Everyday Moments Of Perfection

Her Christmas Present

A/N: I just decided to start my own little collection of J x A drabbles/one-shots. They're good for relieving the writer's block of my other stories, but hopefully you guys will like them too. Just a bunch of ansgty/cute little Jasper and Alice moments. First one: Christmas!

Note: Hey, everyone. I'm making this note on... the 27th of March 2009. Just to say thank you to everyone who's read/reviewed/alerted and faved this story since I started writing it. I'm laughing as I read my original note up there... this has become my most popular story! It's evolved into a collection of drabbles, one-shots (they get longer as you go along) and there are a few AH specials and missing Jalice moments from the actual books dotted around as well. So, read and enjoy! :)

Second Note: 14th of May '09. Just to let you all know that I will start to revise all the early one-shots/drabbles, since they aren't nearly as good as the ones towards the end.

Wrapping paper littered the floor of Alice and Jasper's bedroom.

Bright, holly-covered and ripped to miniscule shreds.

Giggles came from inside the locked, cream door; the sounds unheard by the rest of the Cullens.

Jasper lay next to Alice on their silky, four-poster bed. His arm was hooked around her waist, and Alice laughed, draping her arm over his shoulder. The curtains shivered as the chilled winter air lazily drifted inside, causing Jasper's loose shirt to billow around him. He smiled; one of his rare smiles, and Alice's eyes glinted a brighter gold, she was happy to see it. Jasper's face softened as he felt the tender emotions running through her, and softly placed a kiss on the tip of her nose. She giggled, and he pulled back a little, holding up a small object.

Jasper was dangling a bright gold, heart-shaped locket in front of Alice, who was playfully swiping for it. Jasper's deep rumbly laughter bubbled up as he lay on top of her, pinning her under him. She grinned wickedly, tickling his stomach with her nimble fingers. Jasper rolled over, and Alice laughed as their arms and legs were entangled. Alice let out a small squeal as she unceremoniously fell off the side of the bed; Jasper's low chuckles following her down. She lay on the floor, not using her vampiric abilities to rise immediately to her feet.

She lay still for a little longer, bunching the soft carpet between her pale, slender fingers. She closed her eyes, listening to the quiet, satisfying crunch of squashed wrapping paper beneath her small, elfish form.

Alice felt a soft thump beside her as she was joined on the cream carpet by her lover.

"What fascinates you so – on the floor?" Jasper whispered, with quiet laughter.

"Just this," Alice whispered back, rolling on her side to face him, their noses almost touching. "Just us."

Jasper's eyes softened immeasurably, and he reached forward to embrace her. His fingers drifted up her arm, trailing circles on her ivory skin. Alice kissed him and as he became distracted by her lips, by the passionate way in which they moved against his own, her hand quickly darted out at an inhuman speed, and retrieved her present from his grasp.

She released him, her eyes twinkling, and dangled the chain in front of him, sticking her tongue out playfully. Her laughter tinkled in his ears, reminding him suddenly of the silver bells that used to resound at the local church every Christmas. He felt truly at home with her, and he smiled.

He reached out, placing the golden locket carefully around her slender neck. He tapped it, and pouted. "Cheater."

Alice winked, and Jasper drew her in closer. This was the best Christmas yet.