I need to stop thinking up ideas for fan fic or just stop watching videos on You Tube. So I got the idea for this watching this video on you tube:

/watch?v=s5TPeR7zx8I Just add you tube in front.

Yes, I stole the name too. So horrid, but I just loved the idea and I was wondering through out the video, how could Hermione pull this off with Bellatrix? Then it hit me. The whole story came into my head and it's going to be based loosely on this, so in reality this is a Hermione/Ginny/Bellatrix story as weird as that sounds. I promise, I'll make it work.

Summary: How did I even get here? My name is Hermione Granger and I am the side kick to a boy named Harry Potter. That's all I was until one night my life changed. I was set back into time by my own hand and I made one mistake after the other. I pride myself on not making mistakes, but this one night, well, let's just say it was the beginning of the end for me. My whole life was one mistake after the other. Worst of all, I think my best friend might end up my girlfriend and I might end up killing her. I have to stop myself. But I don't know how.

Chapter 1 - Backwards

It all started when I decided to toy around with something I really shouldn't have. You must know that I don't usually do these things but when my fifth year came, I was doing things I would never normally do. Should I even explain why I did what I did? I suppose I should.

I was always the normal one, I was always the smart one. I was the one that would some day talk sense into Ron. I was the level headed brains of the group. Harry would tell me this constantly but at this moment, I was wondering where my brains had gone. It was late one night in the common room. I had no clue where Ron was and Harry was serving his detentions with that horribly screwed up woman Umbridge.

It was on this night that I did not want to be alone. Ginny wasn't there, Luna wasn't in my House, it was just me. None of the other girls really spoke to me. For some reason, I would feel Lavender Brown stare at me, but that was it. No one would talk to me and at this moment I wish someone would have.

In my third year, I was given a time turner. It was really stupid how much of an over achiever I was. I mean, it literally got me into more trouble than I should have been in. My boggart was McGonagall telling me I had failed my classes for Merlin's sake. Regardless of why I had this time turner, I had it in my hands this night.

You must understand that I am smart and capable, but this night I wasn't. I was merely clicking away at the dials. Sometimes, and this was in my head, I wondered if I added an age to my life. I had spent so much time with the turner that my head was wondering how much time I added to myself. Again, I can be smart but stupid.

My head was else where as I played with the dials. I heard the sand click, I heard the gears turn but my mind was not on the turner where it should have been. I was thinking about Ron, I was thinking about Harry, I was thinking about how much we needed to fight back against Umbridge. I was thinking about how much I wanted to break free from myself. I thought about our meeting and I was wondering if we were fighting back. I would never let Harry or Ron see this, but I was complicated. I had my suspicious that both Ron and Ginny knew this. I would turn to Ginny for so many things and Ron, well; he was there with me most of the time.

My mind went backwards for a minute. There was a break out in Azkaban the month before. My head was thinking, should I go back and stop that? If I did that then—No, wait. I had told myself that it would be better if I could just go back and change them all. That was a stupid thought. For someone so smart, sometimes the dumbest things cross my head. I looked from the plain white wall of the common room back to the time turner.

I remember watching the sand click down into the chamber. I remember seeing the sand glow. I remember thinking that I had made a horrible mistake. I couldn't stop it. The time-turner made a choice and it took me where I wanted to be. I was sent backwards into the trails of time. My head was on fire, where was I going?


As soon as I was able to breathe again, I looked around. I began to cough heavily as I lifted my head from the floor. I was still at Hogwarts. That was good. My head ached. I wanted to know what year I was in at once. I was about to snap my body up when I felt two girls looking down at me. One was a brunette, the other pale blonde. "Sis, this poor Gryffindor girl just fell over!" one of the girls said. I noticed right away they were both Slytherin.

Great, I had thought to myself. This is just what I needed. I didn't know what time I was in and I didn't know who these Slytherins were. "So? It's not our problem," the blonde told the brunette. "You honestly are too weak. Not fitting of a Black at all."

"Excuse me but you really need to respect your older sister!" the brunette squeaked at once. My eyes went wide. Black? Sisters? Oh no. Sirius Black, these were his relatives! I struggled to my feet. I couldn't let them see me, but they did. It was too late.

