the first time I had...you know..." She looked down at the bed and then back up at Ace, "so that's what made me nervous."

"Oh." Ace looked down for a moment and held her hand in his, "But you," He looked at her again, "You sort of implied dat there had been other occasions where you were nervous."

Lexi nodded, "It's just that...I don't know, it sort of made me feel...vulnerable or something – don't take that the wrong way. But...and, it felt weird for a guy to see me...without clothes...on. Not to mention that I'd never known what it would be like..." She fidgeted slightly, "So that's why."

Ace nodded slightly, "I guess I can see how dat would make you slightly nervous. It doesn't anymore, though – does it?"

"No." Lexi smiled, "Of course not, we've done it too many times for me to still feel weird about it, plus I shower with you like...every morning now." She giggled to herself, "And this morning...normally I wouldn't have wanted us to do that just randomly during the day...but now...apart from how tired it made me...I don't really mind."

Ace smiled at her, "Good. But remember, don't be afraid to tell me if somet'ing's bothering you, or makin' you feel uncomfortable."


They sat in silence for some few moments, both staring into space, before Ace pulled Lexi onto his lap and kissed her. When he broke away, Lexi smiled at him and rested her hands on his shoulders. Smiling, Ace kissed her again, allowing his hands to wander.

Eventually Lexi sighed, shut her eyes and pulled away from him slightly, keeping her face close to his, "You wanna watch TV or something?" She shrugged and looked back at him.

Ace sighed as well and nodded, letting Lexi get off him as they sat on his bed and turned on the TV, both not really paying attention to the images on screen, as they had both been hoping to do something else together...


"Lexi, are you okay? You've hardly touched your dinner." Duck frowned at her. Since he had been scolded by the rest of the team that morning, Duck was trying his best to be nice to Lexi – even if it included sucking up to her as much as possible.

Lexi put down her fork, "I'm not really hungry, sorry Slam." She frowned at him.

Slam had made the team dinner that evening, surprising everyone, especially with his amazing cooking skills, which made Lexi feel even guiltier that she couldn't eat.

"Ghar per, It's okay." He smiled at her.

"Lexi," Ace put a hand on her shoulder, "Are you okay?"

Lexi looked down at her food with a frown, "I'm sorry Slam, but I think I've just...kinda lost my appetite – It's not the food, it looks great, but...I'm just not really hungry right now." She half smiled at him.

Slam waved his hand, indicating that it was still okay, as he hungrily ate his food.

Lexi, who had changed back into her uniform before the arrival of the rest of the team, turned to Ace, who was still giving her a concerned look, "Its okay, Ace; I'm sure it's nothing, you just eat, I'll be alright." She smiled at him when he gave her a hesitant look, reluctantly, he began to eat.

"So," Duck looked up at the bunny couple after some time, drawing everyone's attention after there had been some few minutes of silence, "have you two thought of any names for this kid yet?"

"Not really, Duck." Ace said casually, taking a sip from his glass, "Right now we've got...slightly more serious t'ings on our mind."

"More serious than naming your kid?" Duck raised an eyebrow, "Well, when it goes into school on its first day and all that's down on its details is a question mark, don't start complaining that no one prompted you earlier to think of a name for it." He crossed his arms over his chest and pouted.

"I mean; more serious t'ings like tellin' our parents about dis," Ace glanced at Lexi as she was taking a sip from her glass of water, "They'll...not be too happy about dis."

Duck smirked, "What, Lexi being pregnant, or the fact that you guys do it pretty much every night?" He raised an eyebrow.

Lexi coughed a few times as she put down her glass, before having to whack her chest with her fist, she paused for a moment before speaking to the group; who were all giving her concerned looks because of her choking, "I'm good...the...water went down the wrong way."

She coughed again slightly before the room fell silent and all eyes were on those of the bunny couple; Ace's whose had narrowed in annoyance at Duck, and Lexi's who were wide with surprise and worry.

