A/N: Hey Guys, This is an old little nothing, but some people seemed to like it, So I'm gunna keep it up, I'm just giving it a face lift lol Thanks to those who have read this and enjoyed it. Much Love To All~

It was impossible. Not possible. It could never happen. It was forbidden. Not right. Wrong. It was not ment to be. Ever.

Light loved L.

L loved Light.

Light knew L hated him. He fought with him, made fun of his quirks, and L thought he was murderer

L knew Light hated him. He convicted him of being Kira. Being A Killer. He Thought the other was a murderer. No, he KNEW he was a murderer.

Light loved L.

And L loved Light.

It was forbidden. It was so wrong. Yet so right.

Light loved Misa, didn't he?

L was emotionless, wasn't he?


The handcuffs meant nothing. The way they felt together, it was hate wasn't it? Light had trouble breathing because the handcuffs suffocated him and gave him boundaries.

L had trouble thinking because of his lack of sugar. Because he worked continuously and didn't get to snack as often, right?

Again, Sadly, No.

They were in love. The way they acted, the things they said, their body movements, their fights, their differences, the moments where there was a pink sheen over their cheeks that was so obvious.

Justice and mystery drew Light to L.

Fear and danger drew L to Light.

Light loved L.

L loved Light.

It was simple. Their feelings never known, their hearts, slowly breaking.

It wasn't love. The reason they couldn't breathe, their words were jumbled, They jolted when their hands brushed together. It wasn't love at all.

They knew they were lying to themselves. They just couldn't tell one another their true feelings. They were enemies, friends, rivals, lovers.

L was the first to cave. He hated the fact that Light, Kira could breach the barriers of his heart.

He hadn't been thinking when he'd said it, He'd just… Done it. Let it Slip. He'd told Light he wished to take his own life. Light looked astonished. He shouted at the Detective, Screaming obscenities, ranting angrily. How could the other be so selfish?

"Why does this bother you?" L looked at him. He thought he saw tears. But it had to be an act. Light hated L, didn't he?

Why would L kill himself? What was with him? The case? Something more personal? What? Light knew L hated him, but he couldn't help but show his true feelings. He let tears escape his eyes.

"Please. . .don't" Light asked L, breathing shaky. L Blinked his eyes, coming to the other nervously, standing in front of him, a familiar tension falling to his shoulders.

He let his hands ravel around the honey-haired boys waist, awkward at first, but holding more tight, with more confidence as soon as Light's arms gripped him back.

"I love you." They both said. One another shocked.

"You Hate me." They said together again. They each clung tighter through their confusion.

Finally after a long pause, Light Spoke.

"I won't let you hurt yourself…" Light Muttered, voice as stern as he could make it at the moment.

"I… I don't believe you'll have to worry." L promised pulling away from their embrace. L looked deep into Light's eyes. Light was not lying. Neither was L.

They kissed.

Light loved L.

L loved Light.

Light knew L loved him.

L Knew Light loved him.

It was impossible. Not possible. It could never happen. It was forbidden. Not right. Wrong. It was not meant to be. Ever.

They didn't care.

To them, It wasn't impossible. It was possible. It was happening. They didn't care that it was forbidden. It was wrong, but right. It was meant to be. They were destined to be. Forever.

They would love each other.


And it would be forbidden.


Forever forbidden.