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Chapter 10: The Birthday and New Blade.

/ Telepathic /

\ Parseltongue \

31 July 1997 17:00 PM AD

The next two days passed with little activity. Tonks' reward to Harry was the promise that she would let him 'knock her up', as she so quaintly phrased it, a total of four times and not three as she originally had said. Of course, if she ever had twins that would count as two of those allocated.

Harry spent most of his time when awake in the forge, working on his new sword. What surprised everyone who visited him was that not only was he working on the sword, but he was crafting five new cloaks. Whenever they questioned him about theses cloaks, and who they would be given to, he would smile and say it was a surprise and that they should wait and see what he had planned.

On his birthday Harry was, once again, working the forge, one eye always on the door to the little smithy shop, well aware that Tonks and Kirenna had planed something for his birthday. He was watching the door more closely than normal, as he wasn't much of a party person after his trip back through time.

It was towards the end of the day and Harry had just finished hammering out one of the bars of metal into a blade like shape, a blank, knowing he would have to take it up again in the morning but feeling pleasantly tired. He put the partly completed blade into the hot coals once more, heating it again to the point where it was ready for work, when the slight clearing of a throat made him spin quickly, smithy hammer in hand poised, ready to throw.

He relaxed when he saw Hermione, noting her small smile and winced. Fine reward that would have been, nearly caving her skull in with a smithy tool.

"I'll have to remember not to do that again, I might not be so lucky next time." She calmly stepped back and to the side though she remained behind best friend, not offering to help but taking the opportunity to admirer his toned and well muscled form. 'Working in a forge is paying off. If he was single I might have considered trying to go out with him.' She thought, keeping her smile in place as Harry shook his head and began cleaning up the small smithy shop he had been given.

"Let me guess, they are ready for the party for my 'technically' twenty third, or was it twenty fourth?... birthday. Pain in the ass, trying to keep track of time in the past."

Harry inspected the sword blank before dipping it in carefully measured movements in a pale of cold water before inspecting it again and setting it carefully aside for later work. He emptied the bucket in a concealed drain in a shadowed nook and finished putting the smithy in order before turning to Hermione. With a sigh, he really did not want a fuss made, he led Hermione out of the smithy shop and into the main forge complex before they moved out into the cool air.

"You would guess right, Harry. Tonks and Kirenna have set up a nice little party, just the group and Kirenna though. The rest of the Nymphs aren't invited, so it's just your family. Silvenestri also says to let you know that 'that little pest of a rut won't be coming to the party' as he is being watched by the three girls." Hermione finished with a laugh at the sight of Spark being penned in by the three female greater dragons, Silvenestri sitting off to one side looking down at them like a proud older sister.

"That's nice to know. The little guy is just full of energy. I'm going to have to talk to the Nymphs who are feeding him. It's got to be something in his food; I don't recall Silvenestri ever being this bad." Harry commented, more to himself than Hermione, who nodded to him and led the way up out of the village and to the small clearing just outside the villages ward. The truck was parked near a large bonfire, the fire being the first thing that they both saw on approaching the camp.

Mrs. Granger and Mrs. Weasley were standing to one side with a large BBQ set up in front of them, the two women seeming to be in some sort of contest to see who could cook the perfect steak in the least amount of time without the use of magic. Mr. Granger and Hagrid were seated near the bonfire, a bottle of whisky being passed between them as they talked and built on their already solid friendship.

Tonks, along with the others, was seated at a large table set up to one side of the fire, a small pile of presents set near the head, Harry smiled, accepting defeat graciously and shook his head, moving to join the larger group, leaning down to kiss Tonks cheek.

"Thank you, Love."

Before she could answer the sound of wings alerted them all to Silvenestri's approach. She came in to land just outside of the bonfire's sphere of light, her great silver head gleaming as she approached the lighted circle and she hummed softly in greeting.

\ Happy birthday, Harry. \

Harry inclined his head to her to acknowledge her silent greeting, and he stepped around Tonks to take his place at the head of the table. Hagrid and Arutha moved to join the others, each wishing him a happy birthday as they approached.

Smiling broadly at everyone as they approached, Molly and Holly joined them at the table, each carrying a large tray of cooked meat which they placed in the centre of the table before taking their individual seats. Harry looked around at his friends, and at Silvenestri's large form dwarfing everyone there, and realised he felt wonderfully content.

"Thank you all for doing this. Now let's eat! I don't know about the rest of you, but I work up quite a hunger in the forge." He beamed a wide smile at everyone as one of the largest steaks flew from the tray and onto his plate.

Laughing and nodding they all turned to the selection of food available, filling their plates and joking quietly amongst themselves. Tonks leaned in close to his side, "Happy Birthday, and you had best understand right here and now, that I plan on celebrating your birthday ever year like this. With good friends and good food."

