A/N: So, this is my new series. No idea how many chapter it will be. Maybe 25 or so. Based on 90's fads because I'm a REAL child of the 90's. Don't deny it, you'll remember most of these things too. Read and review? Enjoy!

Book You Should Read: "To Catch A Pirate" by Jade Parker

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I'm Going Digital

"Alice, what's wrong?"

"If I could cry, I totally would right now!"

"Why? Ali, what is it?"

"Oh, Edward," Alice cried, throwing her arms around her bother, "I can't bear it! It's just too hard to talk about!"

"Aw, come on sis, you know you can tell me anything." He replied, patting her on the back. "Now, what's got you all upset?"

"Edward… Scotch- he… he… he died!" She whimpered.

Edward crinkled his nose in confusion.

"Who's Scotch?"

Edward backed up so he could look down into his sister's eyes. They were big golden orbs, staring sadly back into his own.

"Scotch was my Tamagotchi, and he died!" She cried, pointing at the small, pink toy on the coffee table.

Sighing, Edward released her and walked out of the room without a backward glance. If she thought he was going to comfort her over the loss of a virtual pet, she had another thing coming.