Do you know about the Butterfly Effect? Whatever you do has a reaction? You step on a butterfly and the whole world goes to hell and it's nothing like you left it? Well, I was very afraid at this moment in time that I might be doing something to horribly alter the time line, like step on a butterfly. The brunette pushed the blonde aside. "You look like you are in my year," she said sweetly. "My name is Andromeda Black and this is my sister Narcissa Black."

I was in deep shit. These were relatives of Sirius and from what Harry had told me, they weren't nice to him and he wasn't nice to them. I had to think. "Oh, hi," I said. I couldn't tell them my real name. How could I? I mean, that would just be stupid. I had to think. My parents! Of course, they never went to Hogwarts. How could they? They were muggle-born. "Janice," I said. No, I couldn't use Granger. I just couldn't. They would tie me, and I'm muggle-born. There would be no way my mother went to Hogwarts. Maiden name? Yes, that works.

"Janice Hawthorne," I lied through my teeth. Andromeda looked at Narcissa.

"Don't you have homework to do sister?" she asked the younger girl. It was odd. This was Lucius Malfoy's wife and I knew it. Somehow, she looked so innocent and small.

"Why are you pushing me away? What? Are you going to hang out with a Gryffindor? You remind me too much of cousin Sirius!" Narcissa squealed. Okay, perhaps I spoke too soon when I said innocent but she was small.

"Just go," Andromeda begged. Narcissa stuck her tongue out and ran down the dark hallway. Her blonde hair was the only thing I saw as she trotted away. It glowed almost in the dark. I turned my eyes back to Andromeda. Was she Tonks' mother? Harry had told me about them and now I was wondering.

"Don't mind my sister," she told me. "She's a little prat."

"But aren't you Slytherin? You shouldn't be seen with me," I said. I really didn't want to make friends with Tonks' mum. You don't even understand how much I was worried. Did I screw up the time line? Had something now changed the future? I wanted to leave. I wanted to run down the hallway. All I wanted was to get away from this Slytherin. I wanted to rip the time-turner from around my neck and click the dials back to when I was just a 16 year old girl.

"Nah, it's fine," Andromeda smiled. "Come on! You want to play Gobstones with me?"

"Um, I really should get back to my friends," I tried to lie. "They need to see me about something. You know potions homework."

"Oh, but Slughorn didn't give out homework," she frowned. "Come on, don't be shy!" At this point, I was screwed beyond being screwed. I sucked in my breath and thought. I had to think for once. I mean, it wouldn't hurt.

At that moment I had thought about all the times I came down hard on Harry and Ron. Every time they made mistakes, I was there to tell them not to do it. I even wrote in Harry's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them textbook when Ron was "sharing" it with him. I had told him to buy his own and that I knew he had the money!

Was he going to have a field day when I tell him I went back in time! If I was right, the year was 1968. I was 27 years in the past. This was bad. This was really bad. My head spun. "Um, well," I tried to speak but it was too late. I was being dragged down the hallway by Andromeda Black.

"Why don't you have your robes on?" she asked. I looked down at myself. I wasn't in my robes. I only had my House sweater on (and my other dressings of course). I gulped. No robes. What was I thinking? At this point, I was wondering if Dumbledore was head of the school or if he was just a teacher. Why was I thinking about that? Was I going to run to him for help?

I had to think of my history. I was in 1968 and the first Wizarding war took place in 1970's. Around 1970 was when the Order was around and in the late 1960's was when Voldermort was gathering speed. Yes, I paid attention to Binns. As boring as he is, I had to take notes.


I spent the night with Andromeda but around nine o'clock, while we were outside playing Gobstones with some other students; I heard a chilling voice call out, "sissy?"

I remember having every single last hair stand up on my back and my neck. Andromeda was rigid at that moment as she turned her head. "Bella," she gulped. "I swear, I was going to get to bed and—"

"Save it," Bellatrix Black said. "Shouldn't you all be in your beds? If the head boy and head girl catch you—wait a minute." I felt every single last hair stand on end. My body was on pins and needles. I knew this woman and I knew she was Bellatrix Lestrange. At least that's how I knew her now. I had seen her in the paper last month. "Why are you with a Gryffindor?"

I saw her black eyes peer into my brown eyes. She was inches from my face. I was surprised by her beauty. She looked like a darker Andromeda who was equally beautiful. Harry was right about the Black sisters. At that moment, I saw Narcissa behind her sister. Her head poked out from the other side, "she's one of Dromeda's new friends Bella."