A few seconds of silence passed, before Duck erupted into fits of laughter, he slammed his fist on the table a few times as he laughed before he eventually calmed down enough to speak, "I was just bluffing, I never knew that was actually true!" He noticed the death glare that Ace was sending him, "Oh come on," He straightened up and locked eyes with the male bunny, "Like I'd know if you did or didn't. But your reaction, especially you, Lexi," He turned to her, "Was priceless!"

Lexi glared at him, "Well, it's good to know that when I'm choking you find it hysterical." She frowned at him.

Duck smirked, "Well it's kinda obvious now, the way that you two have reacted!" He looked from Ace to Lexi and from Lexi to Ace.

Lexi glanced at all of her team mates, and stared down at the table, embarrassed, while Ace continued to glare at Duck, without breaking eye contact, he spoke in a stern tone, "Duck, what we do is none of your business, nor is it dat of da rest of da team's. We don't question what you do, nor do we make false assumptions," He gave him a disappointed look, "So don't accuse us of doing t'ings dat we don't do – Or we could do da same back to you, and I'm sure between da two of us; we have a pretty good imagination."

There was an awkward silence, Lexi looked up at Ace, and was slightly taken aback by the expression on his face. A few more moments of silence passed, before she stood up to clear the plates off the table, "I'll clear" She said quickly.

"I'll-help." Rev responded, getting up, he was followed by Tech.

The three Loonatics who were out of their chairs exchanged glances when they got to the sink, "You get up for the same reason?" Lexi whispered to them.

"What? – Because-of-the-tension? Yep." Rev replied.

"Same," was all Tech said.

They loaded up the dishwasher in silence, with Ace, Duck and Slam eventually coming to help with drying some of the other dishes. Lexi took Ace by the arm when he was putting a cup in a cupboard, and looked at him, "Ace...don't be mad, it's okay." She said quietly, searching his eyes, seriously, for any form of emotion other than aggravation.

Ace's look softened, "I know, but," He looked over his shoulder at the others who continued to sort out the dishes, "It wasn't any of his business, and da guys didn't have to hear dat either. And...It was kinda embarrassin'," He half smiled at her.

"At least you're not the only girl of the team; it kinda made it worse for me." She smiled up at him, "Just don't let him get to you," She kissed him, "Okay?"

"Okay, Lex." He took the cup from in her hands and reached up to put it on the hook in the cupboard and smiled back down at her, he knew full well that she wouldn't have reached it.

Lexi looked up at the cup and pulled a funny face, "Three years I've lived here and I haven't grown enough to reach up there yet." She gave a determined look at the cupboard and said jokingly, "I'll grow enough...eventually."

Ace smiled at her and shook his head slightly, "Lex, sorry to burst your little bubble but I think you've probably stopped growing by now, your nineteen – I doubt you're gonna get any taller."

"I could," She smiled at him, "...If I glued blocks of wood to my feet."

Ace laughed, "Yeah, dat's a practical idea."

Lexi giggled and leaned up to kiss him, "I'm glad I know I'm tall enough to reach here," She kissed him again and smiled.


"Gah!" Lexi spat out the contents of her mouth into the sink. A mint green, and white foamy mixture remained in the sink, she turned on the tap and rinsed it away before picking up the bottle of mouthwash and inspecting it, "Geez, that stuff stings!" She looked up at Ace who was busy swilling the liquid around in his mouth, "How in the hell can you use this?"

Ace spit the mouthwash out into the sink, and smiled at her, "I'm used to it, plus I like da minty fresh taste it leaves." He bent down and kissed her, "See."

Lexi laughed, "Yeah, minty." She smiled at him as she left the bathroom and sat down on his bed, flopping back into the soft pillows and letting the fresh scent of clean pillows and sheets into her nostrils. When he had left the bathroom and turned off the light, Ace walked over to her and sat by her legs. "So..." She said, shutting her eyes momentarily, "This'll be an interesting question; what do you want to do?" She smirked at him.

