Chapter Five: New Beginnings in Volterra

The first thing Harry could comprehend was that it was cold.

Cold was a strange thing for vampires; they didn't actually feel cold since they were colder than their surroundings. But Harry felt cold.

The next thing Harry noticed was it was darker than usual. Harry's vision cleared and the first thing he saw was blood.

There was blood on his hands.

Harry ran. He had done it again. It had been a week since he had left Romania and headed to Paris, to attempt to get information on the Cullens and the United States.

In one week Harry had killed nine people. Nine innocent lives had been cut off. Ending those lives also ended the lives of any children they might have had.

As Harry ran he felt the warm breeze on his skin. The freezing cold night felt like a hot summer's night to the skin of a killer like him. Harry just wanted it to end… he wanted peace, but it wasn't like he would ever get it.

He didn't deserve peace. As Harry ran he felt a small presence in his mind. It was very strange.

It felt as if he could feel a small pea rolling around in his head. It was annoying, like a bee sting. It wasn't long before he felt a strange mist cloud his mind too.

Suddenly Harry felt his mental barriers collapse and Harry knew nothing but darkness.

When Harry came to the first thing he took notice of was that he was in a strange place, unlike where he had been before. The first thought Harry had was, 'I was taken by someone'.

So, where was he taken and why? Harry was about to try to leave when he caught sight of a vampire on his left. In a flash Harry was on his feet in an unfamiliar stance.

If Harry had described it he would have said that it felt similar to a stance he had seen in a movie about ninja's. Harry had his left palm facing his opponent at chest level and his right palm was facing down at stomach level. His hands were slightly curled like claws and his knees were slightly bent.

Harry couldn't have told you why he slipped into this stance even if he wanted to; it just felt like the right thing to do. It felt natural. Harry narrowed his eyes and prepared to strike if he needed to. The vampire gave an amused chuckle and a grin before standing and stretching, as if he was stiff.

He stretched and began to speak. "There isn't need for that, young one. My master wants to speak with you, nothing more. He will not have you harmed until you have spoken. My name is Felix and you are in Volterra, the city of judgement for our kind. I serve the Voulturi; Marcus, Caius, and Aro. Aro wishes to speak with you, so let's not keep him waiting."

Harry lifted an eyebrow as Felix turned to depart and walked down a tunnel. Harry decided it was in his best interest to follow him and he followed Felix's fast pace with ease. It seemed as if the oppressing silence was squeezing his ears, so Harry decided to start a conversation.

"Why does Aro wish to speak with me?" Harry began, "I don't believe I have knowingly broken any laws and I don't have any gifts or talents, so why would he wish to speak to me? How on Earth did you find me anyway? Did you just happen to come across me on a search for someone else?"

Harry knew he was babbling, but he just couldn't seem to stop the words from tumbling out of his mouth. 'Oh well,' Harry thought, 'It's better for someone to think you're an idiot and immature than to think you are a threat.'

Felix gave a sigh as if he was searching for patience before he began speaking, "Aro has some very talented family members and one of them has a talent for finding very useful talents. I would seem that you have a very powerful talent that you do not yet know about, and Aro wishes to see if he can figure out what it is, as well as if you wish to join our family."

That made sense to Harry. If he had a talent then it would probably be on the radar somewhere, so Aro had found him and wanted to see if he could divulge Harry's 'talent' and if he would be a threat. 'Oh' Harry thought, 'I could probably get information on the Cullens while I am here at the very least'.

Felix led Harry through a maze of tunnels, which Harry promptly memorized the way out. If he needed to run, he wouldn't have any problems getting back to the main chamber, and then he could take some of the other tunnels until he found a way out.

Felix then led Harry to some sort of antechamber. Three vampires were sitting on throne-like chairs. One was in the center with one vampire on either side. It was clear that he was in charge here. Felix stepped forward and proceeded to bow in front of Aro, saying "Here he is, master."

Aro proceeded to speak with a voice that had an odd hiss that sent shivers up Harry's spine because of the resemblance to a certain dark lord. "I am Aro, this is Marcus" Aro gestured to his left, "and this is Caius" Aro gestured to his right. "And you are?"

"I am James Evans." Harry said, thinking it would be best if he gave a false name. If he was caught he would just excuse it with the fact that he went by his middle name and his mother's maiden name because it was too dangerous and painful to go by anything else.

"It is nice to meet you." Aro proceeded in formality. "Now, I am sure that you are wondering why you are here-"

Harry cut him off. "I already know. I pumped Felix for information, because I wasn't going somewhere without information of my own, lest I be caught unawares or be forced into a bad situation."

