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I said if I ever had a good idea for an alternate ending to this I'd write it and so here we are. Yeah its been awhile since this was finished and I'm sure a lot of you have written it off, but I like the idea for this and I hope you do to. As for me…Xmass shopping is almost done but it took a big chunk out of the ol' wallet. Hope yours is going better


It Can't Get Any Worse

Alternate Ending

Just sitting in his school chair again felt strange, and not the bad or good kind just strange. But Shinji had to admit it felt closer to right than not. The whole room was aflame with gossip and conversation, mostly directed at either Asuka or him. What put the young Ikari off was how the girls were pointing at him and giggling behind covered hands. Was that going to be a good thing or not, Shinji wasn't sure he wanted to know.

"So man you have to tell us…how did it happen? Last week you came in here saying you were going to be a girl forever and now you're back to your old self," Touji asked as he bounced in his seat. Hand on the chair and hand on the desk, Touji was overwhelmed with energy and it showed as his body ricocheted around as if it were made of rubber.

Fingers on his keyboard, Kensuke was busy typing everything Shinji said into an unknown document. "Agreed, Shinji, one minute Touji is confused by the idea he was attracted to you and wanted to ask you out and now you're back to the winning team," Kensuke sagely ducked under Touji's fist that went wild sending the jock spiraling to the ground. Never mind the fact Kensuke had every inkling of asking the previously female Shinji out as well.

Now that was just a creepy thought, Shinji decided. Either of his male friends asking him out when he had borrowed Asuka's body left a little disgusting feeling deep inside. "Well it's kind of funny actually. We were having a sync test and I just had the notion 'we always tried Unit-02, why not Unit-01," Shinji started. He would never know his mother's soul was screaming holy-hell to get that damn German into the entry plug. Yui wanted her son back…and to have said son dominate Kyoko's little girl.

Rolling his hand over, Shinji continued, "So I asked Misato if we could just try having Asuka in my plug. She agreed and twenty minutes later we blank out and get our bodies back. Nobody could really explain it either." With his story told, Shinji sunk deeper into his seat to avoid the odd stares he was getting. "Uh guys is it just me or are the girls paying us more attention than they should?" he tugged at his collar sheepishly.

Accepting Kensuke's hand to help him up, Touji yanked the nerd to the ground with him just out of spite. "Down here everything looks the same, now if they were to stand over us I could tell you their panty color though," Touji joked from his horizontal vantage point. Sitting up, the jock gave the room a good once over, "Damn you are right…shit you're either really popular or the devil is reaffirming her lies about you."

Asuka, oh how Shinji didn't want to think about that girl. Her beautiful face, scary wit, and harsh and uncaring heart that crushed his to a fine red paste, snorted it up her nose, and spat it out. Helping both guys up, Shinji tried not to let his depression show, "Asuka wouldn't do that…again. Maybe they're just confused by me being a boy again. While I was a girl we started to get along pretty good towards the end." The invitation to several sleepovers had been nice, but all declined out of Shinji's fearing everything female.

Fixing his glasses, Kensuke scoffed, "Dude she destroyed your image the day she showed up, threatened you while you were in her body, and you think she doesn't want revenge? Why do you keep defending her?" Looking across the room at the devil incarnate, Kensuke stuck his tongue out at the girl that wasn't paying him any attention at all. Then his jaw unhinged as he tapped Touji's shoulder, "D-d-dude! Asahina Kourijo just walked into our room!"

Wiping his head so hard it made a loud pop, if Touji's eyes could pop out they would have collided with the woman walking into the room. "Dude…that face…those legs…those-those massive melons!" Touji salivated as he moaned. "Is…is she coming over…Shin-man duck and cover!" Touji joked as the girl spotted them and adjusted her bearings in accordance.

