A/N- I'm supposed to be working, but yet again, they cut my hours. How do they expect me to afford all my WWE merchandise when I am only getting in twenty hours a week? Anyway...this story is a two shot..or will be a two shot if anyone wants to read the next part.


It was rare that anything excited the WWE wrestlers. Wrestlemania excited them. Holiday vacations excited them. And announcements by the chairmen excited them, especially when it concerned everyone, such as the one about to take place.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please take a seat. We have some serious business to attend to before the show begins." Vince watches his employees sit down, and with a heavy heart, continues his speech.

"We got out quarterly earnings in a few days ago, and we are down seventeen million....."

"When I was champion, we were up seventeen million." A voice yelled from the back of the room, cutting Vince off.

"Damn you Cody Rhodes! Shut Chris up." Vince demands. Cody was sitting three rows up from Chris, and was appalled when he got yelled at. This was ridiculous. Chris was a grown man.

"To add to the bad news, I'm going to have to cut down on contracts. Some will be terminated, and the rest of you will just get your downside guarantees." This meant the most any given wrestler would earn is two hundred grand.

"Our ratings have been barely hitting three, and we are increasingly losing viewer ship. I have no choice but to cut back." Vince said nothing else, just walked out of the room.

This was not the kind of announcement everyone was expecting. Was the WWE really doing that bad? Most had no idea, but knew it had to be bad if Vince was cutting back. The older guys, Undertaker, Shawn, and Hunter recall that Vince hasn't done this since 1996, when WCW was killing them slowly. That seemed to be the topic for the rest of the day between everyone.

"My first year here, and my pay is already getting cut." Ted complained, sitting in the locker room with Cody and a few others.

"Two hundred grand isn't that bad. You live in an apartment by yourself, I think you'll survive." Cody didn't understand why all the younger guys were complaining. Very few of them had anyone besides themselves to support.

"Cody, every time I make a gay joke, you're going to have to pay me one hundred dollars." Chris decided.

"Yeah, how about no. I'd be broke in a day."

"But Cody. I recently started getting my thighs waxed, and on top of that is the money I spend on hair products. It cost money to look this damn good."

"Yeah Cody. Cut the guy some slack, he needs the money." Ted said, siding with Chris.

"Chris, I understand you need extra money. Just sit back and think of a way to make money, and any way we can, Ted and I will help you." Cody offered. Ted nodded his head in agreement. Chris laid back on the bench, and began brain storming for ideas.


Cody stood cemented to the floor, with a sad expression on his face. Ted and Manu were blaming him for the loss of the belts, and basically just shunned him from the group. He had never seen Ted like that. He was normally easy going, and nothing got to him. This was different though. Cody knew Ted was pissed at him, and it seemed their friendship was winding down.

"Did you lose your puppy or something?" Cody looked up and saw Randy standing in front of him.


"You look like something is bothering you." Randy clarified.

"Ted and I lost the belts."


"So he is pissed at me, and our team is basically over." Cody snapped unintentionally.

"It'll be okay. He's just angry. He's never lost a belt before." Who knew Randy was so wise?

"I guess." Randy let out a small laugh and patted him on the back before walking away.

Cody slowly started walking to the catering room to get a bottle of water before leaving. He got about twenty steps from where he was talking to Randy, when Chris basically side swept him. He hadn't seen Chris since he was begging Cody for money.

"I hear Ted and you are breaking up." Cody looked at him, and saw a grin that covered his entire face.

"How could you possibly know that?" He only told Randy three minutes ago.

"Randy texted Santino who texted Jamie who texted me."


"I have a plan that will fix my money problem, and your personal problem." Chris exclaimed. He was excited, you could tell.

"And that would be...?"

"Did I ever tell you I took film lesson when I was a teenager?" Chris asked.

"No, not that I recall."

"Good, because I didn't. But that doesn't matter, because I have the ultimate plan."

"Which you already told me. So what is it?" How good of an idea could this possibly be? Chris sounded sure it was going to work though.

"You and Ted are going to make a pornography movie, directed by me!"