It Starts With the End

(Alice's Story)

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Alice Cullen saw her demise 4 days before it was to be. It was early on a Monday morning. She was looking for what her family was to do that weekend to stave off boredom when she saw it. It came in flashes and glimpses, but Alice put the pieces together, like the brilliant girl that she was. The flashes were of the Volturi murdering her family and forcing her and Edward to join them. Alice would NOT have that. As this emerged, she began to look through the viable options, looking for which options would leave her family unharmed, unscathed by the repercussions of her actions. She couldn't run, they would find her and punish her family for her treason, courtesy of Demitri. She only saw one option that would keep her power out of their hands. She would not let the knowledge of future events wind up in the hands of the Volturi. She would have to get her family to kill her. It would take a lot of coercing privately with each person. She would have to threaten, plead, and beg until they would cave in. If Alice could cry, she would have tears in her eyes by now. There was only one person that would take her decision the moment he saw it in her head, and that was Edward. He would see the undeniable proof in her head.

This was the only option that would save her family, the future, and her beloved. Alice's mind began to work furiously. She knew that she had 4 days. Alice began planning and searching for what would happen to her family in the future when her sight focused on him. He was breathtakingly beautiful. He held himself with a simply marvelous grace. He made Alice look like a tumbling toddler, and Alice was the most graceful of all the Cullens. Alice was completely immersed in finding who he was, and why he would join their family. The results came instantly and flowed seamlessly into one another. Alice could feel all of his pain in the echoes of his memories. Almost his whole life had been full of pain, sorrow, and misery. He had lost everyone and everything, yet he was so strong. He amazed her. Alice looked to see how her future and his intertwined. The result astonished her. The two of them shared gifts and lovers. Their lover would take a lot of time to get over Alice, but if she let him know that she approved, then he would take her 'replacement' as it would be called a lot less harshly. He would be devastated. Alice was shocked couldn't keep this from her family any longer. She took an unnecessary deep breath and walked downstairs into the lobby. She thought to herself 'Edward' Edward instantly appeared. Alice briefly ran over the morning occurrences in her head. Edward was speechless for a good minute before the soft whisper escaped his lips. "No. It will be so hard… We all will miss you so much…" Edward then did the unexpected. He lurched forward and gave Alice the biggest hug he could. Alice was shocked and touched. But, the real surprise was yet to come when Edward, the least vocal about his emotions said "I love you". Rosalie and Esme, who were in the kitchen trying not to eavesdrop, well, not Rosalie but Esme was trying not to, the two of them were in the room in a flash, taking in the extremely unusual sight of Edward and Alice locked in a warm and loving embrace, Edward having the most tortured look on his face. Esme had never seen such a look on her adopted son's face, not even when she and Carlisle had taken him to the Volturi and he had been tortured by Jane, under the orders of Aro, for hers and Carlisle's decision that he had no part in. Esme didn't want her husband to miss such a moment, so she softly called him. Carlisle was there in a flash. He took in the sight and wrapped his arms around his wife with a small sigh of contentment. Alice eventually broke the embrace gently thinking 'I love you too, but I need to get things taken care of. I need to tell everyone'

Edward responded, "Are you sure that's wise? They will be distraught. I know you don't want to do that to them."

Alice thought back to him 'I know, but they need to know. I know how to tell everyone but Jasper.' She sighed. She really had no idea how to break the news to him. It would be rough on both of them. 'besides, you know that we only have four days.'

Edward spoke, "You're right, Alice… as usual." The two of them laughed at their private joke, but it wasn't a full laugh, it was hard and constrained. It added to the tension building in the room.

Alice gestured for the family in the room to take a seat. She was inwardly glad that Emmet and Jasper were out on a hunting trip right now. She spoke in a clear commanding voice. "I have foreseen disturbing events today. The Volturi are coming here on a mission to collect me and if they don't get me, they will destroy you all." She ignored the gasps of surprise and continued. "There is only one way for me to keep my gift from them and for you all to live. You will have to kill me." Alice's voice became cold and unemotional at the last statement, not leaving them time to argue. "You will have to do it thoroughly. Edward, you will need to come up with a good excuse that will satisfy my 'execution'. I won't argue this. I have four days including today, and I still have to tell Emmet and Jasper. I would prefer that Carlisle and Edward to do it, as they will be merciful and not drag it out. I want you to put my ashes in a picture frame overlooking the lobby, here." Alice's face softened and took on a look of utter sorrow and longing as she said "I want to be with you, even in my death." And she was done. She said her piece and she waited for it. 5…4…3…2…1… "I can't believe you are going to leave me as the only girl here!" Rosalie shrieked, her vanity bypassing her true feelings of regret. "Esme's wonderful, but she's a woman really, you can't leave me. YOU CAN'T!" and she broke down in record time, heaving dry sobs in the way that vampires do. Esme joined her quite soon after, while Carlisle attempted to console her. Carlisle had his own way of grieving, his face showed the torture he was feeling for his adopted daughter. Though in reality it was Alice who had adopted them, Carlisle had taken to Alice in a way none of the others did. She had a special place in his heart. She would be leaving them… It tore his heart into shreds. Alice saw what he planned to do the moment he started thinking about it. "Oh, No you will not! I will not let you do that to yourself!" she hissed. "You will not kill yourself or else my death will be for nothing! You have someone else coming to you who needs your help, I will not let you end your existence, for in turn you will end his! He is special beyond all you can imagine. I will not let you hurt him." Alice drew herself up to full height. "The boy who is coming to you needs you more than you can possibly imagine. He has been hurting all of his existence and comes to YOU for help. He needs your acceptance more than anything right now. You are his last hope. You need to see the good in him, because he sees no good in himself. He has less confidence than Edward and he has good reasons to believe he is a monster, but he is not. He has a blindingly wonderful soul. You and Jasper will be a monumental role in showing him that he is worthy, no deserving of love. I warn you that he is different than us. That's all I can tell you on that subject." She turned to face Edward "You will smell him, but you will not hear his thoughts. He will be immune to all gifts from our kind except Jasper's. Beware of some of his natural gifts, for he will gain a portion of any gift he comes in contact with. He can make it where you, Edward, can hear his thoughts, but you won't want him to after you've been in his head. I will make sure that Jasper doesn't use his gift on him, because that will cause problems." She turned back to Carlisle "I love you Carlisle. You treated me wonderfully, but don't beat yourself up over my death, I am choosing this, and I want you to be the one because you will make it over with fast. I am absolving you of my death and once you meet your new charge you will know why." She turned back to face the rest of her family as a whole and said "Let's do something enjoyable for all of us until Emmet and Jasper arrive." And the Cullen Family enjoyed their evening talking of many different things to distract them from the despairing thoughts of what lie ahead.