Coming to a halt just before Shinji's desk, Asahina balled her fist under her chin. Just the same height as the young Ikari, Kourijo had a baby face with a beauty mark under her left brown eye, flowing black hair that went just past her shoulder, and a bust that sent every other girl to shame. "I-Ikari-san, w-would you like…if you're not busy…tomorrow would you like to go out on a date with me?" the timid girl asked with a full blush adoring her lovely features.

Stupefied, Shinji just sat there gazing into the soft contours of her unblemished face. Asahina was a year older than him, but was thought of as an idol among the boys, so why in god's name was she asking him out! "K-Kourijo-san are you sure you want to ask ME out? I mean…" Shinji turned to both Kensuke and Touji and found them drooling. Some help they would be, suckers for a damn pretty face and big breasts. Having had breasts, not as big though, Shinji more sympathized with the back pain Asahina had rather than wanting to pretend to be a baby again.

"He accepts," Rei said simply as she took her seat next to Shinji. "Shinji is suffering from a small bout of confusion and low self-esteem. What time will he meet you and where?" Rei followed up as she flipped open her small notepad to write down the details.

Gasping at the ninja like materialization Rei just demonstrated, Asahina took a step back from the girl with a modest bounce of her assets, Touji nosebleed and fell over again. "W-well I was thinking a movie at four followed by a nice meal after, I would pay of course or we could go to one of my father's restaurants," the timid girl alternated between Rei and Shinji with confusion and anticipation running rampant in her expression.

Jotting down the details, Rei nodded and added, "Will there be a sexual encounter as well? Current standards dictate second or third date initiating exploration contact to the genitals, but it is not uncommon for a first date experience. Do you have any allergies to condoms or other articles related to 'safe sex', or are you on the pill?" Rei gazed up at the girl without flinching or showing any sign of embarrassment.

"Rei-chan! You can't ask her…its rude to insinuate such things," Shinji's yelp was palpable and his own face near bursting. Oh how he felt sorry for Asahina, having unwittingly stepped into Rei's domain of lack-of-delicacy. "You'll have to forgive Rei-chan, she can be a little blunt or obtuse in her thinking. Four sounds lovely Kourijo-san, I'll meet you at the station?" he had to get the girl to leave before Rei started asking about sleep patterns or if she wanted to be on top or bottom.

Babbling as the haunted look at Rei melted into blissful at Shinji, Asahina smiled wonderfully at the boy. "Thank you Ikari-san, I'll see you there," she gushed and ran out of the room before the strange pale girl could embarrass her more.

Handing Shinji the details she had written down twice, one for her to keep and one for Shinji, Rei took Shinji's hand gently. "Judging by her capillary response and vexed expression, if you were to push her you could get to what is referred to as third base," Rei analyzed. "Her father is the owner of a great many businesses, she would make you an excellent wife if you desire a timid rich girl," her eyes softened as she met with Shinji's.

It was just Rei being Rei, but some part of Shinji suspected she wasn't being very truthful in her comments. True Asahina was heavily sought after, Shinji had never paid much attention to the girl. His heart had been set on Asuka, until that awkward kiss where the then boy crushed that hope. "What about you, Rei-chan, do you want me to go out with her, or are you just saying what you think is the most 'logical'?" he knew Rei far better than anybody now, and he wasn't going to hurt or ruin that bond.

Finding Shinji's two male friends in similar states of shock and hormonal confusion, Rei rubbed her arms together. "I only wish for you to be happy. You are my friend, and after what happened with…" Rei turned to Asuka who quickly turned away from gazing at the two of them. "I do not wish to see you hurt like that again, if Asahina fails I will assist you in finding another suitable mate, if one cannot be found I will take that place while we continue searching," Rei said with as much conviction, and a hint of something unknown, as she could.

Ok, Rei just offered to bang him while he looked for another girlfriend, yes Rei's friendship was going to be very strange. Just don't act on it, talk to her about things…again…after school about how normal relationships are and maybe he wouldn't die of a heart attack. Hoping to douse the slow building desire to wander off with the quite lovely albino and say to hell with other women, Shinji was reminded of just how annoying having a penis could be. "Uh, Rei-chan, any idea why so many girls are looking over here, Kourijo-san aside?" he could hope it would act as ice water.

