"Edward come on, please." Alice, my pixie like adopted sister, begged. She was holding the invitation to our High school reunion, which she was trying to convince me to go to.

"No Alice, definitely not." I said in my most "and that's final" voice. It obviously didn't work because she kept going.

"Why not? It'll be fun."

"I doubt that, what's so fun about seeing all the girls that constantly harassed me, and how much they've let themselves go?" I was always the popular "hottie" of the school, all of the girls tended to act weird around me, except Alice and Rosalie, though they had Jasper and Emmett, and they were nothing more than sisters to me.

"Please, please, please…" She said jumping up and down.

"Stop! Unless you can come up with a legitimate reason that will make me want to go, the answer is NO." She thought for a second then a smile slowly spread across her face.

"Bella Swan." That was all she said, and that was all it took. Bella Swan was the smartest, prettiest, independent girl in the whole school. She was the only one who acted normal around me, the only one who didn't seem to want me. This only made me want her more. I was madly in love with her, and it was so apparent that I was sure that she would find out, though she never noticed me enough to see it. The only time she ever spoke to me was in Biology, when we were partners and had no choice. Alice was the one who figured it out first, we were always close and still were. Jasper, Alice, and I all shared an apartment in Forks. I still hadn't met anyone, and doubted I ever would.

"What if she's married, and has a family?" I asked

"What if she doesn't?" Alice asked right back. I sighed, what the heck…

"When is it?"

"Yay!!!" Alice screamed. I was going back to Forks High, back where so many bad memories lie. All for Bella, just like it always was for Bella.

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