Author Devylish
Title The Power of Chunky Monkey (3/3)
Fandom NCIS
Pair Tony and Abby, Tabby
Rating pg13
Words 2359
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"Well that can't be right." Abby looked down at the results and wondered briefly if she should retest.

"What can't be right?"

Abby spun around, a look of confusion on her face. "Seriously, Gibbs! How do you do that? I get the results on a test and you appear. No elevator sounds, no clunking shoes on the floor." She squinted her eyes and stared at him. "Are you a robot in league with the machines in my lab?"

Gibbs dropped a CafPow! onto the evidence table and raised a brow in Abby's direction.

She scrunched her nose and tilted her head to the side. "Umm, okay yeah, you in league with my machines…? silly idea, my bad."

Gibbs shrugged and gave his patented half smirk. "So what can't be right?"

Abby moved to her computer and pulled up the prints she was supposed to be analyzing. "I ran the prints through AFIS and there were no matches." She glanced over her shoulder at Gibbs, "I was thinking that crosschecking the results with the SLES might be a good idea since the items were found in an area where so many Law Enforcement people had access to it. So that's what I'm doing now, running the SLES check."

"Okay." Gibbs watched Abby's fingers skip over the keyboard for a few seconds before he reminded her why he was the boss (memory like a steel trap). "So what 'can't be right'?"

She stopped typing for half a second then sped up and smiled at him over her shoulder. "Umm, what?"



She turned around and began to wring her hands. Then she began to pace… three steps to the left… three steps to her right. "So yeah," she glanced up at him then looked back down. "It might not be anything. I mean, these things have been known to be wrong. It could be a false positive, because, that happens… more often than you'd think."


She stopped babbling and stopped walking. "What?"

"What can't be right?"

"My pregnancy test."

"Okaaaay. And is this test saying you are, or are not pregnant?"

She started pacing again. "Are. Am. It says I'm pregnant."

Gibbs leaned against the evidence table. "All right. So, if the test is correct, is this good news?"

Abby paused. Was this good news? Would Tony think this was good news? Wrapping her arms around her frame she scuffed her shoe along the floor. "I don't know. I… I don't know."

Gibbs pushed away from the table, walked over to Abby and placing his hands on her arms he leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. "Well, maybe you better give Tony the news, and find out how he feels about things."

As Gibbs walked away, Abby had to force herself to lift her jaw up from the floor. Gibbs knew about her and Tony? They'd only been seeing each other for about three months and they'd been pretty careful about public displays of affection and stuff like that. Or at least they thought they had. Apparently not.

Apparently they hadn't been too careful about anything.


Tony whistled underneath his breath as he typed the last of the information into his report for the Blathan case. Tap tap tap and enter. He smiled… done! And now, now I can go visit Abby in the lab. His smile deepened, Abby. There's an Abby and Tonyan 'us'. His smile turned into a beam. A beam that faltered just a bit when he looked up from his computer and found Gibbs leaning against the half wall by Ziva's desk… looking at him.

"Boss. Hey!" He was getting some sort of reading off of Gibbs, but he wasn't exactly certain what it was. "Too loud with the whistling?"

Gibbs remained silent, simply crooking his finger at DiNozzo and heading toward the elevators.

The elevators. Gibbs' office. Bad things happen there. Stronger men than him had been broken, literally, in 'the office'. Tony cleared his throat and glanced nervously at McGee as he scooted out from behind his desk.

"What did you do?" McGee mouthed.

Tony shrugged and mouthed back, "I don't know," before jogging after Gibbs.

As he stepped into the elevator his nerves made him start babbling. "I finished the Blathan report." The doors slid shut, "You should have a copy in your email now. I was –".

Gibbs pressed the stop button and offered a short, "Shut up, DiNozzo."

"Yes Boss. Right Boss." Tony looked at Gibbs' steely blue eyes and added, uneasily, "Shutting up now."

Gibbs stared at DiNozzo; watching his Lead Agent as he anxiously stood watching him. When he felt enough pressure had built up, he broke the silence. "So, DiNozzo, do you have anything you want to tell me?"

Does he know about the fake vomit I put in Ziva's desk drawer? Does he know about the transvestite I -- then Tony froze. Abby. Is Gibbs asking about Abby… and him? Them? Shit!

Gibbs could read Tony. He'd almost always had been able to read him. So now, face to face in the elevator, Gibbs was reading the mental journey Tony was making from stupid inconsequential crap that might piss his boss off, to big, consequential things that would most likely piss his boss off. He also read the decision Tony made before he even delivered it.

"No Boss. Nothing."

"You sure about that?"

Tony locked eyes with Gibbs. What was between him and Abby was 'between him and Abby', at least until Abby said otherwise.

"I'm sure."

Gibbs eyed Tony, applying pressure with a look. And then he backed off. "DiNozzo," Gibbs turned back to the elevator panel, "I put my rules in place for a reason."

Tony stole a quiet, deep breath, but remained silent.

Pressing the start button, Gibbs added, "If someone decides to break one of those rules…" he turned to face Tony as the doors opened, "they better have a damn good reason." As he stepped out of the elevator, he called over his shoulder to Tony, "Got me?"

Tony slumped against the wall of the lift, and mumbled a quiet "Gotcha."


Tony opened his apartment door with a sigh of relief, sniffing the air appreciatively as he pushed in. It was Abby's turn to cook, and it smelled like that Chicken Curry stuff that she'd turned him on to.

Kicking off his shoes in the front hall, he took off his jacket and loosened his tie. It was good to be home. It was good to be away from the office…, and Gibbs' 'knowing' glares.

Not that Tony was positive about 'what' Gibbs knew just yet. He hadn't had a chance to talk to Abby at all that day. Every time he tried to get down to the lab, Gibbs had blocked him with some assignment or task. So, there had been no chance for Tony to warn Abby about Gibbs' strange behavior.