Harry smiled and inclined his head as he, like everyone else, filled his plate and feasted, enjoying the respite in the war and the company of good friends.


31 July 1997 18:40 PM AD

Voldemort paced back and fourth across the length of the meeting hall. Bellatrix knelt to one side having handed him a report on how circumstances were developing for their forces. So far his Death Eaters were losing rather badly. With the loss of some of his elite members in the battle of Hogwarts, as well as the death of Lucius Malfoy over a week ago… and his son wasn't anywhere near as skilled as his father had been in getting information from the Ministry...

"How are the new trainees, Bellatrix?" Looking over his shoulder sharply at the kneeling woman, his displeasure was obvious.

A small smile was offered to her master. "Well, my lord, another week or so and they will be ready to face the useless Aurors of the Ministry and win, no matter what they do. I can guarantee that should they fail they will know true pain at my hands." The smile quickly grew into an insane laugh at the thought of inflicting pain on any who failed her master.

"Very well. I want you to head off with a few of the trainees and attack the blood traitor's homes. Feel free to bring back new test subjects, but otherwise do as you please."

Voldemort turned away from her, dismissing her and moving towards his main chambers, leaving Bellatrix nodding and happily skipping off to gather her team together. It would be fun to pay a visit to a certain red haired family she really wanted to take out. Traitors to Wizarding Blood needed to be taught their place.

Within his chambers Voldemort walked over to a dusty, dilapidated book set on a table. A great deal of researching and searching had led to a few deaths of particularly scholarly wizards, and he had even been required to perform a little tomb robbing before he had acquired the volume. Simply titled Ancient Dragons the pages within were faded, torn and, in some cases, missing. From the brief look he had taken on first acquiring it, the volume suggested to him it was as old as the Ministry of Magic, and possibly written when they had declared war on the Dragon Lords. Possibly. He had yet to authenticate it, but within its pages could lie valuable information on the Dragons and, better still, information on the Dragon Lords style of magic.

A fierce smile slashed his lips apart, more of a grimace than an actual smile, not that there was anyone present to witness it. "The next time we clash, Potter, I'll have the advantage. After all, if the likes of you can learn to control this magic, then only I can understand and perform it better than you could ever hope to."

Voldemort laughed, head thrown back, imagining the chaos and destruction he would bring to those who foolishly opposed him. Settling into a high backed great chair he pulled the volume towards him and began to read, his smile only growing wider and more vicious at the information disclosed.

0000000000000000000000000000 00000000

31 July 1997 20:17 PM AD

Harry's birthday party had been a hit with all of the participants and a few hours later found everyone settled in the common room of the abode on the trucks back. Silvenestri, in her human form, was happily seated in front of the roaring fireplace, humming softly and clearly happy with herself. Her training of the much younger female dragons was going well, very well, Harry gathered through his link with her. She was almost purring with her content.

Harry was seated next to Tonks, swathed in the warm folds of a new Weasley jumper and reading one of the new sets of books that Hermione and her parents had given him. It was ironic really, and quite fitting, that they had given him for his birthday the complete set to date of Anne McCaffrey's, Dragon Riders of Pern.

Everyone was sitting around enjoying the silence made up of the distant howl of the wind beyond shelter of the rock escarpment, and the slight rumbling purr coming from Silvenestri. Ron and Ginny seemed to be hovering on the verge of sleep, safe and relaxed in the warmth of the common room whilst Hermione read a book in the corner. The adults, with the exception of Tonks, were playing a friendly game of cards with Kirenna being the dealer.

Tonks was engaged in writing in Lily's diary, informing her of how the party had gone and what everyone was doing at the moment. She paused after her latest entry, looking up at Harry and leaning in closer to his side.

"So what are your plans for tomorrow?"

Harry didn't shift his gaze from the book, moving his head just enough to kiss Tonks' on the crown of her head. "Working on my new sword a little more, maybe engaging in a bit of training with those four scamps who will one day grow into responsible, respectable dragons… at least I hope. I need to make it a little easier to control them for the Nymphs after we leave. One of them in particular," he rolled his eyes and Tonks snickered softly, "Will be a royal hand full if he is not pulled into line. Why, did you need me for something?"

"Well, I was thinking of, perhaps, a little candle lit dinner for two… something along that line. The Nymphs, I have learned, have a nice intimate little place where they like to take their male guests before they introduce them to the bedchamber." Tonks wanted to leer suggestively at Harry, but seeing the soft look and smile on his face at the thought of such an interlude she thought better of it.

Romantic and sweet then, that was fine with her.

"Well, I do know that the Nymphs make sure that their guests spend a few weeks in heaven before sending them back down to Earth. Sounds nice. Say, seven in the evening?" Harry's smile widened as he looked down at Tonks who nodded and snuggled into his side, enjoying his warmth and the feel of his heart beat so close.

