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Chapter 1: Fog

/ Telepathic /

22 June 1997 A.D. 04:50 pm

The London docks were quiet. The fog had rolled in late the previous night, thickened to the consistency of pea and ham soup and stayed. The local Hotel was also quiet with just the janitor out and about in this early hour. The sounds of cleaning came from the rooms that would, later in the day, shelter new guests.

A young man, no older than 16, was looking out at the fog choked harbor, though had anyone chanced to look into his green eyes they would have noted he was not seeing the fog, but staring off into some far distance. Sleeping in the same room was a bushy haired man who was easily the size of two men in height and potentially three men in girth, and a younger man.

Harry Potter, last of the Dragon Lords and leader of the Dragon Host, a group of people who have sworn loyalty to him, and in return he has shown them a power that had not been used for over 2000 years. He stood looking out over the fog bound harbor wondering how he was going to finish what he planed to start this day.

Green eyes saw far off into the distance, though his thoughts dwelt on the woman in the next room along the hall, asleep, carrying his unborn child.

The door opened and Minerva McGonagall entered, dressed as a Muggle that his Aunt Petunia would have termed a 'gossip friend'.

"Good morning, Professor. What are you doing up at this early hour?" Harry asked with out turning from the window, his gaze shifting to watch her reflection in the window as she approached him.

"I thought I would get an early start on things, Harry." Minerva murmured her voice low enough not to wake the others in the room, and she joined Harry at the window.

Harry nodded and returned his attention to the fog bound harbor. He could just make out the first morning workers walking through the shifting mist and the trickle of night workers making their way home to warm and dry beds.

"I know what you mean, Professor. I have been up most of the night. Voldemort decided I needed to see his charming face, but I can't see him doing that again soon. Not after what I did." Harry smiled at the thought of the look on Voldemort's face when he blasted the Dark Lord right out of his mind.

Minerva shuddered at the name but stopped just as quickly when Harry gave her a pointed look. "I take it you will be sleeping on the boat then. We need to discuss what is to be done with Tonks. Early on in the journey will not be a problem, but later… We can't very well have her having a baby while we are in the middle of nowhere."

Minerva settled into the chair near Harry. In the room next to theirs they heard the ringing of a telephone and the low murmur of voices and knew their companions were receiving their wake up calls.

Harry nodded and looked over his shoulder and a moment later the telephone began to ring. He listened for a moment, thanked the switchboard operator and hung up. Glancing at the two men slumbering peacefully Harry smiled evilly and quickly sketched a rune in mid air. A foghorn blast filled the room.

The Professor fought down a smile as Hagrid sat bolt upright, scrambling to his feet and, to Harry's disgust but not surprise, Ron merely rolled over.

"I am hoping you and Hermione could be with Tonks. I am afraid I would not be at ease without you two near her, particularly when she goes into labour."

Harry opened a case and after a moment, in which Hagrid flopped back on his bed causing an alarming chorus of creaks to come from the stressed bed, produced a piece of paper which he passed to the Professor. On examining the document Minerva discovered it to be a blank birth certificate, only the mother and father's names were filled in.

"It's a port key and it is keyed to any pains and contractions to do with birthing; a parting gift from Madam Pomfrey."

Minerva folded the port key carefully and tucked it away in her coat before looking at the somnolent Ron Weasley who was beginning to snore in a manner reminiscent of Hagrid in deep repose. Sighing the Professor produced her wand and, with a deft flick of her wrist and whispered word, hit him in the face with a jet of ice cold water.

With a scream far more high pitched than Harry would have thought Ron capable of, the red head scrambled from the bed to stand dripping, ghostly pale and whimpering.

"We leave in two hours, Mr. Weasley, with or without you. I suggest you remain out of bed and prepare yourself for the day." rising the Professor nodded to Hagrid amicably and the hairy gamekeeper of Hogwarts hastened to the bathroom.

Harry cast a rune to repair the bed as the professor cowered Ron with one of her polished glares and with a nod to Harry she departed. In her wake the red head looked to Harry and shuddered.

"Bloody scary. More scary now than at Hogwarts!" Ron muttered.

As Minerva closed the door behind her she noted Holly and her daughter were up and ready for travelling and Tonks was just emerging from her room. The four women greeted each other quietly and gathered together in a little huddle in the centre of the hall.

"Good morning all. Are we breakfasting downstairs or waiting for the ship to depart the harbor?" she asked, smiling at the three younger women.

