I don't know why, but I'm soooo not ready to let go of these myspace stories. Okay, so myspace numbahhhh three ;3 Oh, and this is more in detail about myspace. & just so you should know, Edward is the perfect, gentlemanly boyfriend/husband in the Twilight series.

To Lele: Edward's mine. Hah.

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I'm very optimistic. Bubbly. I have a loving family that consists of my 6 siblings, Mommy, Daddy, & my friends. I think that Spring is a wack season, even though my birthday's in Spring. I go to school & am involved in a whole bunch of stuff. My best friends ever is Ino, Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata ;) Love you kids. If you want to know anything else, ask. I might tell you, I might not.

Music! My loves. Schstuff. My Sasuke-kun.

A bit of everything. I love Daft Punk & the Gorillaz ;D

Mostly reality shows. Some Total Drama Island (love you Narutoooo.) The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (ADVENTURE!) Yeah, mostly cartoons.

Oh man. A Walk to Remember most deff. And then The Notebook (I cried half of the movie.) Spirited Away :) There's a lot more, but those are my favorites.

My Sasuke-kun :) 032806. He keeps me sane and happy, we're complete opposites & yet we still love each other - even though he might not be so into it. We're going on three years next March.

Ino-pig :D Bestfreakingfriend est. 090295. This chick is my wondertwin - don't put us in a room alone, we'll do some major damage. Besh franns forever now. Hahah. She's actually the reason I met my boyfrann (see above.) She's the most awesome trick out there and if you mess with her, I'll beat you down. Not up, but down ;D

Naruto. Saruto est. 093096. Known him forever too. He is the dude version of me, so he's so lovable.

Twilight baybay! But I already have myself an Edward (or Anti-Edward), he just isn't polite. Hah.

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Sasuke. - October 9 - 1:04 AM
Its late. Shouldn't you be sleeping?


"Happiness is just a word to me."



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About me:
I don't like nosey people.


I hate music.

TV is a waste of time.

Apparently, Sakura chooses all of our movies.

How to defeat a man in three years.

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S A K U - F A C E - October 10 - 8:32 AM
Pfft. I went to sleep, jerk! I just didn't log out - hey, hey! Do you want to go to the mall today? Pleaseeeeee? Ino's going out of town and Naruto said he wasn't going unless you came.

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Sasuke. to S A K U - F A C E

Sasuke. - October 10 - 9:03 AM
Mmph. I swear, you are so annoying.

S A K U - F A C E - October 10 - 9:15 AM
Aw, c'mon you lazy jerk! I'll buy you something from that new sports emporium ;)

Sasuke. - October 10 - 9:22 AM
Fine. I'll be there in fifteen minutes.

S A K U - F A C E - October 10 - 9:23 AM
Yay! You're the best, Sasuke-kun :D

My Anti-Edward
by: kirei na yukki

"Mou, I can't believe Naruto was abducted at last minute!" I whined once more. Sasuke-kun and I were at the entrance of the store, walking slowly to the mall. Multiple girls were staring at us through the racks and windows, giggling at the sight of my perfect Sasuke-kun.

"Mmph. Dobe." Sasuke grunted.

I giggled and stretched up to his face, pecking him shortly on the cheek. "You'll live, Sasuke-kun." he just rolled his - pretty, smoldering...pretty smoldering - dark eyes at me.

"What are you getting?" Sasuke asked me nonchalantly.

Tapping my chin in thought, I dug through the racks and boxes, trying to look for whatever it was that I was looking for. He should know by now that girls sometimes shop just to shop.

"I don't know y - oooh, these are cute." I lifted up a light pink pair of ballet slippers. "Aren't they Sasuke-kun?"


"I know right!" I giggled.

I took his ginormous hand and skipped to the register, not at all noticing the cashier making 'come hither' eyes at my boyfriend. Nope. Didn't even notice...

"Did you need help?" the girl asked - more Sasuke than me.

"Hn." he grunted. The girl giggled and beamed at him through half-lidded eyes. "I always like the bad boy type." she purred. (I was still digging through my purse for my wallet.)


"Say, how 'bout - "

"How 'bout you just do your freaking job and stop acting desperate?" he snapped sharply. Of course I didn't do anything, it was usual for this to happen at the store. Always at the store.

"Oh here's the wallet!" I breathe, unzipping the many zippers and grabbing my money. The girl glared at me, and Sasuke-kun wrapped a strong arm around my waist pulling me beside him quickly.

"Eek! You almost made me fall Sasuke-kun!" I whined, patting his hand with my own.

(I sure acting innocent annoyed the girl and turned him on. I'm pretty damn sure.)

His eyes softened slightly, but he didn't respond. After paying for the shoes, we walked out to continue our adventurous shopping spree.

"Crap. Nothing else." I murmur as I reject the skimpy outfits on display of the last shop we see. Sasuke smirked at me and I immediately knew what he was talking about: sports shop.

"Fine!" I sigh, grabbing his hand again and pulling him in the direction of the store.

On the way there, we stop in front of the book shop, where the newest Twilight book had been released. Breaking Dawn. Of course I had already read it the night before, but there were lines of giggling girls.

'Ah! Do Bella and Edward get married?'
'I want to read some citrus in that book!'

"Tch. Annoying." Sasuke murmured, glaring at the overly-excited girls in a disgusted way. "Do girls always craze over a fictional character?"

"Sure do. It is Edward Cullen we're talking about." I explain, sighing dreamily at the thought of the one hundred eight-year-old vampire. Sasuke's eyes narrowed and I immediately burst out laughing.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun, you know I love you!" I kiss him on his forehead this time. "You're my little anti-Edward that's all."

He cocked a perfect, arched eyebrow. "Anti-what?"

"Anti-Edward, silly! You're not at all like Edward, other than the fact that you're both so dern cute!" I pinch his cheeks, causing him to blush lightly. "But Edward's polite, and you just scared off the last person who hit one you."

Sasuke pondered over the thought and complied with a snort. "Heh. Anti-Edward...I guess you're right." We started walking again, this time he was leading me - but then...


He pulls me into a secluded corner, slamming me against the wall. His eyes are playful and his lips are curved into a small, amuzed smirk. "But you know what we do have in common?"

"What?" I breathed.

Sasuke-kun kisses my lips roughly and then breaks apart, resting his lips on my neck and whispering. "There's always someone that we can't say no to."

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Sasuke. - October 10 - 9:32 PM
I love you.
...delete this message after you read it...


S A K U - F A C E - October 10 - 9:35 PM
And I love you, my little Anti-Edward.
...oh, and not a chance ;)...


Oh baybay, baybay ;D

Heehee. I've had this for a while. Love it, sniff it, print it, REVIEW IT. And you have to admit, Sasuke in fanfiction is an Anti-Edward. Haha. REVIEW PLEASE.