Warnings: Depends if you like Akihiro, or Shin.
Summary: Sanae listens to his words all the time, blocking out everything that surrounds her because she feels that she still has a chance.
Disclaimer: I do not own the any of the characters.
Characters: Honma Sanae and Jinguuji Akihiro
Challenge: #28; Voice

Music plugged out the chattering of the girls, the yelling between the boys and my classmates having fun. Soon then I began to lose interest in school, as the conversations had lessened down to a simple greeting and the lack of participation in sports seemed to have surprised a few. I liked having a set of headphones around my neck all the time, in case I need to tune out from reality.

"Akihiro-senpai, it looks like you were in a fight or something." For awhile I was singing in a muttering and mumbling way, it seemed to have calmed him down. I pulled off the earphones and left them dangling. "Here, listen to this. It might surprise you a bit."

He was the type who could be so stubborn, but he finally gave in. Akihiro waited for me to change the song that I wanted him to listen to. Oh, and he was also quite impatient about it too.

"It's not bad, coming from that asshole." Akihiro stood there with one earphone on, as he had the other one in my ear. He blushed a little, maybe it was because we were standing so close to each other. "It makes me feel hot."

"Yeah, me too." Even though he probably got roughened up by the older students, it was relieving him from stress I think. Once he said that he was falling over heels for me, but I was in love with someone else at the time. I still like him now too. "Nishimura-san is a good person."

He stole all the heartbeats and heartthrobs from me, even when his feelings belonged to someone else. I can still hear his voice, lingering often after the song had ended at the concerts. Sometimes it felt like he was confessing his affections for me, and then he would kiss me out of nowhere like in dramas and manga. Never mind, it was actually Akihiro who is kissing me right now.