A few hours later everyone headed down to bed, Silvenestri choosing to move outside to sleep in her natural form and keep watch for any further Death Eater attacks. No one was likely to escape her draconic senses. Kirenna, being the last to give in to sleep, entertained thoughts on her designs to join with the team on their hunt for the Forgotten's city.

0000000000000000000000000000 000

20 August 1997 12:39 PM

For slightly more than two weeks they enjoyed their break from travelling and the hospitality of the Nymphs. Ron and the men were watched closely as ever now and then one of the younger Nymphs would try and draw them off for a night in her private chambers.

One day, not long after noon, everyone was called to gather in front of the truck. Soon after the last of their number had arrived Harry walked up to them with a large bundle tucked under one arm. Tonks, along with Kirenna and Minerva, was seated to one side in the shelter of the truck, whilst the others were sitting around the bonfire that had been kept burning by the nymphs since his birthday.

Pausing to look over everyone Harry drew back his shoulders and addressed the members of his host. "Would those of you who have a cloak made by me get them and put them on, please."

Sharing glances Hermione and the others quickly left to fetch their cloaks, leaving Molly, Ron, Holly, Arutha, and Kirenna standing before him. He waited, silent, listening to the wind which never ceased here, and the crackle of the fire until the others returned, forming up behind him. Each wore the cloak he had made and presented them with; in Hagrid's case his trench coat.

"As you can see, these cloaks look to be made of melted silver and, to a degree they are. There are silver threads made from the melted scales of Silvenestri woven through them." Harry paused to look from his audience to his wing mate who currently had Spark pinned under one claw and looked bored and rather annoyed at the moment. "I have a present for you."

He spoke to the five who had not previously received a cloak, opening the concealing cloth covering the bundle he carried and removing from it a bundled pile that clinked like metal, which he set to one side. Harry walked to Arutha, placing in his hand a ring that all of his horde members wore, then moving on to give the other four a similar ring.

Arutha looked about the group, the ring held carefully in his hands, exchanging a significant look with his wife. After a moment he cleared his throat, drawing Harry's attention. "Why? I mean, why are you offering these to my wife and I? They are valuable, Harry and we are muggles; non magical. Most wizards wouldn't even think of handing us an item crafted by them to hold, let alone keep."

Harry inclined his head, he knew the truth of that statement only too well. "I'm not most wizards, sir, and besides, the non magical people back in the past, when the Dragon Lords controlled the world, were treated as equals. After all, they out numbered us by fifty to one back then. I think the odds have only gotten better in their favour."

Arutha regarded the ring for a long moment before taking it and slipping it on to his left hand. Harry nodded to him before moving to his wife and Holly did not even pause, taking the ring and slipping it onto the ring finger of her right hand. She nodded to Harry and offered a small smile.

Molly and Ron both took their rings without hesitation or comment when offered, but Kirenna looked at the ring for a long moment before falling to one knee, bowing her head to Harry and stopping him from speaking or stepping toward her to stop her from kneeling.

"I swear on my power to serve the Rider of Silvenestri from this day on, until the day he crosses over. So must it be by the Olde Lore."

It seemed even the wind and the flames hushed as she spoke and Harry lowered his head at her words. He sighed, knowing there was nothing he could do or say to change her mind and stop this contract from happening now. A slight glow shimmered over Kirenna which quickly jumped to Harry, who closed his eyes and trembled as the glow shimmered around him. It vanished a moment later and Kirenna slipped the ring on as she stood up.

"You didn't need to do that, Kirenna. The old ways are fine to a degree, but many of the laws need to be changed. I don't want 'servants' at my side, I want 'friends' to stand with me."

"And I will be your friend, Harry, but I am old and I have lived by the old code all of my life. I know that you will not treat me as a servant but as a friend." Kirenna calmly looked at the ring on her finger before raising her gaze to Harry.

"Very well. Although I just know Hermione is going to skin me later for 'enslaving' you, as she will see it." Harry looked over his shoulder at Hermione who merely gave him a small smile in return and hummed to herself. "Anyway, you five now will receive something else from me other than those rings that will let you know if I need help."

Harry turned to the bundle and sorted out five carefully folded bundles of shimmering material. He passed each of the five bundles of material to the five new members of the Horde who unfolded the material to reveal the full cloaks. With quiet 'thank you's' they drew the shimmering material around them.

"Thank you for the honour you do me, Harry. My old master did not consider me worthy of having a cloak made from the scales of his friend." Kirenna murmured, gently wrapping the warm cloth tightly around her near naked form, loving the feel of the fine wool, silk and silver threads blended together on her skin.

"My other gifts you are not permitted to turn down, no matter what Kirenna. It has never been done before, and I know full well you follow the old ways." Harry moved to the bundle of metal, releasing the leather strapping and sorting out the pile into a group of nine long knives and what looked like a short sword.