Tonks looked up from rubbing at her rounded middle. Only the group could see her rounded belly, a charm had been cast on her to hide the fact she was pregnant from any possible spies who might notice them.

"Do you think you're denying me food while I'm like this?" Tonks grinned and there was an evil glint to her eyes. "I'll take both the breakfast here and one later on the ship."

Looking for the first of said breakfasts Tonks moved off down the hall, nodding amicably to Molly, who was just leaving the room she had shared with her daughter, Minerva and Silvenestri.

Holly gave a snorted laugh at the comment and looked at Minerva. "She went most of the night with out food, as we wouldn't open the cooler or the mini bar."

The professor laughed, a short explosive sound, as Hermione shook her head and hurried to follow Tonks, not wanting her out of her sight. Hermione, they had all noticed, always remained close to Tonks, who was carrying not only her best friend's child, but her future godchild too.

Arutha walked out of the suite he had shared with his family and Tonks during the night, looking very much as though he had not slept at all.

"Any idea if this boat has nice soft beds in enough cabins to ensure no pregnant women are within three rooms of you?" He asks, a massive yawn silencing him.

Molly walked over to join them and they all had a quiet snicker at his expense. Holly took his arm gently and began to lead him down the hall, promising him coffee and that she would see to it Tonks was in Harry's care for the next sleepless night.

"Minerva, are you sure it's wise to have Tonks accompany us? I mean, she isn't going to be able to move quickly soon, and from what I could tell we are likely to need speed in this endeavour, if we intend to get the kids back in time for school?" Molly queried as she walked beside Minerva toward the elevator.

"It'll be alright, Molly. Harry and his inner circle are already more than skilled in N.E.W.T, level classes and Ron can catch up if he decides to knuckle down and do the work when we get back. As to the matter of Tonks… I had a few words with Harry just a few minutes ago and learned Harry has seen to a portkey for her when the baby comes. Now don't worry and just enjoy the trip, I know I am going to." Minerva reached the elevator first and hit the call button.

Before the elevator arrived, Harry, Silvenestri and Hagrid joined them, Harry muttering about red haired boys that needed to learn how to brew waking potions if he was going to be like this every morning and about how, when he was that age, he had been up at the crack of, if not before, dawn.

Minerva wore an amused smirk as, though he did not look it, she knew full well Harry was a good seven years older than Ron. It was almost a year now since Harry had cast the spell which had stripped seven years of growth from him.

Molly looked at Harry and rolled her eyes "You just have to know how to wake him up, Harry dear. I'll get him; and Ginny as well while I'm at it. I will meet you all down in the lobby."

Molly made her way back down the hall toward their rooms and there was a determined, no nonsense air to her walk that left Harry in no doubt Ron would be awake in no time.

The lobby was quite at this time of the morning and Tonks could be seen sitting in the small restaurant attached to the lobby. She sat at the small cluster of tables they had designated their meeting area the night before, a cup of tea in one hand and a slice of toast in the other. Harry decided she must have stolen the slice of toast from the kitchen as the eating area was supposed to be closed at the moment. Beside her Hermione was sipping coffee, her hands wrapped around the cup to make use of the heat.

Silvenestri, her silver blonde curls bouncing merrily about her, skipped forward and, to Holly and Minerva's shock, calmly took the toast from Tonks' hand and ate it right in front of her.

"That child has a death wish. You never touch a pregnant woman's food." Holly whispered, aghast as she watched Tonks level a hard look at the child.

Harry laughed softly and joined the two women in watching the child and pregnant woman.

"Silvenestri is more then capable of fighting off Tonks. If anything, it will be a challenge to Tonks to try and out eat her."

Leaving the older women Harry joined Tonks and kissed her gently and whispered his challenge.

"I am wondering who will win at out eating who on the boat, you or the little dragon?"

Holly looked at Harry in confusion and looked to Minerva for an answer, but the professor merely smiled and led the way over to some chairs at the adjacent table, Arutha joining them there.

"I see you have not been told that Silvenestri is not really human. She is, in fact, about as far from being human as you can get. Silvenestri, Holly, is actually a Greater Dragon, the only known Greater Dragon in existence from what we can tell. Harry hasn't been able to detect any others, and he has tried repeatedly"

Holly looked shocked and half turned to study the little girl who was now running around a low table, laughing as Tonks was hot on her heels and all the while cursing at her for stealing her food out from under her nose. She assured Silvenestri that Harry wasn't going to save her this time.

