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"Well now we have to move." Tsunade ordered. The boys' eyes widened and yelled,


"Yeah, the humans already saw us. What do you think they would do if in 50 years they're old and we look the same?" Tenten asked. The boys just nodded in understanding.

"What about our parents?" Kiba asked. Temari sighed then said,

"Well except for Naruto, it depends on them if they want to be turned."

"Wait, what?" Sasuke asked surprised.

"Well, if your parents want to stay with you, we'll turn them." Sakura told him. Sasuke just nodded then Hinata turned to Tsunade.

"Is that okay Tsunade-sama?" Hinata asked. Tsunade grinned and answered,

"Yeah, we need new clan heads anyways." The girls grinned back and turned to go find the boys' parents, except for Naruto and Hinata.

"What do I do?" Naruto asked.

"Pack." Jiraya replied.

"Come on Naruto-kun, I'll help you." Hinata said.

"What about you?" Naruto asked. Hinata shook her head and replied,

"I don't have anything, us girls are used to moving around." Naruto replied with an inaudible oh and they left.


"I can't wait to see Mikoto-san again!" Sakura told Itachi and Sasuke.

"You know my mother?" Sasuke asked confused.

"Yes, Sakura would visit a lot after she turned me." Itachi replied.

"How come I never saw her?" Sasuke asked.

"You were at school." Sakura answered. They finally made it to the Uchiha Mansion and Sakura rang the doorbell. Mikoto answered it and saw a smiling Sakura, nervous Sasuke and an indifferent Itachi.

"Sakura-chan, how are you?" Mikoto asked.

"I'm fine Mikoto-san, but I would like to talk to you and your husband." Mikoto looked at her surprised and said,

"Oh, well come in." She turned her head toward the staircase and yelled,

"Fugaku! The boys and Sakura-chan are here! They want to talk to us!" A grunt was heard and the boys and Sakura went inside the living room.

"Mikoto-san, first I'd like to apologize for turning Sasuke-kun." Sakura apologized as she bowed.

"Ah, Sakura-san, what a surprise." Fugaku greeted. Sakura stood up straight and replied,

"Yes Fugaku-san, it is. I would like to speak with you."

"About what?" Sakura hesitated but Itachi stood up and said it for her.

"About turning you and mother." Both parents widened their eyes and Mikoto asked,


"As I told Mikoto-san, I turned Sasuke-kun and I would think you would want to be with your sons." Sakura answered. She paused and looked at Mikoto and Fugaku's faces. Both were shocked and surprised, so Sakura continued,

"Since you are Uchihas, an ancient vampire family, you will be in a clan and Fugaku-san will be placed as the clan head, because both your son are the most powerful out of the Uchihas." Pride swelled in Fugaku, but his face remained stoic.

"What about the company?" Fugaku asked.

"You can still run it, but I suggest you change your name from time to time so no one get suspicious." Sakura replied. Mikoto and Fugaku looked at each other then smiled. Mikoto faced Sakura and said,

"We would love to Sakura-chan, also, it's alright Sakura-chan." Sakura smiled in relief and then Mikoto asked,

"Sakura dear, why did you turn Sasuke?" Sakura gave her a close eyed smile and bluntly said,

"He's my mate." Fugaku choked on air, Sasuke was speechless, Itachi smirked and Mikoto asked,

"When can I expect grandchildren?" This time Sasuke choked on air.


Itachi smirked in amusement.


Neji and Tenten made it to the Hyuga household in silence because Neji was fidgeting the whole time.

"Neji-kun, it'll be okay." Tenten soothed. Neji just nodded and opened the door.

"I'm home." Neji called out. Neji's father showed up at the front door and immediately asked,

"Neji, who is this?" Tenten bowed then said,

"I'm Tenten sir, and Neji and I must speak with you, it's urgent." Neji's father nodded so Tenten continued,

"To make this quick, Neji and I are vampires, also Hinata Hyuga is still alive." Neji's father nodded and replied,

"I know about Hinata-sama and vampires, but not that you two were."

"What?" Neji and Tenten asked with wide eyes. Neji's father smirked and replied,

"You really think my twin brother would not tell me something this important? Also, Tsunade-sama told me about Hinata-sama." Tenten smacked her forehead and Neji's mouth opened in surprise.

"Wait a minute, so that means Hinabi-sama is a vampire?" Neji asked. His father nodded then said,

"That's why she seemed so weird to you. Now what is it you wanted to talk about?"

"Ah, yes. Since all of the children you care for are vampires, we were wondering if you would like to be one. You will be a clan head for the Vampire Council along with the Uchihas, Inuzukas, Naras, and Minato Namikaze." Tenten explained. Neji's father went into a thinking pose then smirked and said,

"Of course I would, so why is Neji a vampire?" Tenten smiled wide and Neji looked away as she said,

"He's my mate." Neji's father cracked a smile and laughing was heard in the background.

"Hinabi!" Neji yelled embarrassed. A little girl came out of the shadows and asked Tenten,

"Hey old lady, where's my sister?" Tenten's eye twitched in irritation and Neji's father warned,

"Hinabi, be nice." Tenten smiled at Hinabi and replied,

"Well brat, she is at our mansion so shut up and I'll take you there." Hinabi just stuck out her tongue and left.

"You have such a way with kids." Neji taunted.

"Oh shut up Neji-kun."


Kiba and Ino made it to Kiba's house and Kiba walked in yelling,

"I'm home!"

"Kiba, where have- oh, who is this?" Kiba's mother asked.

"Oh, my name is Ino Yamanaka and Kiba and I need to speak with you." Kiba's mother raised an eyebrow and asked,

"About what?"

"To get straight to the point, we're vampires and we're wondering if you and your family would like to be turned and you will be a clan head in the Vampire Council." Kiba's mother started laughing.

"You expect me to believe that?" Kiba's mother told her will laughing. Ino sighed and showed Kiba's mother her fangs and put an illusion on her. Ino dispelled the illusion and his mother stared at her shocked.

"Fine I believe you, and sure I'd like to be turned into a vampire, but one question…why is Kiba a vampire?"

"Oh that's easy, he is my mate." Ino answered bluntly. Kiba coughed and looked away embarrassed.

"Oh, I hope I don't get any grandkids soon. That would be a pain in the ass." Kiba's mother told them. Kiba choked on air then yelled,


Ino just smiled.


Shikamaru and Temari finally made it to Shikamaru's house and he opened the door saying,

"I'm home."

"Oh Shikamaru there you are. And who is this?" His father asked.

"Oh my name is Temari no Sabuku and I am-"

"You are a vampire, my son is one and you want to know if I want to be a clan head for your Council, right?" Shikamaru's father interrupted. Temari stared at him in surprise and Shikamaru muttered,


"How did you know?" She asked.

"Well first, you both are really pale for an average person and there were some notebooks from my ancestors, who were also vampires, and one of them had the power to see the future."

"Damn, this family is smart. So…you want to?" Temari replied. Shikamaru's dad smiled and said,

"Sure, and you should meet my wife. I think you guys would get along well." Temari smiled and Shikamaru said,

"What a drag." Temari just smacked the back of his head and his father laughed.

"Brace yourself." The girls and Itachi told their respective parents. The parents nodded and the girls and Itachi bit their necks.

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