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"The killings in Tokyo have increased greatly. Have great caution when going in the city." The TV in the Wammy Houses' living room buzzed.

All the kids in the living room stared at the TV with wonder. Some of the small ones stared confused at the TV, wondering what was going on. The older ones understood completely the predicament and stayed silent. They understood they had to stay strong for the little ones and make sure they were safe.

They are family, after all.

"Lawliet, come here for a moment." Wammy entered the room and waved the 12-Year old boy over.

"Please call me L. Don't use my name so freely, Wammy." L stood up and brushed off his denim jeans.

The other kids watched in wonder as L walked over to Wammy.

"Lawliet, the news on the TV is chimerical. Don't worry about it." Wammy guided L out of the room and into the long wooden hallways.

"That is where you are wrong, Wammy." L pressed his thumb fingernail against his teeth. "It is all very real."

"I don't want you scaring the children turning it to that channel!" Wammy back-hand slapped L across the face. "How many times do I have to tell you that?"

L kept his face in the direction Wammy hit it and sighed. "I'm sorry. I was in there first and they all migrated t-"

"Don't keep using that excuse." Wammy hissed. "I know exactly what you're trying to do! You're trying to let them know about what's happening so they can follow the same steps as you!"

"That is where you are wrong, Wammy. I was just trying to inform them about what is going on. That is all." L turned his head with a painful sounding crack and turned his gray eyes on Wammy, silently blaming him for hitting him for nothing.

Wammy sighed. He knew L's thoughts were inscrutable. "Lawliet, if you continue doing this you'll be in the same room as Beyond."

L just shrugged, his shoulders cracking. "So? You honestly think that's punishment?"

Wammy glowered down at him. "I'm getting sick of you and your back-talking. Sometimes I just wish that you were 14 already so I don't have to deal with this." He threw his hands up in disgust.

"Me too." L kept his head down and re-entered the room to the confused kids.

"Lawliet! I'm not done talking to you! Come back here!" Wammy stomped his black leather-covered foot and placed his man hands on his hips.

"Okay." L walked back out into the hallways. "How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me Lawliet? It's L, Wammy."

"Whatever." Wammy completely dismissed the new subject. "Lawliet, did you eat some of the strawberry cake that was for Beyond's birthday? Don't lie now."

L started to chew on his long thumb fingernail. "No."

"Don't lie."

"I am not."

"Stop lying!" Wammy hissed. "Lie one more time, Lawliet, I dare you."

"I didn't eat some of the strawberry cake, Wammy." L knew well that Beyond ate some of his own cake so Wammy would blame it on him, but he knew better to keep his mouth shut. It was for the best, at the moment.

"That's it, Lawliet. I'm tired of your constant lying, bickering, orders, rudeness, back talking, everything! Go to your room now!" Wammy pointed down the hallway for effect.

"Okay, but I don't understand how that is punishment." L submissively maundered down the hallway to his room.

"If I were your parent, I would kill myself too…" Wammy walked into the living room and shut the TV off.

L shrugged off all of Wammy's rude comments and orders. He knew he would one day figure out the case that is happening and prove to Wammy that he could be something better than he.

Once into his room, he sat down on his bedside and stared out of the roof-to-floor window and recollected all the information he gathered from memorizing where all of the killings took place and around what time.

"The killer Kira is a student, for the killings start 2 hours before College hours and directly after school lets out. Kira might have a cohort, for killings sometimes clash in the College hours. Kira is in Japan, for he killed a news woman that only works for the local Japan news station for just calling him an 'Evil person who needs to die in hell'." Beyond Birthday stood by the doorway and twisted some black hair around one of his digits.

L's gray eyes met B's red ones as soon as B stopped speaking. They held the stare for a long time, studying their face expressions and movements.

Both stood still until someone tapped Beyond's shoulder.

"Move!" Mello angrily pushed Beyond aside and entered the room. "What're you doing to L?"

Beyond closed his eyes and sighed, a devious grin forming onto his face. "I'm not doing anything to L, little Mel. I was just coming in for the Strawberry Jelly L owed me." He opened his eyes. "Isn't that right, L?"

Both Mello and Beyond stared at L, waiting for his answer.

In response, L stood and opened a drawer. "Fair enough, B." He tossed an unopened jar of fresh Strawberry Jelly to Beyond. "Good boy."

Mello stared in wonder as Beyond and L looked as if they passed a telepathic understanding of each other across the small bedroom.

"'Good boy'? Heh, one day I'll be telling you that once I trap you in my mansion basement." He strolled slowly towards the awkward boy, a devious grin still pinned onto his face. "You'll be naked with scars all over you from the whip I constantly hit you with. Chains would be on your wrists and ankles and a choker would be around your neck. You'd be begging me to take you, slam into you, Control-"

"Enough!" Mello hissed and glowered at Beyond. "Face it, B, you're nutty and you need to be moved to the local mental institute. L would never do that, you fucking bas-"

"It's okay, Mello." L held up his hand, motioning for Mello to silence. "It's just Beyond's little wet dreams."

Beyond's grin grew larger and scarier, if that was even possible. "Oh, really, L? You honestly believe that? Then keep believing, my Brother." He pointed at Mello. "And you, little fag, will be first on my Torture Then Kill list."

Mello rolled his eyes, completely disregarding Beyond's terrible threats. "Whatever, Red eyes. I just came in here for a damn chocolate bar." He walked over to the dresser in between two bunk beds and opened the second drawer. Candy bar wrappers spilled out and onto the floor, but Mello just ignored them and grabbed the remaining chocolate bar that was stuffed in the far back. "Peace out and don't hurt L, B."

As soon as Mello left the room, L sat back down onto the bedside and messed with a loose string on his white stainless shirt. "Beyond, I must've miscalculated your intelligence. It'll be great working along side you, don't you think?"

Beyond leaned against the doorway and crossed his arms across his chest. "Of course L, It would be g-"

"-If I wanted to work with you, that is. I'd rather be stabbed in the chest 8 times and raped by Kira than be along side you." L glared into Beyond's deep red eyes, burning a hole through his eye sockets.

"You little bitch!-"

"Can I not be truthful anymore? I don't understand why you're so angry, Beyond." L looked back out the window, then sun now hiding halfway behind a giant hill. It spilled down and onto the orphanage, reminding L of the days when he used to come outside with Near and Mello to play. Now that Kira has come and threatened Japan, he knew that not playing with his friends was the least of his worries.

Beyond chuckled, attempting to keep his composure. "Of course, L. Being truthful is what I'm all about. So I'm telling the truth that one day you and everyone you love will be ruthlessly tortured and killed by my hands."

"Does that mean you'd be tortured and killed by your own hands, too?" L kept his eyes on the window, studying Beyond's relfection.

Beyond stayed silent. It was kind of unnerving.

"L Lawliet, W-"

"Dinner!" A woman's cheerful voice cute Beyond off in mid-sentence.

L stood and walked next to Beyond. "Just think about it, B."

He left the room, leaving Beyond standing alone in the bedroom.