"Ah." Aro sounded surprised. "then I guess I can begin if it would please you."

"Of course." Harry said, his lips pulling up into a smirk that made his face look completely feral. Harry slowly made his way to approach Aro and offered his hand, remembering what Daniel had said about Aro's gift. He was expecting an approach like Snape's Occlumency lessons. He was expecting extreme pain, but he felt nothing but a small hand lightly caressing his thoughts. Aro stayed like that for a moment before he pulled away, looking at Harry as if he was a long lost gem found in a garage sale.

"Well," Aro stated as a matter of factly, "I cannot hear a word of your thoughts. I have a request to ask of you because you intrigue me so. I would ask you if I may have my Jane try her gift on you. If her gift doesn't work than I may have a theory on your gift."

"I would be delighted to indulge your curiosity. Just where is this 'Jane'?" Harry said, outwardly the complete embodiment of calmness, while inwardly he was panicking. Jane's gift was a painful one and it sounded as if her gift was like the cruciatus curse. Harry wasn't looking forward to this.

"She should be here quite soon." Aro stated before addressing Felix, "Felix, would you go and tell Jane I request her presence promptly, along with that of her mate?"

Felix nodded before heading down another passage Harry had missed with all of the happenings around him.

Harry would have been sweating if he could, but as he couldn't he just stood there, before Caius caught a glimpse of his eyes.

Caius stood abruptly and was in Harry's face before Harry could react. "What are you?" Caius hissed. "Why don't you have our eyes?"

Harry grabbed Caius's left arm and soon forced him into a kneeling position as he jerked his arm in a way that rendered Caius's body in a state where he couldn't move to reach Harry.

"Caius!" Marcus hissed, "You should know better than to attack a guest, especially one as special as James here!"

Harry released Caius and took a step back and took a good look at Aro's eyes. Aro's eyes were a murky red color that made Harry want to shudder. Marcus and Caius's eyes were the same color. Harry hadn't taken a look at his reflection since he had been changed, so he voiced his concerns.

"What color are my eyes? I haven't seen them since I have been changed."

Aro jerked his head to the left and a small vampire moved from behind Aro's throne to kneel in front of him.

"Renata," Aro spoke, "Go and get a mirror from one of my storage rooms."

"But master," Renata hissed, "What if you should need me?"

"Go Renata," Aro said angrily, his voice rising, "and do not question me next time. We are all friends here. I will have no need of you."

Renata hurriedly left to do as Aro asked, but she glared at Harry as she left. Harry jerked upright as he heard footsteps coming down one of the tunnels. Harry watched as Felix glided into the room, followed by two small figures.

Harry took one look at the figures and burst out laughing. He kept laughing for a full two minutes before he wiped his eyes with his sleeve. By now everyone was staring at him as if he was crazy. Harry straightened and began to explain. "I'm sorry, but to think that this is the great Lady Jane. I must admit that I had higher expectations. I didn't expect such a little girl like her."

At this Jane sent him a glare that Harry would say made Voldemort's glares look like a pitiful kitten. Jane sent him a look of pure hatred and disgust.

Aro quickly began speaking, "Now Jane, I am sure you are wondering why I called you and Alec here." Jane gave a small nod and Aro continued. "My gift doesn't work on young James here, and I was wondering if yours or Alec's did." At this Jane's face broke into an evil smirk that sent shivers down Harry's spine. "James has consented for you to test your gift on him and I eagerly await the results, so whenever you are ready."

Harry tensed as he waited for the bouts of pain to begin, but the only thing he felt was a small annoyance that felt familiar, but it was gone before Harry could analyze it. Everyone looked at Harry incredulously, as if he was a miracle or something. All except Jane, who looked at Harry as if he was the scum of the Earth. Harry, feeling uncomfortable said, "Where is it… I'm ready."

Aro started to laugh. Harry turned to look at him incredulously. "My boy, Jane already tried. Did you feel anything?"

"No." Harry said, starting to feel uncomfortable and nervous.

"Hah! Wonderful!" Aro stated with glee, his face curling into a smile that Harry really didn't like. "My boy, would you like to join us? I am sure that we could delve deeper into your gift and find out all that you can do! How about it?"

Harry knew he would regret it, but he couldn't honestly find a way to say no. At least he couldn't find a way to say no without pissing them off and having Aro's guards kill him, so he opened his mouth and-

The slamming of a door interrupted them as a vampire missing an arm and other large chunks of his body ran and collapsed at Aro's feet. "My Lord, Volterra is being invaded and the invaders brought thousands of newborns…"