Ace smiled and crawled over to where he was next to her, he pulled off his shirt and threw it to the armchair where it landed and rested on one of the chair's arm rests. Lexi looked at him, "Why do you put on a shirt before bed if you know you're gonna take it off? I don't wear pants to bed anymore 'because I know I'll just take them off when I get hot." She lifted one of her legs up and wiggled her toes.

Ace looked back at her and smiled, "Don't know." He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her against him. She immediately rested her head on his chest and stroked his fur for a while. "You do like doing dat, don't ya?" He smiled down at her.

Lexi looked up at him and smiled, "What? You're nice and soft."

Ace smiled and rubbed her head, ruffling her hair as he did so, Lexi rolled her eyes. "You smell nice." She said after a while.

Ace laughed and kissed the top of her head and looked down at her, "What?"

Lexi shrugged, "You smell nice."

Ace smiled, "I never really noticed, so what do I smell like, then?"

Lexi smirked, she knew he was teasing her but described it none the less, "Have you ever been to a spice market?"

He shook his head, "No."

"Oh." Lexi hesitated for a moment, "Well, you kinda remind me of that. You have this sweet, spicy smell – like...cinnamon mixed with vanilla." She looked up at him, "And you have a faint scent of cologne too, it's nice." She smiled to herself, "I usually smell it on me in the morning."

Ace smirked, "Is dat why you're so reluctant to have a shower sometimes?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Yeah," She chuckled, "That and I know it means that I have to get up, and I like sleeping." She sat up and looked at him. "So...she looked at him...what do I smell like...when I don't smell like you?" She smirked at him.

Ace kissed her before gently pulling her shirt up slightly so it revealed her stomach, he ran his hand along her stomach a few times, earning a small laugh out of her when his touch tickled her.

He kissed her stomach, and Lexi laughed at the feeling. Ace kissed it a few more times before resting his forehead on it for a few moments, "Well I can kind of smell what you described my scent as, on you, I'm guessing it's from earlier," He smirked at her, and sat back up, moving next to her, "You've got a really nice...flowery scent dat I can...almost describe; you smell kind of like a fuchsia. It's nice." He smiled at her and kissed her on the lips.

Lexi giggled after some few moments of silence, "You know, I just realised how weird that was," She turned her body to face him; "We just smelt each other." She laughed again.

Ace smiled, "I don't see anyt'in' wrong with dat, He kissed her again, "It's just a way of getting' to know each other."

Lexi laughed, "In a weird kind of way," she kissed him, only to have Ace roll on top of her and hold her arms down, smiling. "Hey!" She gave him a look of mock shock, and smiled up at him.

"Hah!" Ace smiled at her and leaned down so that his chest touched hers, "Gotcha." He smirked at her before kissing her, while Lexi wrapped her arms around him.

He moved to kiss her neck, and Lexi lightly giggled when she felt Ace's tongue tickle her collarbone. Ace stopped and smiled at her, resting his forehead on top of hers. He looked into her eyes for a while, as she looked back at him, finally Ace spoke, "You're so beautiful, Lex." He smiled at her.

Lexi looked taken aback and looked to the side before furrowing her eyebrows and looking back at him, "Umm...thanks?"

Ace gave her a surprised look, "Lexi...what's wrong with me tellin' you dat?"

Lexi shrugged, "I've never had a boyfriend, so I guess I'm not used to people saying that to me."

Ace smiled at her before kissing her, "Well get used to it..."


Ace looked down at Lexi, whose head rested at his shoulder, he smiled at her and kissed her forehead and saw her smile slightly. She had fallen asleep moments ago, and though she was asleep, must have been awake jut enough to be able to shift over to where he was in her sleep, and rest her head on his chest.

Ace smiled down at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders as he sat up and looked at the ceiling. Deep in the back of his mind, he knew what he wanted to do, and that he wouldn't regret his decision. But at the front of his brain, negative thoughts lingered – the same thoughts which had made the decision so hard to make, which was why he hadn't come to a conclusion yet, despite how he had been seriously thinking about the decision for roughly a month already, and had liked the idea of it for two years – but only after he had really gotten to know her.