"But she looks so normal! And the way she is acting at the moment, she's like a little annoying sister to Tonks. I should know, I was an annoying little sister. How can she be a dragon? I have read some of Hermione's books and all of the authors agree that Dragons are dangerous and shouldn't be approached at all costs."

Minerva nodded. "The books are written about the modern Dragons, not the ancient Greater Dragon species. By Dragon years yes, Silvenestri is young, only six years of age. In another five to six years she will be more than likely more intelligent than all of us put together. She is already incredibly quick, reading books with incredible speed and retaining all of the information. She has intelligence far greater than our own, she merely lacks the knowledge to exercise it; and of course her emotions are, at present, those of a young child. She will out live all of us except for Harry, who is her Rider."

Holly looked, if anything, more confused, particularly at the last comment and was about to say something when Molly joined them with the last of their group, almost dragging Ron behind her.

"What did I miss?" the Weasley matron was looking at Tonks who had pinned Silvenestri in a corner, and at Harry and Hermione who were watching with huge smiles.

"Just Silvenestri being a little sister." Minerva murmured, motioning to the group. "She was teasing Tonks and stealing her food."

Silvenestri squealed as Tonks lunged forward and commenced her attack, tickling the little girl with a wild laugh.

Holly laughed herself, finding it practically impossible to believe the little girl who was trying to break free of Tonks' hold was really a dragon of great power. Turning her attention back to the Professor she questioned her on what she had been told.

"What do you mean; Harry will be the only one to live as long as she will? And what was that about him being her rider?"

Minerva sighed and after making sure no other Muggles were around she made a few cups of tea with a wave of her wand.

"Harry is, and more than likely will be, the last true Dragon Lord of this world. If there were other Greater Dragons to be found in this day and age, any of his children who could bond with them won't be as well trained as he is. His training wasn't completed and he does not know all that a Dragon Rider would have known. You see, Harry found a spell and being the brilliant young man that he is, he cast it. He ended up in 500 BC, or close to that time from what we have theorized. While there he chanced to find a Dragon Lord and his female Greater Dragon. The Lord trained him after he promised Silvenestri's mother he would look after the unhatched dragon."

Minerva paused and looked over to see Harry pull Tonks back to sit next to him, both of the young people clearly enjoying being with each other. They were all aware of the time and how long it would be before they must leave.

"A few years later, not long after Silvenestri turned five, they closed the only known gate to Death's realm and Harry returned to this time, with Silvenestri. Dragon Lords were a power unto themselves and in the past the Ministry was only just starting to come into control of the world. They saw the Dragon Lords as an un-controllable element, totally unable to fit in with their new ideals of how the world should be structured. They ordered their wizards to hunt down and kill all Dragon Lords and the detaining of all female Metamorphmagus, as a Dragon Lord could only have children with them. Before you ask, I don't know why, Harry has not explained as yet. What he has said is that he will live as long as Silvenestri lives, and vice versa, so Harry has a good thousand years of living ahead of him, if not longer, provided Silvenestri dies a natural death."

"Oh my, how sad." Holly looked at the carefree young man kissing Tonks. "That means he will have to watch as all of his friends, and even his lover, die. He will have to watch them slowly die of old age right before his eyes. It will break his heart."

"He knows, Holly. That is why he seems so care free now. He is living life to the fullest with his friends and loved ones, but they and Tonks will be with him in this world for a good number of years yet. Also, as Metamorphmagus live, on average, for five hundred years, it is not so bad for them."

Minerva rose and nodded, signaling it was time they moved and Harry rose too. Hagrid appeared with a large box in hand, the sea chest containing everything they had brought with them yesterday, thanks to a few well placed charms.

"Alright everyone. Time to go, and just a brief reminder. This is a Muggle ship, not a Wizarding world vessel. No magic is to be cast unless it's a life or death situation and Silvenestri, do keep your human form until I say otherwise." Harry looked over the gathered group.

The little silver haired girl gave Harry a look that clearly asked if he honestly thought she was an idiot, before snorting in a very draconic expression of disgust and starting towards the doors leading to the docks. Tonks and Hermione were right behind her as Harry ushered the entire group out the doors, taking one last moment for himself to impress this time on his memory.

This, he knew, was the first step on a long and hard road towards the shaping of the future of the Wizarding and Muggle worlds.