Taking up the sheathed weapons he started to walk around the circle, handing to each of them a knife and sheathe before stepping back and waiting. After a long moment they drew the weapons from the sheathes and found themselves looking at blades in total surprise. The blades, the short sword now looking very much to be a knife in Hagrids huge hands, bore patterned details they all had watched Harry painstakingly imbed into his own as yet incomplete sword.

"But…" Kirenna stared in shock at the naked blade of the weapon; she was the only one who understood the importance of the gift. Her surprise was matched by something that looked uncomfortably like horror. "But the Old Lore states that none may bear a blade, or indeed any weapon, crafted by a Dragon Lord save the Dragon Lord himself. And it is an insult punishable by death to lay so much as a finger's touch to a Dragon Lord's blade. How can you give something like this to us?"

Harry snorted softly and stepped forward to fold her delicate fingers around the hilt of the weapon. "I'm not an old time Dragon Lord, my friend. This is a new age, far removed from the old days. Many of the old laws they lived by no longer apply to this era. I'm a new Dragon Lord, in a new age. A Dragon Lord who will bring back our legend to this word and forge a new magical world, a better magical world, if I have to. This time around Dragon Lord's will live up to the responsibility of their power and work with the other races. I am confident I will not be the last of my kind, and we won't go quietly into the night as they did in the past."

Harry stepped back from her, looking around the circle at his horde. They were watching him carefully, hands curved around the weapons, rings on their fingers and shimmering in the silver cloaks.

"These blades are weapons with which you are to defend your lives at need, tools not decoration. Use them when you need to, and use them with honour."

Heads bowed in response, unspoken vows to uphold that request and they clasped the knives close, examining them in detail. Harry had spared no effort in the crafting of the weapons, each was unique, no two identical. Harry watched them for a long moment before turning away and heading to the truck, intending to get some sleep. Tomorrow he would put the finishing touches to his blade and the group would be heading north not long afterwards. And they would be one more in number judging by how Kirenna had been moving her possessions into the truck over the last few days.


21 August 1997 14:30 PM

It was Silvenestri who gathered everyone the next afternoon, including Kirenna who had been showing the others, except for Hagrid and Tonks, something of how to use the knives that Harry had gifted them in combat. The human form Silver dragon calmly led everyone to the truck were her rider and friend was sitting.

Resting on Harry's lap, wrapped in the folds of his cloak was a large, long object and he was smiling at Tonks who was seated on the step above him. He looked exhausted but uncommonly satisfied with himself for all of the weariness that marked his face.

"I thought you would like to be the first to see the new blade." He commented, rising to his feet and taking a hold of his cloak he pulled it sharply, drawing the silver cloth away in a flurry. The sunlight glinted, glowing on the first true Dragon Lord's weapon to be forged in over two thousand years.

The blade looked uncommonly like his first effort, only this blade bore serrations close to the hilt on both sides of the blade. Hermione noted there were additional runes marking the blade and the more she looked at them the more she noted an oddity. The runes appeared to have a mist blurring them, which faded as Harry swung his sword a few times, only to reappear as he held the blade still.

"It looks almost the same, Harry, as the broken sword. Except for the evil looking serrations near the hilt." Hermione commented, eyes widening slightly and she leaned forward a little as he brought the blade to a stop and the mist increased, rolling down the length of the blade for all to see. "And that."

"It is different, believe me. Quite different." Harry smirked, running a hand lovingly over the blade. "The new set of runes on the blade unlock Silvenestri's breath weapon as a granted power on the blade, so that every time I hit someone I'll leave a little ice on the wound. If I leave the blade long enough, of course, you also get the numbing cold." Harry flicked his wrist and sent the blade flying.

Ron was not the only one who flinched at the whistling sound the sword emitted as the blade spun and embedded itself in rock, passing on through to split the boulder and return to Harry's hand.

"I see you kept the other runes you had on the blade, Harry." Tonks commented, watching as he performed a few passes with the blade, showing it off for the others. She laughed softly as he spun to a perfect stop in front of Mr. Granger.

"What else would I have on this thing? I like being able to throw the sword and have it return to me. Very convenient." Harry answered with a smile, jumping backwards a little and landing next to Silvenestri then performing a little bow which earned a round of applause at his show of skill.

The remainder of the afternoon passed with Harry performing exercise routines with his new weapon, accustoming himself to the abilities of the sword. He had been unable to practise this style of combat for an entire month now and he was keen to build up his strength and skill to what it had been before. Whilst he practised the others began to pack up and get ready to move out. They would resume their interrupted journey in the morning and they would leave with Kirenna.

The Ice Nymph finished moving her possessions into the truck, stating in no uncertain terms that she was going with them. No one sought to argue with her and Harry merely nodded in agreement, none of them doubting that having the assistance of an Ice Nymph would be of benefit. They were only a few days away from High Cliff and anything could happen once they reached there.