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Chapter Two What Happened?

Hermione sat there in shock. She hadn't moved in the last five minutes since Kingsley told her about Sirius' return.

Oh my god. Sirius is back. Sirius Black. Another person I lost and mourned. How is he back?

Hermione looked up at Kingsley and the unspeakable her eyes pleading with them to tell her all they know.

"What happened?" Hermione asked.

"Right now we don't know anything except that at 8:16 the veil began to glow and Sirius fell out, unconscious. When he came around he started attacking everyone around him screaming at them to let him go and let him see Harry. He only stopped because I showed up and even then he doubted if it was really me. In fairness I have aged at bit since he last saw me."

Hermione just nodded her head, closing her eyes to blink back the tears that were threatening to spill. She had to be strong and not show any weakness in front of Kingsley, as kind as he was to her, she knew that he was close to the Weasleys and would surely tell them if she broke down in his office.

"Why am I here then?" Hermione asked Kingsley quietly.

"Because, like I said earlier, we can't reach Harry or Ron or Ginny and Sirius doubts that I'm telling the truth when I said who I am and where he is and so we thought that…"

"Wait! Why does Sirius doubt who you are? You were in the order together, surely he can recognise you!"

"Ah, but you see Hermione the last time Sirius was alive we were in the middle of a battle with Voldemort and his followers. How does Sirius know that I'm not some Death Eater using polyjuice potion to get him to trust me?" Kingsley asked her.

"Oh. Poor Sirius! He must think that you're holding him captive."

"That's what we think. That is also why I asked you to come. Since Albus and Remus are gone and we can't reach the others, I thought you would be the next person that could get him to calm down and see sense." Kingsley looked at Hermione.

"Why me? Why not Molly or Arthur?" She asked angrily.

"Don't you remember how Sirius and Molly got on? They were always fighting. Besides, I don't want too many people to know about Sirius' return. Not until we know more about it." Kingsley said calmly trying to get Hermione to let go of her anger.

"Fine. What do you need me to do Minister?" Hermione asked coolly. She didn't like any mention of her former friends and those she once considered her family. Not after what they did to her.

"We need you to go down to were Sirius is being monitored. Just talk to him and try to explain to him that the war is over and that we won." Kingsley said as he and the unspeakable made their way to the door, wanting Hermione to follow them.

Hermione stood up and just nodded her head. As she followed them both down the corridor to the elevator she thought of how she was going to explain Harry not being here, or how she was going to tell Sirius that his last friend was killed in battle. As they reached the Department of Mysteries Hermione took a deep breath as Kingsley stopped at a door with two guards on it.

"I thought he was a free man?" Hermione asked Kingsley who only looked at her before saying.

"It's for his protection as well as ours. Don't forget he still thinks that a war is going on. Maybe seeing you will help convince him." With that Kingsley nodded at the two guards who unlocked the door and motioned for Hermione to enter. Hermione took a deep breath before entering and what she saw stopped her in her tracks.

"Oh my god! Sirius?"