"She is! Her name is Janice and she's really nice," Andromeda began. Bellatrix's laugh had sent cold shivers down my spine. I was wondering what she found so funny. Her head cocked from her sister to me and back again.

"She's not one of us," Bellatrix said. "She might even be a mudblood." The insult stung. It stung more now than ever and I wasn't even sure why. My eyes shifted as all the other Slytherins that were around me, left. It was just me and them.

What had I done? I screwed up everything! My future is going to be so messed up all because I couldn't stop playing with that bloody time-turner! And I knew that's what Ron would be telling me now. I knew Ginny would be asking me all these questions. I was thinking of them. All of them, even Neville and Luna were in my head. Back in my time, we had our first meeting of Dumbledore's Army and it was amazing.

Neville had seemed upset at Bellatrix's escape. He was more disturbed than the rest of us and I was wondering why. All of us thought she was creepy, messy and just plain scary. Right now though, I was looking at her. She was right there in a Slytherin school uniform. Her black hair wasn't messy. It was neat and kept not to mention almost as thick as mine. Her face wasn't dirty; it was clean, sharp and looking back at me.

"I'm not a mudblood," I finally found the voice to say.

Bellatrix scooped up her long black hair and tossed it over her shoulder. "Fine, you might not be, but you aren't in the House of Slytherin so why are you making friends with my little sister?"

Little sister? If Andromeda had told me she was in my year, than this Bellatrix must be sixth year or seventh. I gulped. Bellatrix was close to being a Death Eater at this point in time or was she already? "Well, I don't have many of my own friends and I just thought it would be fun," I lied.

I was wondering how bad my lying was messing up the time line. Bellatrix seemed to take this. She came close to me. She came so close I could smell her perfume. She smelled strangely sweet. I was guessing that before her time in prison, she wasn't the dirty torn and drastically insane woman she turned out to be.

I began to wonder what she would be like if she weren't in prison. At that time, I knew little of her so I figured she would have been like Narcissa. She would be married to some prat like Malfoy. "Get to bed," she snarled. For a split second, I thought I saw her smile.

"Fine," I said. I pushed myself away from her. I felt like I was dealing with Draco all over again, just that instead of a male with blonde hair, I was dealing with an attractive raven haired female. What was I even thinking? I had no where to stay?

I rushed around the school. There was no dorm for me; I was in the wrong time! I finally made it to the head master's door. I knew right away, Dumbledore would be here. I was about to guess the password when I felt someone behind me.

"Oh, a student? At this hour?" It was Dumbledore. I knew his voice anywhere. I turned around to face a slightly younger Dumbledore.

He was confused but his face was just as it was in my time. I opened my mouth to speak but then he quickly added, "I don't remember seeing you around here. I know mostly all of my students and I really do know all of my Gryffindor students."

I was stuck. How could I lie to Dumbledore? Would my lying make things worse? I didn't know what to do. If I lied, it would mean not getting help. On the other hand, if I told the truth, I might get help but I would screw up the time-line more than it was. Now, I know you must be thinking, why didn't I just leave after my confrontation with Bellatrix?

Good question. The reason was, I was certain that everything I did screw up my future. I was certain that everything would be different and I really didn't want to go back until I got some answers. So now here I was with the headmaster and I was debating whether I should lie to him or not? Hermione Granger! Get it together!

"Professor I'm from the future and I have messed everything up," I spewed. "My name is Hermione Granger and I'm so sorry that I did this. But I used this to get here." I pulled the time-turner from under my shirt and sweater. Dumbledore's hands clutched it and his pale blue eyes looked from the turner to me.

"How did you get this?" he asked me.

"McGonagall in my third year which won't happen for another 24 years, sir," I told him.

"This isn't a prank is it?" he asked me.

"No sir," I replied. He blinked his eyes and opened up his office. I remembered the way the stairs were in my time and sure enough they hadn't really changed. I moved with him up the stairs and into his office. Harry had told me more about the office than he should have, but I had my chance to see it for myself. I was in awe. There was so much in this room and every time I came in, I was engrossed.

"Hermione Granger was it?" he flashed a worried look at me. I nodded my head. "Did you want to come here?"

