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Lawliet Finale.

The heavy rain that midnight finally began to let up, leaving a mist hovering just above the ground. Flashing red and blue lights from the top of the cop cars circled the entire dark, eerie building. Police men stood around, writing furiously on their note pads, eyes blank and unemotional.

"He's dead... isn't he?" Matt couldn't bare to say the words; they just barely passed through his lips. Shaking and tired, Matt held the thin blanket given to him by the police officer and lowered his head.
The police man standing beside him fixed the hat on his head, not bothering to look at Matt. "It's hard to say... the men we sent in there have yet to come out." He, then, let out a hearty cough, puffs of smoke leaving his mouth.
Matt kept his gaze on the concrete. "Where's... his twin?"
The police man immediately opened his mouth, but then closed it again and shook his head. "Sir, I'm out here with you; how the hell would I know-"
But, when he looked to his side, Matt was gone.

L could hear determined foot steps rushing down the hallways and occasional shouting. The buzzing of walky-talkies shocked him slowly back into consciousness. He blinked back the bright lights in front of his eyes, realizing he was in an elevator. The soft hum of it as it traveled down to the basement filled his ears.

Oh; yeah. It all came back to him now. L leaned against the elevator wall and lazily turned his head to the right. A seemingly lifeless body of Beyond Birthday lied next to him, empty handed. He seemed so peaceful there; unlike only moments ago, when, out of rage, he shot a Derringer at L. Luckily, it just missed his hand, and Beyond fell limp, allowing L to drag himself and Beyond through the open elevator doors.
Suddenly the throbbing pain of L's arm and leg returned, and L let out a hiss. Blood was still dripping out of the bullet wounds; he could hardly feel his limbs it was so painful. He shut his eyes tightly and tried to think about something other than the unpleasant feeling his body was witnessing, but it was difficult.
The elevator came to a screeching halt once the giant B button lit up and blinked three times. Then the metal doors glided open, letting in freezing cold air.
They were in the basement.
It was dark in there; no lights were on. L reached out with his unharmed hand and grabbed the back of Beyond's white T-shirt. He could still feel warmth from Beyond's skin, which meant he wasn't dead just yet. But with that shot to the face, death was only moments away.
L cussed under his breath as he fell forward onto his stomach and used his harmed arm to drag them both out of the elevator and onto the cold cement ground of the basement. The pain was overwhelming, but L was determined.
"Shitshitshitshitshit...!" He cussed. The pain was almost too much to bare. But he couldn't give up just yet. This was something he couldn't fail. He failed to save Near. He failed to get away from Beyond's clutches. He failed to kill Beyond. But he couldn't fail this.
After what seemed like forever of crawling aimlessly in the darkness of the basement, L collided into a wall. With a pain-filled grunt, he turned his body over and leaned his back against it.
L let go of Beyond's body and clapped lazily twice, turning the lights in the basement on. The light bulbs on the roof flickered on, revealing rows and rows of different-sized TVs, computer screens, and desks. The TVs turned on automatically, all on several different news channels.
Near had built himself a mini-laboratory; made specifically to stop crime and solve cases.
L let out what felt like his last breath, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. He didn't know how much more pain he could take until he passed out.

His vision began to blur again, and his mind grew blank. The sounds of the TV receeded into nothing; L could only hear his own heavy breathing. But the feeling of something slightly heavy resting on his lap only dragged him back into reality.

L gazed down only to see blood red eyes barely open. Those eyes weren't the only thing red on that pale face, though; blood almost completely covered his cheeks, forehead, and chin. He was spitting blood out of his mouth.

Beyond somehow managed to give a smile. It gently touched his eyes. "L Lawliet..." His deep voice muttered.

L only studied him. He wouldn't dare return any smile or give Beyond any satisfaction, even when dying.

"I guess..."- Beyond took a deep breath-"In a way... what I said when we... were little... came true..." He coughed up blood, and then grinned stupidly again, but his eyes were now full of pain.

L exhaled shakily. "...What?"

Beyond closed his eyes. "I said... I'd trap you in... my mansion basement... when we were in"- his cough sounded like he was going to upchuck his lungs "-the Wammy house..." He managed to open his eyes again. "Remember?"

L could only give a nod; his whole body refused to move.

Beyond laughed, but then more blood rolled out of his mouth. He gazed hard into L's gray eyes. "I love you... Lawlipop..."

L shook his head, refusing to believe it.

"I love you... I love you... I... l-l... lo-..." Beyond closed his eyes, and then inhaled his final breath. "...y-..."

And then Beyond fell limp on L's lap.

L stared at his lifeless face. In a way, he seemed so peaceful.

Pain returned to L's chest, but not because of his wounds, or failing brain. But because Beyond, his own flesh and blood was finally dead. And he himself killed his own flesh and blood.
It was over.
L looked up at the TV screens installed into the walls. They all showed the same scene; Near's building surrounded by millions of police cars and flashing lights. The newsman was saying something, but he couldn't hear it, even if he tried.
It really was over.
L managed a faint smile, and then leaned his head back against the wall.
The end.

"Is this the Wammy house?"

"I see... Will Lawliet and I share a room?"

"…Just like you, Lawliet. I'm just. Like. You."

"They're all dead, aren't they?" Matt sat down in the police station across from a police officer. Actually, several police officers. They all had stone faces, not giving away anything. No remorse, no relief; absolutely nothing."
"We found both men dead on the very last floor of the building, sir." A police man said, folding his hands on the table. "There were bullet wounds in both. We've also found blood trails leading down the hallways, and one of the men's phones near the kitchen. Would you like for us to preform an autopsy, or go to the scene of the crime? We're here to help."
Matt shook his head. "Neither is necessary. I know what happened." He stood up from the table and turned to leave. "Thank you for your time." He slipped a cigarette from a pack in his back skinny jeans pocket, place it between his lips unlit, and left the police headquarters.
He stopped on the top stairs of the station and looked up at the bright sky while he fished for his lighter. The sky was overcast, and it looked as if it were threatening to snow. It was absolutely freezing.
Matt flicked on the lighter and leaned the fire towards the end of his cigarette. As soon as it caught flame, he closed the lighter and put it away. He took the cigarette between two fingers and slightly parted his lips, allowing the smoke to lift from his mouth. Women, children, and men walked up and down the city streets. It was bustling with so much action.
As if no one important had passed. No worries; no fears. Because they weren't experiencing any pain from the loss of a loved one. They didn't even realize the man standing in front of the police station was getting ready to bury his foster brother. Foster brothers. Not like they would care even if they knew. They would only give him sympathetic eyes and let out a pathetic, "I'm sorry for your loss." No one would care.
Because now he was alone.
Matt: dead.
Near: dead.
Wammy: dead.
Lawliet: dead.
Beyond: dead.
It was just him and his cigarettes from now on. Matt dropped the cigarette and crushed it.
Just him and his cigarettes.
Matt laughed as he put his hands in his pockets and stepped down the police steps. Flipping his bangs from his eyes, he muttered, "I'm so pathetic."
And then whistled to himself as he walked past a woman holding her child, husband by her side.

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