He looked up at the ceiling and sighed, he shut his eyes and thought about the decision, thinking of whether now was the right time, or if he should wait, or if it should never happen at all.

He thought back through some of the memories of the past month, and replayed some of the best moments in his head, over and over again...Their first kiss, their first night together, when he had saved her from the almighty – and possibly fatal- blow from Colossus, the camping trip; and all of the precarious events that happened during that three day trip, when they had worked together at the mayor's building to bring the armed men down, when they had finally acknowledged the facts – Lexi was pregnant – and how her attitude towards it wasn't of anxiety so much, but more of...acceptance - When the two had camped out in the desert on their second 'first date', and all of the closeness following that.

Ace smiled and opened his eyes, but then frowned. The flashbacks helped him to remember what he had, yet he couldn't understand why he hadn't made his decision already. His decision to leave home to live with his uncle and cousin had been beneficial to his parents; and his bond with his extended family, his decision to accept the position of leader of the Loonatics proved to be a good one – he was a great leader, and his decision to finally ask out Lexi – whom he had loved since they had first met –was one of his greatest decisions, which proved to be a good one.

Ace sighed deeply and shut his eyes. He felt Lexi shift a little, he smiled as he watched her place a hand under her head and slightly stroke his fur, and sigh happily. He rubbed her shoulder and back, but immediately stopped when he felt a small chain – he feared that had he continued to move his arm, he may have accidentally choked her, or at least hurt her neck.

He sat up slightly, and followed the chain until his fingers found the small heart-shaped pendant which made up Lexi's locket; a family heirloom which mothers had passed down to their daughters for many generations. Ace considered its sentimental value, and sighed as he carefully found the clasp to the locket, and took it off her, laying it on the bedside table beside them – he didn't want to risk her hurting herself with it.

He looked back down at her, and suddenly felt warm, realising that she looked it too, as she looked as though she was trying to keep herself cooled down, but still trying to cover herself appropriately: The sheet covering her torso; with her arms above it to allow them to be cooled, while the sheet only covered half of her thighs to keep her legs cool. Though Ace couldn't exactly understand why she would want to cover herself up – he had already seen her without clothes on.

He carefully sat up, moving her gently as to not wake her, and deftly got out of bed, quickly putting his boxers on. He walked over to the fan and turned it on, before glancing at Lexi, and quickly slipping on a pair of pants, before leaving the room.

He turned to the right to go to the kitchen; he was in need of a glass of water, and some time to think.

He sat at the table, the light from above the oven giving the room a soft glow, and making strange shadows crawl across the floor and walls. He supported his head with a hand and glared at the table, not understanding why it was so difficult for him to make the decision.

He looked up at the sound of movement coming from the hall and half smiled at Tech, who, still uniform clad, entered the room.

"Still up experimentin'?" Ace took a sip from his water.

"Yeah, Tech rubbed his eyes," He went over to the coffee maker, "I can hardly keep my eyes open."

"Err, Tech." Ace stood up, "Do you really want to be makin' coffee dis late? It's 1:30AM."

Tech looked at the clock, surprised, "Huh, time really got away from me. Well, I guess I should call it a night." He turned to leave but then stopped, and turned around before pulling up a chair at the table, "How're things with you and Lex?"

Ace gave him a surprised look, "Fine."

"Good." Tech half smiled, "I don't know whether she told you, but when she was talking to me the other night, Lexi seemed somewhat...nervous about this whole situation." He frowned, "I just wanted to make sure she was okay."

"She's fine, Tech." Ace almost hissed, but he quickly regained his composure, "I think she's grown to accept this a bit more now, so have I."

"Good." Tech smiled, "To be perfectly honest, when you guys first told us about this, I was pretty worried that the two of you wouldn't be able to handle this, especially Lexi, but you've both really been able to cope with this well."

"Yeah," Ace chuckled to himself and looked down at the table, before looking back at the coyote, "There have been a few ups and downs – mainly on Lexi's behalf. But it's understandable, I'm sure any woman in our situation would be handling this similarly."

