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You were as lyrical as a telemarketer; with your robotic replies and army posture. But that's what I love to hate about you.

"I'm sorry, Leah."

You were ignorant; you didn't grasp the fact that I knew you too well. We're both well-aware you're not at the very least apologetic.

"I can't help it. I..." You trailed off and a goofy grin told me you've floated off to cloud nine -- with Emily. You were too preoccupied to notice the pained expression on my face.

I got frustrated at myself for almost breaking down my wall and let out a sharp growl. That got you back to reality.

"I don't know what to say", you semi-stuttered.

"You never do, Sam."

"It's just that.. God, if I had a choice!... It's not me, it's - it's something else... Leah... Lee-lee?" I acted apathetic; you, on the other hand, were hysterical.

"DAMMIT, LEAH! What am I supposed to do?!" I was still unmoved.

"You promised," I turned and looked at you in the eye, "You told me I was the one you'd grow old with -- that we'd have children together with a house in the reservation. We had it all planned out, remember? You promised you'd never leave. You said forever."

You tore your gaze and stared at your feet. "Maybe forever has ended."

Pity; the most poetic thing you've said was the same exact one that broke my heart.

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