Ianto shifted Rosie on his hip and his smile broadened when she laughed delightedly at the fairies gathered around them. She clapped enthusiastically as one of them blew bubbles from the tip of her beribboned wand and squealed when one of them engulfed her completely and lifted her from her Tad's arms to float above the christening crowd. At the other end of the room the King and Queen looked across from above their own daughter and smiled at the happy, laughing little girl and her adoring father. He met their gaze and smiled back, trusting Rose to the care of the fairy god-mothers for a while whilst he went to talk to the King and Queen, "Your majesties."

"Surely you know us better than that Ianto?" The Queen laughed brightly, hugging her Princess close, "How is she?"

"As well as ever, gabbling as much as her dad does, and charming everyone as well as he does." He grinned ruefully and glanced back over his shoulder for the sixth time since he'd come over to where Rose was now being cuddled by a serving girl

"And Jack?"

"Getting bigger every day." This smile was full of warmth, and love and adoration, and excitement, "I thought it was hard starting out, but I'd forgotten what he's like when he's nesting. The house is very clean, but full of pillows."

They laughed and the Queen let him hold the Princess for a while, "Do you know what you're getting yet?"

"No, Martha knows, but we've asked her not to tell. With Rose, we knew who was coming, but was want junior to be a surprise." He laughed as the Princess grabbed at the collar of his T-shirt and tickled her gently, "Hello sweetheart, you don't like being ignored or talked over, do you?"

She laughed merrily and clapped her hands, waving towards the fairy who now approached with Rose. Both little girls were set down in the crib to play together whilst their parents talked happily about how much they'd grown, what was happening at work for Ianto, general grown-up chat; Ianto almost wished he were young enough to sit with the girls in the crib, it looked like much more fun.

Eventually the time came for the Princess to be blessed (and cursed) by the gathered fairies, so Ianto lifted Rose from the crib and carried her to the balcony to leave. The little girl was nodding against his shoulder and snuggled tiredly into the warmth of his arms, whimpering softly when he nuzzled a kiss against the top of her head. He smiled happily and leaned against the balcony to read his description of her bedroom to get them home.

"The floor was a soft cream, and in the middle of it there was a patchwork, pastel shaded rug in equally soft wool. The walls were a dusky pink, with stencils in silver here and there and clouds painted on in white around the top and onto the ceiling, which was the same pink. In one corner of the room was a white wardrobe with pink door handles and three drawers below the cupboards. One of the doors stood slightly ajar to reveal a selection of dresses, skirts and jeans and a mirror on the back of the door. Against one of the walls stood a wooden crib, also in pink and white, with a sofa in deep red beside it. A book case on the opposite wall housed children's books, as well as some more adult ones (including a copy of The Lord of the Rings) and three china dolls on the top shelf; one with dark hair dressed in dark blue and white and with its arms wrapped in a muff, one with blonde ringlets dressed in a beautiful yellow and blue summer dress and holding a parasol, and one male one dressed in a suit identical to her Tad's wedding suit. One with a suit matching Jack's was on top of the wardrobe in her parents' bedroom, waiting for Christmas.

Ianto kissed Rose once more and slipped her into her pyjamas gently before tucking her in with the teddy that Gwen and Rhys had bought for her the day that they'd told the team that Jack was expecting. Behind him he heard Jack move into the doorway and smiled, stroking Rose's cheek once more before standing up and turning to his partner, kissing him gently as they settled together on the sofa to watch their daughter sleep.

His heart swelled with happiness and he turned to kiss Jack gently again, resting a hand against the older man's swollen stomach, "I love you."

Jack was momentarily startled but pulled Ianto closer with a smile, kissing him back passionately, "I love you too." He pulled him up, "Bed time?"

"Yep." He looked back once before he turned out the light and left the room to cuddle up with Jack for the night, glancing at their beautiful, impossible miracle of a daughter and looking forwards to the birth of her equally impossible, equally miraculous sibling. All because he loved to read. And because he loved Jack; he hurried after his lover to tell him just how much.

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