1. Chocolate

Mello loved chocolate, but not as much as he loved Matt.

2. Pain

Matt thought that the pain of bullets was nothing compared to the fact that he would never see Mello again.

3. Stop

Mello wondered when his heart stopped if his love would stop too..

4. Fall

As Near watched the dominoes fall down, he knew that so had his only rival..

5. Cigarettes

Mello wished Matt would stop smoking.

6. Knows

Matt knows that they don't have much time left but still he'd stick with Mello to the end.

7. Forgotten

Near decides, after he sees Matt and Mello dead, that he'll make sure their sacrifices are not forgotten.

8. Hate

Contrary to popular belief, Near never hated Mello, infact he thought of Mello as a friend.

9. Religion

With Mello's religion, no one would have thought that he could fall in love with a man… He proved them wrong.

10. Cry

Mello never thought he would cry.. until he saw Matt's body on the news.

11. Wonder

Near always thought his toys were very good friends, but he couldn't help but wonder what it was like for Matt and Mello.

12. Hate

Mello never knew he could hate someone he never met.. but seeing what those Kira followers did to Matt, he decided he could.

13. Leather

Matt loved when Mello wore leather.

14. Ideas

Mello never knew where he got his ideas, but he was glad he had at least one person that would help him with them.

15. Goggles

Matt never liked goggles till Mello bought him some for his birthday.

16. Guns

At the moment of his death, Matt decided that if the guns weren't in Mello's hands, he hated them.

17. Bang

When Matt was young, he always said he would go out with a bang.

18. Kiss

Their first kiss was sweet and simple. It was under the willow tree at Wammy's.

19. The Beginning

In the beginning they were acquaintances, then friends, then lovers, and Mello wanted to keep it that way forever..

20. The End

Mello knew that in the end, Near had won and that he would forever be second place. But somehow, as he floated into the white light with Matt by his side, he couldn't seem to care.