Flipping through several pages of her notes, Rei proceeded to ruin Shinji's day and self image. "My spying device in the locker room denotes many of them wish to couple with you either as a fling or as a significant other. Your time in Soryu's body proved to destroy the rumors she set against you and her acts of barbarism while in your body proved you are capable of far greater feats of strength than you let on. To put it simply, you are popular and sought after," Rei shut her book and proceeded to lean against Shinji's shoulder.

Check please, Shinji wanted to run screaming into the hills and bury himself in a cave in the mountains. He didn't want to be popular, hell he wanted to be invisible. And catching sight of Asuka looking over at him…well that was just the cherry on the crap Sunday. Stupid emotions, why couldn't he turn them off! He was asked out by the damn Goddess of Tokyo-3 junior high and he was still pining after the Devil. Life was confusion…and Rei was adding napalm to the fire.


Laying on the couch, beer on the floor within hands reach, Misato scratched her belly and in the processes hiked up her shirt. "Man or woman, Shinji-kun, you were a born cook," she burped happily as the talking heads continued to prattle on. "So things go over as you expected them to at school?" she asked spying the young lad on the chair next to the couch. He was more sullen than Misato wanted, but that could be remedied if she played her cards right.

Looking up from his school book, homework never got a holiday, Shinji shrugged. "Touji and Kensuke were confusing as ever. I didn't want to know they both considered asking me out if I was stuck like that," Shinji shuddered as he spoke. "Rei…Rei said some really embarrassing things to a girl, and that's about it," Shinji quickly turned back to his book at the mention of 'girl'.

Green lights go, we have our teasing topic number one. Shinji mentioned a girl, girl that spoke to Rei, Rei was practically attached to Shinji's hip, meaning a girl approached Shinji! Propping herself up to a half seated half laying position, Misato's grin was lecherous. "So a girl asked you out today huh? What did your little shadow have to ask her? Oh and was this girl cute?" Misato scooped up her beer and took a sip. While she enjoyed sharing girl time with Shinji…this was better. Misato was more wanting of a son than a daughter.

Sighing deeply, and accepting his fate, Shinji shut his book and set it on the coffee table. "Yes a girl asked me out tomorrow, to see a movie and maybe get something to eat. I-I guess you could say she was cute," Shinji ran his finger under his nose and reclined heavier into his chair, legs squeezed together. "And Rei was just being Rei is all," the desperation to change topics was clearly evident in his voice.

Misato heard that desperation and did what she always did, used it to fuel her engines of mass humiliation. "Oh Shin-chan you need to tell me what Ayanami said, if you don't I'll just call her over to tell me in person. Then she'd want to stay the night again, and what did she say last time she asked? Something about washing your back?" Misato's grin widened as she sat up taller, legs only taking up two cushions now. She missed this, just palling around with him. Then a small fear of hers came back and a nicer idea.

Head falling down, Shinji shut his eyes and swallowed hard. "She asked Kourijo-san if she intended to have sex with me on the date, and if she had allergies to latex," Shinji shrank deeper into himself as the teasing continued. "Poor girl almost fainted at Rei's questions, so I agreed to the date just to get her out of Rei's strike zone," Shinji confessed.

Now that was a name Misato hadn't expected to hear, and damn if it wasn't a dozy. Kourijo's owned a commanding share of the Yebisu corporation, not that Misato followed the corporations news as divine doctrine, that would make her an alcoholic maniac! Surely she wasn't that far gone. "So the ever attractive and darling daughter of Genma Kourijo has her sights set on you, and our darling Ayanami asks her if she wanted to sample the goods? Is that all Ayanami said?" Misato took another sip of her brew…then another.

Hearing the door open, Shinji held himself higher in his chair to watch as Asuka walked into the room. They met eyes and a moment of tension filled the room, before Asuka walked off without a word to her room and shut the door. "Rei said she'd make a good wife, and if Kourijo-san didn't she'd help me find one," Shinji fell back into his seat defeated yet again.

