Warnings: Yoshikuni is really nice when he warms up to someone.
Summary: Yoshikuni could make anyone feel silly in any situation.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.
Characters: Honma Sanae and Wada Yoshikuni
Challenge: #01; Frustration

I fell in love with Yoshikuni, for the first time during my schooldays. He was the studious type, and was often busy because of that. It was common for girls who attended to Seirei Gakuen to have such feelings for one of the five members from the student council. But that was just an assumption, an excuse for me not to do anything about it. Well, that was until I heard I was going to have to repeat a year. I had to put my feelings aside and ask for help.

"Wada-senpai, I heard you were really good at studying." I muttered right behind him. I think I caught his attention, since he instantly turned around to face me. Making eye contact was a bad idea too, I can't stop myself from blushing now. "I was wondering if you could give me a few tips."

Yoshikuni didn't have a response. Instead he pulled off his glasses for a quick wipe and began to scan. He was analyzing me from top to bottom, his eyes moving quicker like a computer. His robotic like attitude soon shifted to something more humanlike.

"All you really need is confidence in yourself, Honma-san." He smiled, while gathering his textbooks and notebooks. His smile changed into a smirk when he asked me, "If you want, I can help you study on my free time."

"So let's dicuss about it on our way to the station." I suggested quite shyly, as I quickly turned around and headed out the door. He hurried after me, with his bookbag hanging onto his shoulder. "Ah, you must know Murakami-san then."

He was a different person, after we had that conversation. Before that happened, I was stressing over how to ask him. I still like Yoshikuni, even if he makes me very flustered and frustrated all the time. But that's because I am trying my best not to be the idiot.