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"I don't understand."

Honestly, I don't. Charlie has been babbling on for the past half-hour about new opportunities and the dawning of a better tomorrow. Obviously, he has been practicing this speech.

"Bella, dear, the company has given me a promotion."

I knew it had to be bad. Sure, a promotion is a great thing, but he just said 'dear'. Charlie does not use pet names. He knows how uncomfortable we both become when pet names are used. He only uses them when he is delivering really bad news; kind of like how a doctor uses a special tone of voice when he or she is telling a patient that they have two weeks to live.

"With the promotion, the company is going to need me to work in Forks, Washington. We're moving, sweetheart."

The light bulb finally clicks on in my head. This is a joke. Charlie has set me up on a reality show, and I was about to be surprised. Too bad I have figured it out; now they are going to miss out on a good reaction from me. "Where are the cameras, Dad? Where's Ashton?"

"Who, dear?"

"Ashton. You know, Ashton Kutcher? From Punk'd, Dad. The surprise reality show. And stop with the endearments, you're freaking me out."

"Bella, this is not a joke. We are moving. I would appreciate some maturity from you."

"This isn't fair!" So much for maturity, but dealing with this bombshell is far more important than my acting like an adult. "We can't move! Phoenix is my home; I've lived in that bedroom since I was a baby. You can't take that away from me!"

"Bella, I have no choice. Do you think I would do this to you if there was another option? I would never. But I have no other choice. It's either transfer or lose my job. Do you want me to lose my job?"

Okay, I definitely do not want that to happen. Charlie is really good at his job, and starting over will crush him. He lives for being a marketing executive, but why we have to move to northern Washington for marketing is beyond me. Isn't New York City a more sensible choice? Not that moving there will be any better; it just makes more sense. But that doesn't matter! Charlie shouldn't be doing this to me!

"Why Forks? Why not Bangkok? How about Timbuktu? Because you're ruining my whole life, so you might as well do it thoroughly!"

The truth of the matter is that my life will not be ruined. I don't fit in with the kids at my high school. While most of the girls in phoenix sunned their bronzed skin to perfection, my milky skin is practically translucent. Their corn silk manes travel down their backs, straight as an arrow, my chocolate strands can never resist waving and curling around my shoulders. It doesn't help matters that my eyes are the same shade as my hair; it makes me look monochromatic. While the other girls play their various sports, drink their various latt├ęs, and fawn over their various crushes, I avoid all sports activity whenever possible, shy away from anyone of the opposite gender if they're remotely anything but a friend, and read the classics repeatedly. Sure, some of the people who reside in Phoenix are polite enough, but there isn't anyone I consider a friend.

"Bella, I understand how hard it will be. Trust me; I'm going to miss this place terribly. There are so many memories here, it seems impossible that we can ever leave. I'm going to miss Phoenix as much as you are. But think of the opportunities! You get to reinvent yourself if you want to. I love you just the way you are, Bells, but when we go to Forks, you can show the people there any part of you. Maybe you can meet some really great people in Forks. You can have real friends; you can socialize with kids your own age. No one wants to hang out with their old dad all of the time."

Alright, so the man makes sense. If we were able to move our house with us, I would be all for going. Surely the kids in Forks are different from the walking Barbie clones of Phoenix. I must say, Charlie is very good at his job. He can sell a Speedo to an Eskimo. Though I'm not enthusiastic about the move, it makes enough sense to the point where I will at least cooperate.

"Well, it seems I don't have a choice in the matter. When do we leave?"

"I am so glad you're okay with this. I already have our house picked out. It's bigger than this one, with an entire room for all of your books and the new computer I'm going to get for you. I also took a chance and enrolled you in the Eckhart Preparatory Academy for the Gifted Minds of Tomorrow. We leave in two weeks."

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