Title: Rafe's First Jack-o-Lantern
Author: americangrl69
Fandom: Port Charles
Rating: G
Word Count: 399
Characters/Pairing: Rafe/Alison
Disclaimer: I don't own Port Charles or any of it's characters. I'm just borrowing them for awhile.
Summary: Alison helps Rafe carve a jack-o-lantern.
A/N: Written for fandom_muses, prompt: pumpkins. I like their holiday prompts. They seem to produce more fluff then the rest. Feedback is appreciated.

Rafe walked through the door carrying a fair sized pumpkin. "Alison!" he called. Alison walked into the room from the kitchen. "Where do you want this?" Rafe asked her.

"Over there." she replied pointing to the table she'd covered with newspaper.

Rafe gently set the pumpkin down on the table. "Ok so what do we have to do first? You're the expert on all this stuff."

"First we cut the top open and clean out all the seeds." Alison said. "We can put the seeds in the bowl and I'll use them to make pumpkin pie later." she added. Rafe smiled. He loved her pies. Ok so he loved anything she made. "Here why don't you do it?" Alison said handing Rafe the knife she'd went into the kitchen to get.

Rafe took the knife and started to cut around the stem. Alison gave him an approving smile telling him he was doing well. Rafe set the top aside and the two started cleaning out the seeds. Rafe thought it was kind of gross and Alison had to agree. It wasn't exactly the cleanest job but it had to be done if Rafe wanted a jack-o-lantern.

Once the last of the seeds were in the bowl, Rafe turned to Alison and asked, "Ok now what?"

"Now we draw what we want the face to look like. It makes it easier to carve out. I'm assuming you want it to be a scary one. Since its Halloween and all." Alison replied.

"Yeah, scary's good."

Alison handed Rafe the magic marker. "Here you can draw it out."

Rafe took the marker and started with the eyes and nose, drawing out two triangles for the eyes and another for the nose. He might not have carved one out before but he still pretty much knew what most looked like. He finished by drawing on the scariest mouth he could think of.

"Looks good, Rafe." Alison encouraged. Rafe gave her a pleased smile. "Now comes the actual carving." Alison informed him.

"I just carve out what I just drew, right?" Rafe asked.

"Yep. You can do that too." Alison said

Rafe picked up the knife he'd used earlier to cut open the top and started cut out what he'd drawn on the pumpkin. Rafe had just finished his first jack-o-lantern and he was pleased with the results. "It's perfect." Alison beamed with excitement.