Asuka, damn Misato was starting to get sick of that girl. Whatever Asuka did to Shinji before the first attempt at fixing things must have been a real number. She hadn't seen one occasion where her two wards exchanged a single word. Hell Asuka didn't feel fit to talk to either of them, and Misato was fine with that. Let the prima Dona be off in her own world of stuck-up bitchness.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Misato grabbed the fringes of her shirt and started pulling it up. She had to know, and if it helped lighten Shinji's depression it was well worth the moment of embarrassment. She wouldn't tease him if it would do him harm, and even now she could see a smile threatening to blossom. "Well Shin-chan if you can't find a wife in four years I'll take one for the team and walk you down the aisle myself. We can't have our saviors being single and targeted by women of ill repute," what worried Misato was the idea didn't sound that bad.

Eyes popping open, Shinji went from the news to Misato in nanoseconds. Mouth moving like a fish on dry land, the young Ikari's face was a mighty tomato of self restraint. "M-M-Misato-san you sound like Rei! W-what…are…" Shinji's voice lost its power weakening from a mighty roar to a kitten's pitiful meow.

Flashing Shinji her black lace bra, Misato just had to know if Shinji found her attractive or not. Asuka had made it painfully clear that while in Shinji's body, Misato had to hid her undergarments or Asuka would have used them. But Shinji, never did Misato get that type of reaction…and it was so much fun to see him act so befuddled. "Something wrong Shinji-kun? Something on my face?" she asked as nonchalant as if she were talking about Pen-Pen's growing weight problem.

"W-w-what are you doing!" Shinji's shrill yelp was near deafening. "I can-can see your…you hitched your b-bra up with the…" Shinji's eyes were transfixed on something Misato did on accident. Looking away quickly, Shinji grabbed at his neck, "H-how did you…scar?" Shinji took several deep breaths.

Red faced, Misato hadn't expected to go full Monty on the lad, just a quick peek at her bra to gauge his reaction. Well the cat was out of the bag, if the cat was her smaller than normal brown nips. Judging from that shout though, Misato's concerns were ill founded. It was a satisfactory reaction, Misato's self appointed title of sexiest mama on the planet was reaffirmed. "I'll tell you about the scar another time, Shinji, I rather keep today light, if you don't mind," Misato fixed her bra and put her shirt back down.

"I'm going shopping with Hikari, I won't be back till late," Asuka announced as she left her room and headed right for the door. Not waiting for an answer, the German was outside before either television bound human could recognize the blur.

Falling back into the couch, Misato blew the hair that feel into her eyes out. "That girl is has a thing for ruining moods, am I right Shinji?" Misato polished off her beer and smashed the can with her hand. It didn't take a genius to see how Asuka affected Shinji, and with the girl's whirlwind approach lately it was painfully obvious that Shinji was the one paying the damages. Maybe letting Rei sleep over wouldn't be a bad thing, either Rei would offer emotional support or the two of them would bump uglies something fierce. That should brighten both teens' days, good old fashion nookie to chase the loneliness away.

Getting out of his chair, Shinji headed to the kitchen. "Think I'll take a bath, and Misato," Shinji hung at the door for a second, on hand on the frame. "If that little show was for what I thought it was…I do find you very attractive. But, like Asuka, out of my league," Shinji's hand slowly glided down as he spun and headed out of room.

Sitting up, Misato ground her teeth in frustration. "Damn that girl! Damn, damn, damn it!" Misato understood slightly better now. Shinji loved Asuka and Asuka shut him down. For what reason she couldn't know, Asuka had shown to like him too, but something had crawled up Asuka's ass and made a nice home there. "Maybe I should offer to wash his back too…" Misato turned to the bathroom then scoffed. "That'd make things worse, he doesn't want pity," she resisted the urge to call Rei over after making a stop to buy a really large blue bow. A talk with Asuka was in the roster though, she had to find out just what happened.


