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Not James Patterson.


I set the letter next to Max. The moonlight spilt across her face. She was so beautiful. I felt like the lowest scum. Hadn't I promised her? I forced myself to leave, to turn my back on her.

"Ready?" I asked Angel. She had picked up on my intentions and asked to come along. I said no, it would break Max's heart, but she insisted. Gazzy was with her. He didn't want to leave his sister. Angel said that Iggy and Nudge would have chosen to stay if I had asked. It was there in their minds, she said. She was one scary child sometimes. Right now though, right now, she was just a little girl. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," she said, but her eyes were sad. She slipped in to Max's room and kissed her cheek. I heard her whisper, "Goodbye, Max." There were tears on her cheek when she came out. I looked at Gazzy. He went into Max's room. I saw a single tear fall from his eye as he looked at Max. He leaned down and hugged Max gently. I saw her stir.

"What's the matter, Gaz?" she murmured.

"Nothing, Max." His voice was choked with tears. Max sat up.

"Tell me."

"Just a bad dream," he lied.

"Do you want to stay with me?"

"No. I'll be okay." She hugged him tight, and stroked his hair. What I wouldn't give to spend a moment in her arms before I left. She wouldn't forgive me for this. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this. I was leaving Max. Right when everything seemed okay. She would be safe, fine. She would grow up and spend her life in someone else's arms. It was a different kind of pain. I was used to physical pain. This was so much worse. I felt something break inside of me, that something that Max kept whole. I needed to go before I lost my nerve.

I turned. Angel and Gazzy were right behind me. I spread my wings, forcing myself not to take that one look back at her. We flew into the night sky. The tree where Max was became lost in the large forest. I felt teas prickle my eyes. I fought them back. I had to be strong, like Max.

Max. Her name became a sharp pain inside of me. I could see her face so clearly when I closed my eyes. No one got me like her. She was the only one, the only one who made me feel whole. I was doing this for her. That's what I told myself. She would be safe. All I had to do was destroy the rest of Itex's little projects and then I could go back to Max. The problem was: I didn't know how long it would take. Angel understood this. I'm not sure if Gazzy did though.

We didn't speak as we flew. We saw the sun come up in silence. I couldn't help but wonder what was happening back in that forest. Had Max found my letter yet? Was she angry? Sad?


I woke up early. Something didn't feel right. I looked around. Where was Fang? Where was Angel? Gazzy? My breathing sped up. I got up, searching. Something fell out of the tree. A piece of paper. I jumped down and looked at it. It was a folded piece of paper, torn at the edge. "Max" was written on it. I opened it:


This is the best way. I have to leave. Angel and Gazzy are coming with me. I wish there was another way, but there's not. You and the rest of the Flock deserve to live a normal life. I'll take care of the rest. I'm sorry.


I realized that I was crying. My fingers ran over the letter of their own accord. Fang was gone. Fang was gone. The words ran through my head like a mantra.

"Iggy!" I cried, perhaps a bit louder than was necessary because he fell out of the tree. "Sorry," I muttered.

"What's wrong?" he asked. I read him the note. "That can't be real."

"It is."

"How do you know?"

"Because no one but Fang could have been quiet enough to put this practically on top of me without waking me, except for the rest of you guys." Iggy looked horrified.

"Why did Angel and Gazzy go with him?"

"I don't know." It hurt. Angel, my sweet baby, had chosen Fang over me. Fang had broken his promise. I couldn't believe the amount of pain that was washing over me.

"What's going on? Where is everybody?" Nudge had woken up.

"Fang, Angel, and Gazzy decided to go their own way," I said. My voice was hollow, empty, completely devoid of emotion.

"Max? Are you okay?"

"I'll be okay, Nudge. Let's just stay here today." In case they come back. Even though I knew that it would be hard for them to find us, nearly impossible. Iggy nodded. "I-I'm going to go for a fly. 'Kay Ig?"

"Alright." But I had already taken off. I couldn't see them. They must be long gone. If Fang wanted to leave, I wasn't going to follow. But it hurt so much. The tears were back. I flew aimlessly, trying to outrun my own pain. I eventually turned around. I came back to find Iggy gently comforting Nudge. My poor broken Flock. I joined them and we tried desperately to stay in one piece. It was nearly impossible because half of us were gone.

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Update: This story has undergone editing. I tried to get rid of the errors. I also now have other MR fictions that you should check out.

Also, the song contest has been removed from this story because it closed so long ago. The contest was to figure out which two songs this story is based off of. The songs are A Different Kind of Pain by Cold and Only One by Yellowcard. Obviously, the names of the songs and bands are still included in this story, but the contest is over.