It Starts With The End

(Harry's Beginning)

It started with the end, like everything in Harry's life. Harry's life had started with the end of his family; the end of his loving parents. The end of any normality that was never fated to be. The end of Love. The end of Life. The end of Happiness.

Harry was a couple of minutes from age 16 at the moment. The Dursley's were out on another one of their mini-vacations they liked to take every few weeks. They left Harry to sleep in their backyard. Though that wasn't all they left him with. At the moment Harry lay collapsed on the ground in the middle of a park near his 'home', blood pouring out of his pathetic body. Harry was completely exhausted, in mind, body, and especially his soul. He was so tired of fighting. He just wanted to close his eyes and fade away… that would be nice. Harry had no idea how long he lay there. Time meant nothing for him. Harry was disturbed from his lovely cloud of haze as he felt himself moving. He felt the wind rushing on his face, pulling his hair back. Harry sighed softly and relaxed into hard arms. The arms smelt of daffodils and peaches. Harry's mind was hazy, he couldn't concentrate. He felt himself slip over the edge, only to be brought back with a vengeance. Harry whimpered as he felt his skin rip open, and cold fluid flowed into his body. The process was repeated many times until Harry lost count. Finally it ended, and Harry was left in a dark forest when it started.

Oh, the PAIN. Harry had never felt such pain. Harry had been through many forms of torture, but thankfully none of them even got anywhere near the pain of this torture. Harry's body alternated between states of extreme heat and cold at first, until it decided to stay hot. Then the temperature increased. Oh, God, it felt like Harry's blood was boiling or something much hotter than that. Harry had been burned before, but that was nothing compared to the liquid magma flowing in his veins. Harry couldn't move, but inwardly he was pleading with death, begging for it to come, to end this infinite moment of pain. Suddenly the pain spread. Harry didn't even notice before that the pain he was feeling was only one of his arms. The pain of the hellish flames oozed into the sides of his chest, ignoring his organs and slowly creeped until his legs were being roasted along with his arms. Some broken connection from his brain to his legs had been restore—knitted together by the scorching fingers of the flame. The flame raged on.

Harry was sure it had been hours, but he couldn't be sure. In that time the flame spread until all of his limbs were on fire. Harry was sure that the reason one arm took longer to react was that it had been broken, and then the flame repaired it. Harry could feel that it was well, but then the pleasant throb of warmth rose to become molten magma. It was agony. Harry had quit pleading and begging after the first couple of hours, now he just was. He didn't think, he didn't have a personality, he just existed. He felt the pain all right, but he gave into the sensation. He began to appreciate the flame, each blistering tongue of flame that licked through his veins, but also he appreciated the burn as a whole. Eventually Harry began to think again. The fire did not decrease even a single degree, but he began to think around the pain. If Harry could move, he would have begged someone to kill him. Time never did become important, but eventually the pain changed. The pain started to fade. This had to be it, the pain had to be on its way out. It was too much for Harry to hope for. As he began to hope that the pain was beginning to stop, the flames began to move inward to attack his heart. Harry couldn't imagine that the pain could get worse. He felt the flames swoop in and char everything in him. Harry heard his breathing pick up the pace. It was ragged gasping. Harry bemusedly wondered why he wasn't breathing out ash. Then Harry's heart, already too fast, picked up—the fire driving its rhythm to a new, frantic pace. Harry began to ponder if this was his punishment for failing all of the people in his world, if he was to lay here in agony forever when—Oh!His heart took off, thumping like helicopter blades, the sound almost becoming a single sustained note; it felt like it would grind through his ribs. The flames flared up in the center of his chest, sucking the last remnants of the flames from the rest of his body to fuel the most scorching blaze. All the fire was drawn into his heart, leaving his limbs and the other parts of his body were left feeling pain-free and cool. The pain was enough to stun him, to break through the very deepest depths of his mind and break whatever held his body in place. His back arched, bowed as if the fire was dragging him upward by his heart. Harry's face twisted into pure agony. It became a battle, His heart racing against the attacking flames. Both were losing, but neither quit. The flames were doomed, having consumed everything that was combustible; his heart galloped toward its last beat. The fire constricted, concentrating inside the one remaining human organ with a final, unbearable surge. The surge was answered by a deep, hollow-sounding thud. His heart stuttered twice, and then thudded quietly again just once more. There was no sound. No breathing. Not even his. For a moment, the absence of pain was all he could comprehend. Then he opened his eyes and gazed above him in wonder.