"No," I replied. "I want to go back but I'm scared. I interacted with some students and—"

"Which students?"

"The Black Sisters, sir."

"That's not good."

He paced back from his desk to the other side of the room. I saw him look through some books. He shook his head, placed them back on the shelf and turned back to me. "You may have altered your timeline," he said. It seemed like forever since he last spoke but it was really only 10 minutes or so.

He had been reading something. Dumbledore reading was amazing to me. I always thought he knew all the answers all the time. I guess I was wrong. He pushed his glasses back up his nose and looked away from me.

"You have to stay here for a time," he said. "Allow me the use of that time-turner."

I couldn't say no to him. He knew how to fix things. I handed it to him and he held it in his hands. I could tell he was thinking as he paced to the window in his office. It started to rain. "I want you to stay here and I'm going to be going away on business. You will have a dorm room and you will be placed in Slytherin."

"But sir, they know me already as Gryffindor and I even told them—"

"You will be in Slytherin for now and you will tell them that I had made a mistake with your sorting in your first year. Did you give them your real name?"

"No sir," I said. "I gave them my mother's maiden name. She's a muggle sir."

"Are you muggle-born?" he asked. I nodded my head. "Good, this can work. Pureblood from Ireland, understood?" I nodded my head once again. He flicked his wand and on the table was my new uniform. "You can place your sweater in my closet. I want you to only stick to those whom you interacted with. Do not attend classes."

Now he was asking for too much. I was curious, of course, about what they were learning in this time period, but I really couldn't go against his wishes. I knew that he wanted me out of trouble and I knew he was protecting my time frame.


I left his office and was told where to find the Slytherin common room. I was disgusted at the location and the decorations, if you could call them that. Skulls lined the walls, and it smelled foul. It was like a dungeon. No, that was an understatement. It was a dungeon. I checked to make sure I had my wand with me, which I did. I took a deep relieved breath and said the password.

The wall opened to reveal a hallway with green lights. I was in hell. I had died and now I was in hell. I took a step forward and bravely entered the hallway and then the common room. It was a low-ceiling dungeon. I was wondering how any of the students could take it in here. Inside, more green and black fixtures, lamps and furniture was before me and sure enough so were Bellatrix Black and her sisters.

"What are you doing in here?" she barked at me. I held my head up high.

"The headmaster saw me wondering around, I got in trouble but he had something to tell me," I lied.

She looked at my robes. She was face to face with me again. I could see her face twisted in confusion and I felt her hands on my clothes. She was tugging at me. She knew. "I'm in this House," I said. "He made a huge mistake and me and other student had to switch."

"But the sorting hat doesn't mess up!" I heard Narcissa at once. She was already near her older sister. "Bella, can that happen?"

Bellatrix didn't take her eyes off me. "I'm not sure but it seems that Janice is now one of us."

I was relieved to say the least. I was expecting Bellatrix to start a war with me. I held my breath for a moment before letting it go because I was amazed at my lying skills. I was never that good and even Harry and Ron could tell you that. Hell, even Ginny could. Andromeda was now with us. "Oh! You are in my House now! We can be friends! Right Bella?"

"Oh course," Bellatrix grinned. I should have known, but when she was looking at me, there was something more there.

"Well, I should get some sleep," I said. "I really don't want to stay up much longer."

I started my way past Bellatrix and I could feel her eyes on me. I closed mine, took another breath, and made my way to the girl's dorm. It was then that I wanted to go to sleep and forget this. I knew I had to but my head didn't let me. How was this logical? I was not in my time. I wasn't born yet and my parents weren't even together yet! I knew damn well that my mum was going to school for dentistry as was my father. They met in 1969 so they weren't even dating yet.


I began to think about that movie, Back to the Future as I laid in a green and silver bed. I felt like Marty McFly minus the getting my parents together or else I don't exist. Then again, what if that did happen? What if I had messed up so badly that I would start to fade from existence?

"Get it together Granger," I told myself. I felt someone next to me. "Granger?" the cold voice asked and right away I knew it was Bellatrix.

Shit. Now I'm screwed as if I weren't before!

I really wanna write this one up, so please let me know if you like the idea. I claim no characters. All characters belong to JK Rowling. Story idea is mine (sorta) lol.