"I think she might even be handling it better." Tech replied, "I've heard of women who have become depressed, or even just completely broken down upon finding out that they got pregnant accidentally."

"Mmm." Ace agreed.

"So..." Tech said awkwardly, "You're gonna be a father, you nervous?"

Ace chuckled to himself, "Yeah, a bit. Half of me's excited, and half of me is getting really freaked out about this. I think I'm more excited to meet da kid, once it's been born, and getting to do all of da dad stuff. But I'm nervous, because; of course I don't want anyt'in' to happen to da baby, but right now I'm more worried for Lexi's sake – I mean she's so young. I know you and I are twenty-one, and dat's not too bad of an age...considering nothing painful would happen to me involving da kid being conceived, but Lexi..." He looked up, trying to think.

"...You just think that form a physical point of view, she seems too young to be able to cope with some thing like that?" He glanced at the table, "And I'm guessing that you're worried that she won't be able to...physically, and psychologically handle this?" Tech raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah." Ace sighed. "I know dat physically she should be able to cope with dis, I mean, it's natural – she's got all of da necessary t'ings to allow da kid to grow, and right now she seems to have accepted dat she's pregnant and there's not'in' we can do to stop dat anymore – and...she almost seems excited now." Ace smiled, but then frowned, "but I'm keeping an eye on her, because....I don't know why, but part of me t'inks she's gonna need help getting through dis."

Tech frowned, "To be honest, I had been thinking that myself. At least she's got you to look after her, had it been anyone else and I might have been apprehensive, but I know you'll look after her the best you can." He smiled.

"Yeah." Ace smiled. There was a slight pause, before, smiling widely, Ace asked, "Hey Tech, how do you feel about da idea of a kid here?"

Tech smiled, "I think it might actually be cool. It might be a bit awkward when it's first be born, 'cause I know that you won't want Lexi home alone with the baby in case something happens while we're on a mission," He smirked, "But when it's older it might be easier, obviously we can't leave it to run around the tower while we're gone, so I have a feeling someone's gonna have to do some babysitting." He chuckled to himself, "But yeah, back to your point, I think this'll all be cool....except of course when you have to tell Lexi's parents, and yours."

"Yeah," Ace sighed, "Lexi's folks are coming on da sixth; I haven't been able to speak with mine yet."

Tech half smiled at his leader, "Don't be too nervous about telling them Ace – Lexi wouldn't let her family do anything to you, nor let them split you and her up, and neither would the guys and I."

Ace smiled, "Thanks, Tech."


Ace pulled off his sweat pants and folded them back into the draw, before turning around at the sound of Lexi moving.

"Ace...is that...you..?" She sat up and looked at him.

He walked back over to her and climbed back into bed, resting the sheet on his lap, "Yeah," He kissed the top of her head, "How'd you wake up?"

Lexi raised an eyebrow, though he most likely wouldn't have seen it due to the lack of light, "Ace, super hearing."

Ace smiled, "I should've known that, I tried to be quiet; sorry I woke you."

"It's okay." Lexi yawned and lay back down.

Ace lay down next to her and looked up at the ceiling as Lexi snuggled beside him. Ace smiled to himself as he looked down at her; asleep at his shoulder. He studied how her hair fell over her right eye, the small smile on her face as she slept peacefully, her silken ears as they lay along the pillow, how her cheek rested by his shoulder, and how her body was curled up delicately as she slept; almost making her resemble a flower.

Ace gazed at her, taking in every detail of her face and body. He noticed how one of her hands and arms lay across his chest, while he noticed a slight bulge under the sheets, as her other hand covered her lower abdomen; where their child was growing.

Ace's smile broadened at this realisation, she seemed to find comfort in having some form of contact with her family. She loved Ace, and the child they were having together. Ace rolled over to where he was facing Lexi, and wrapped one arm around her, while he kept one underneath his head, he pressed himself closer to her and kissed her forehead, while he looked down at where his hand was resting over her lower stomach.

With a happy sigh, Ace closed his eyes. His decision had been made.