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Sasuke: I don't wanna hear you tragedies we all got some.

Chibi-kun: Shut up Sasuke!! Also I would like to point out that my friend Larissa is an idiot because she told me that Hinata died which SHE DIDN'T!!!! Hinata was just knocked out and Sakura took care of her!!!

Naruto: HINATA-CHAN DOESN'T DIE?!?!?!? YAY!?!?!?!? –hugs Hinata-

Chibi-kun: Naruto, Hinata can't breathe let her go!

Naruto: -lets go of Hinata- SORRY HINATA-CHAN!!!!!

Hinata: -blushes- its okay Naruto-kun

Chibi-kun: Enough of this love fest –Naruto and Hinata blush- on with the story!!!!

Sakura: Chibi-kun doesn't own Naruto and will no longer kill the owner!! She only owns the plot.



"I'm sorry to say to you but-"a man said.

"We are going to high school." a girl interrupted.

"Please don't do that Sakura."

"Sorry Kakashi I don't do it on purpose." Sakura apologized.

"I know Sakura now you are going to high-"

"Why are we going to high school?" another girl interrupted.

"I was just about to say Ino," said girl muttered sorry,"you are going to high school because Orochimaru is after you guys and you have to blend in with the humans."

The girls nodded until it registered in their minds.

"WHAT?!?" all the girls screamed.

"Why are he after us?" a girl named Tenten asked.

"I have no idea; I'm trying to figure that out." Kakashi answered and all the girls sweatdropped.

"Why do we have to hide?" another girl named Hinata asked.

"You guys can't control your powers very well so you can't fight them off."

"Where are you gonna be?" a girl named Temari asked.

"I'm going to be one of the teachers. Now no more questions you guys get ready for school. It's already 5:00 am school starts at 7." All the girls grumbled, and then went to there rooms to get ready for there first day of school.

Somewhere else

Beep Beep Be-

"Ugh, what is the point of school?" Sasuke grumbled to himself. He went back to bed but an orange and yellow blob jumped on his bed.

"Teme wake up, time for school!" Sasuke looked at the clock and it read 6:30 am. Sasuke groaned then said/asked,

"Get off me dobe. Man how can you have so much energy in the morning?" Naruto ignored his question and got off his bed.'

"Come on Sasuke-teme everyone else is up!"

"Okay now GET OUT!" Naruto got out of his room and Sasuke did his daily routine of brushing his teeth, taking a shower, brushing his hair and putting some clothes on. Today he is wearing a plain blue buttoned up shirt with the 3 top buttons undone and some faded blue jeans. He went downstairs and saw the other guys eating.

"What took you so long Uchiha?" one guy asked.

"None of your business Neji." Sasuke answered.

"Dude come on we are gunna be late!" another guy yelled.

"So what Kiba we are always late." Naruto said.

"Troublesome but we should still get going." the last guy said.

"Fine." Sasuke said. They all got into there own cars and drove toward the school.

With the girls

It was 6:45am when the girls finished getting ready.

"Do you guys want to eat before we leave?" Sakura yelled.

"No we just ate a few hours ago and we are gunna be late!" Ino yelled back. Sakura grumbled a 'fine' and yelled,

"Hurry up girls!" Everyone went downstairs and into the living room. Everyone looked at their outfits and were all thinking the same thing.

'Does my outfit look okay?' Sakura answered their questions with a yes.

Sakura is wearing a black mini dress with a red cloak. The cloak has so sleeves, reaches below her knees and has a high frilly collar. She is also wearing brown combat boots.

Hinata is wearing a red and white horizontal striped t-shirt with a brown DC cap and brown capris. She is also wearing blue and black DC shoes.

Tenten is white tank top and a black tie loose around her neck with a skull at the end. She is also wearing a black and white cap with a skull on the front, jersey shorts and black and white converse.

Ino is wearing a pink shirt that shows her stomach. She is also wearing a checkered scarf and black fingerless gloves. Ino is also wearing plaid skirt, horizontal black and white striped socks with black boots.

Temari is wearing a black long sleeve shirt with her shoulders showing and under the black shirt is a white tank top with fingerless mesh gloves. She was also wearing ripped jeans and black flats.

"Good now let's go to school." Hinata said.

"I'm taking the motorcycle!" Sakura and Tenten yelled. They both ran out of the house *coughmansioncough* and you can hear the motors outside.

"We should go now." Temari said. They got into a red lamborgini and drove toward the school. In front of them, Tenten and Sakura were racing to see who would get to see school first.

"Twenty bucks says I win!" Tenten yelled over the wind.

"You're on Ten-chan!" Sakura yelled over the wind. Tenten and Sakura sped up and was head-to-head suddenly the school was in view and they sped up even more. They then got into the parking lot and both screamed,

"I won!" Then they looked at each other then started arguing about who won. A few seconds later Hinata, Ino, and Temari showed up. Tenten and Sakura both looked at them and asked,

"Who won you guys?"

"Sorry to say but it was a tie." Hinata replied. Tenten and Sakura looked back at each other then shrugged. The girls then walked inside unaware of the 100 pairs eyes staring at them. They then found the office and went to pick up their schedules. The lady in the front then looked up and asked,

"What can I do for you ladies?"

"We need our schedules for Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga, Tenten, Temari no Sabuku and Ino Yamanaka." Sakura said.

"Oh okay, here you go and my name is Shizune if you need anything." Shizune handed them their schedules and all had first period together and was looking for room 811. They found the room, opened the door and saw…