There was time now.


Abby squealed and ripped out of the kitchen, almost taking Tony's head off as she swung her arms around his neck, hugging him close.

"Tonnnny! You're home!" She pecked at his lips three times before grinning up at him, "I missed you!" Her grin turned into a frown. "Why didn't you come see me today?"


Abby froze in Tony's arms. "Gibbs?" Had Gibbs told Tony the 'news'? He wouldn't do that… would he?

Kissing Abby on the forehead, Tony pulled away from her and headed toward the curry that was wafting from the kitchen. "Yeah, I think he may be on to us."

Abby released a deep breath. "What makes you think that?"

Tony lifted up the top on the skillet and smiled happily before turning to Abby, replacing the smile with a frown as he remembered being pulled into Gibbs' elevator. 'He had a meeting with me… in the 'office'."


"And," Tony walked back to Abby, wrapping his arms around her loosely, "he asked if I had anything I wanted to tell him… and then he reminded me that his rules were put into place for a reason."

Abby ran her hands along Tony's chest. She thought she'd basically gotten Gibbs' blessing down in the lab. She frowned slightly. Gibbs was probably just messing with Tony, or being overly protective of her, but… she'd have to have a talk with him tomorrow.

"Of course," Tony continued, "the last thing he said to me was that breaking his rules is okay, if you've got a good reason." Tony kissed Abby's nose. "Do you think we have a good reason?" He was grinning down at her playfully, happy to be home and with his girl – despite the semi-dire news that Gibbs might know about their relationship.

At Abby's continued silence, Tony pulled back a bit. "You do think we have a good reason for our, complete and total destruction of rule #12… don't you?"

Abby opened her mouth to tell him. To spill the beans about the baby Tobby or baby Abny they were going to have. And then her nerves kicked into overdrive and she chickened out. Big time.

"Curry! I think the curry is burning." She slipped out of his arms and headed to the stove. "Nothing worse than burnt curry. Bleech!" She lifted the top and began to stir the contents with a wooden spoon, her back to Tony.

Tony felt something in his gut kick at him. Abby doesn't think we're right for one another. She's questioning our being together.

He didn't know what to say or how to react. He didn't open himself up to people. He didn't share himself with people. But Abby… Abby had been in the air he breathed for eight years; and during the past few months… he'd let her in; he hadn't had a choice. She'd slid under his skin, into his veins. Sweet, quirky, sexy -- damn sexy -- he'd gotten to the point where he couldn't imagine a day without her. And now… now she didn't want him. She didn't think being a part of his life was right.

Silently he joined Abby in the kitchen. He stopped at the table and picked up an apple, tossing it lightly in his hand before dropping it back into the fruit bowl. He tapped his fingers carelessly on table before moving to the refrigerator. He didn't want anything in the fridge anymore than he'd wanted any of the fruits in the fruit bowl. What he wanted… was to be close to Abby.

Even if she didn't want him.

When had that happened? When had he reached the point that he did things like follow a girl into another room just to be close to her? When had he started doing things that made him look like a dork, an idiot… a fool? A fool for… love.

He shut the fridge, and opened the freezer. Ice tray. Bag of ice. Animal shaped ice cubes. Why the hell do I have so much ice? And then he remembered Abby's affinity for cool drinks. He smiled as he slowly closed the freezer door. Chunky Monkey. There in the door of the freezer, sat two pints of Chunky Monkey ice cream. Abby's favorite.

And suddenl,y he didn't care if he looked like a fool. He shut the door and turned around. Abby was still standing with her back to him, stirring the chicken curry to within an inch of its life. He moved to her, sliding his arms around her waist, tugging her backwards just a bit so that his hands were resting on her stomach.

Abby melted into him. Simply melted. He was the only man she'd ever 'melted' for. The only man who made her feel safe enough, feminine enough, sexy enough, to be that vulnerable. Yeah, she wore her heart on her sleeve most of the time, and she was pretty straightforward with her thoughts and wishes…, but that was at work, or with friends. In relationships? She was careful. She might go to bed with a guy on a first date, but tell him she loved him? Really loved him? Cook for him? Sleep at his place as often as she did in her own? Those were things Abby didn't do…. Being in the man's space gave him the power, the comfort zone. Cooking for him was domestic. Too traditional. And telling a man she loved him? …Friends, coworkers, family? It was easy for her to verbalize her love for them, but telling a man… someone she was interested in how she felt about him?

She'd cooked for Tony, several times. And he'd cooked for her, breakfast in bed, dinner by candlelight. She had practically moved into his apartment in the last few months; they spent time at her place too, but, with Tony, she'd found she slept as comfortably in his space as she did in her own.

But she hadn't told him she loved him. Hadn't told him she adored him. Hadn't told him that he made her melt like ice cream on a hot summer's day.

She turned in his arms, nuzzling her head against his neck.

Tony sighed, his arms tightening around her. "I'm not letting you go Abby." It occurred to him that he sounded stalkerish, and Abby didn't need another one of those. "I mean, if you really don't think we're right for one another, I'll… I'll do it, but –"

"I think we're pregnant." She whispered the words into his shoulder

"—I think you should give…," he stopped as her words sank in. Leaning backwards, he tilted Abby's head up. Green eyes locked with hazel. "Did you just say…?"

"I did two tests; one EPT and one in the lab. And they… they both read positive." A smile waivered on her lips, "surprise!"


The next morning, Tim and Ziva watched in awe as DiNozzo entered the hub and walked directly to Gibbs. "Boss, we need to talk… in your office. I've got something I want to tell you."

They were even more in awe, when they saw Gibbs stand up, grin, and follow Tony toward the elevator. "It's about time DiNozzo."