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Summary: A/U. Six years after the events of ROTS, Darth Vader is sent to Alderaan to round up the Rebel leaders suspected to be gathered there, and instead he finds someone he did not expect.

For The Love Of A Child

Chapter 1

Early one morning as the sun rose over the cityscape of Coruscant, Darth Vader received a summons from his master, the Emperor, Palpatine. Vader hoped that he was not being sent on another mindless task that any of the commanding officers could handle on their own, though he would not admit that out loud for fear of angering his master. Since the Jedi temple was destroyed almost six years ago, he had been sent on mere errands more and more frequently and he was growing tired of them.

As he stalked through the corridors, men and women of all different stations scrambled out of the way in fear of him and his temper, but his mind was elsewhere and he scarcely noticed them.

When Vader approached the double onyx doors of the throne room, the single Red Guard gave a curt nod and stepped aside as the doors slid open, allowing him to enter. On the other side of the doors there were two more Red Guards standing as sill as statues, Vader strode past them into the sparsely lit obsidian room and up a short flight of stairs to the throne, then knelt down on one knee and bowed his head. The throne swiveled round silently on its track to face the dark lord. Its occupant, a shriveled and deathly pale man-the Emperor-who was hardly recognizable as human, gazed at Vader with sickly yellow eyes from beneath the cowl of his robes.

"What is thy bidding my Master?" Vader asked respectfully.

"You will go to the Alderaan system, there are rumors of a rebel gathering in Aldera in two days," the Emperor said.

Vader's head shot up abruptly. "My master, surely there are others who-"

"Is there something more important you wish to do then follow my orders, Lord Vader?" Emperor Palpatine asked, cutting his apprentice off.

"No, my master," Vader said, bowing his head once again.

"Good, there is still at least one Jedi who may yet be alive. Obi-Wan Kenobi is rumored to be on the home planet of Anakin Skywalker..." the Emperor said.

Vader's head shot up once more. "Kenobi," he growled, his fiery, yellow eyes flashed with malice. Just hearing that name brought back the painful memories of Mustafar: he was standing upon a floating platform watching Kenobi like a predator stalking its prey.

Then Kenobi had spoken, "it's over, Anakin, I have the high ground. Don't try it."

Did he think he could beat Vader that easily? "You underestimate my powers!" he, Vader roared in anger.

Then he had attempted to flip over Kenobi's head, when he suddenly felt as though his body had slammed into an invisible wall. Kenobi had force-pushed him! He'd lost his momentum and tumbled down the slope only just managing to keep himself from plunging into the river of lava.

By the time he made it up to the top, his wife's yacht had lifted off and was headed for space. They were gone.

Palpatine cackled gleefully at the hatred that filled his apprentice at the mention of Kenobi and the wave of memories that followed. "You are to keep the gathering from happening. My spies tell me that Organa was one of the last to see Kenobi before he disappeared, extract all the information that you can from Organa and his family. Then find Kenobi and dispose of him."

"With pleasure, my master."

"Good," the Emperor said as he turned back around. "Now go."

Vader rose to his feet, his cloak swirled around him as he turned on his heel and left the room.

As he headed back down the black marble halls towards the landing platform, he pulled his comlink from his belt.

"Ready my shuttle," he barked, then replaced the communicator to its pouch.

When he reached the landing platform Vader met an officer who was no older then he was. "Alert the Exactor to prepare for my arrival!" Vader ordered as he stalked up the ramp.

"Yes, My lord," the officer replied.

Vader's shuttle landed in the main hanger of the Exactor's ramp lowered with a hiss. Steam billowed from ramp's hydraulic system and swirled around Vader as he descended it. The commanding officer and a junior officer were waiting for the dark lord at the foot the ramp.

"Set course for the Alderaan system," Vader said, then left the hanger and headed towards his chambers to meditate, while the two officers hurried to the bridge to carry out the orders.


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