Hikari wasn't the biggest fan of the arcade, all that noise and lights were more an annoyance than a sense of pleasure. But today was the first time out with Asuka back as a girl, so Hikari let her friend chose the location. Being a good observer, Hikari couldn't help but notice things weren't rosy for her friend now that she was a girl again. Shinji had spoiled the other girls with his gentle personality, and now that Asuka was back to normal…they weren't so apt to accept the girl.

"Asuka are you going to tell me what is bother you, or are you going to keep killing those…are they ninja's?" Hikari pointed at the screen where Asuka was disemboweling pajama clad women with impossible figures. Leave it to men to make women so horribly proportioned for their entertainment, Hikari would never understand men. Though…if Asuka wasn't going to aim for Shinji, maybe she could. He proved to be cut from a different cloth.

Smashing her finger down on the button in rage, Asuka shrieked, "Damn cheating game! They shouldn't be able to follow a double combo with a triple! Stupid game." Sulking away from her digital defeat, Asuka fixed her hair disrupted from her thrashing. "And I'm not bothered by anything Hikari, everything is exactly as I wanted it to be," though her scowl proved different. "Those fickle girls, that game, everything is just what I deserve," she sulked.

Wandering towards the safer areas, less people and less expensive things for Asuka to break, Hikari guided her friend away from all the squishy things. Maybe Hikari should have paid for another round of video game violence before tempting to talk to Asuka. "Then why did you demand I come out here, why did you break your pen at school when that girl went to talk to Ikari, and why do I feel a killing aura?" Hikari mentioned as a cold streak went down her back.

Jutting her dainty finger at the crane game, Asuka's face scrunched up in abstract patterns a scholar of Lovecraftian design would faint seeing. "Going to win a dog so I can rip its head off," Asuka said simply as she grabbed a few coins. Briskly passing a few other girls, Asuka glowered at a pair at the machine she wanted. "Move please," she said as she hip checked them out of her way. "And that little slut is just after him to increase her social status, everybody knows it. Asahina's just another floozy," Asuka spat out as she sank her coin in.

Leaning against the machine adjacent to Asuka's, Hikari found herself laughing. Classic Asuka, attack what either annoyed or scared her. "So you're ok with her dating Ikari-kun then? If she's just a floozy, he's a pervert, and you don't care what is the harm right?" Hikari wasn't above reverse psychology, but playing with Asuka's mind was like walking into a minefield drunk and blindfolded.

Dog caught, dog moved, dog fell, Asuka slammed her palm against the machine. "I don't care who that id…I don't care who Shinji deems worthy of his dick. Stupid tube was more annoying than it was worth," Asuka retorted as she sank another coin in. "And did you see Ayanami? I swear she was about to go at him in the classroom. Girl is broken in the head, both of them are. I'm so glad to have my body back so I can keep it safe from him," she wasn't fooling anybody.

It was a dumb move, it was going to cause nothing but problems, but Hikari couldn't think of any alternative. "So you wouldn't mind if I asked him out then? Maybe you can tell me where I can touch him to get the most out of 'casual contact' because somebody is going to get him," Hikari took a step out of Asuka's range just in time as she felt the wind of Asuka's hand slide by. "All the girls are talking about him, Asuka, your rumors are all but garbage now. They see him as quite the catch," Hikari felt the sudden urge to duck so she did…again Asuka's absent minded hand flew over head.

Damn dog was caught on the lip of the stupid catch and she couldn't get it off. "Ok so maybe I am upset about this. Maybe I do love that idiot, but I feel I don't have the right to act on it because of how I treated him in the past," Asuka plunked another coin in and tried again. "That doesn't give me the right to go up to him now, after all but pulling his heart out through his nose, cooking it, and feeding it to that damn bird, does it Hikari?" Asuka turned, red eyed, to her friend.

Oh holy hell, this wasn't something Hikari expected. It was an explosion alright, but not of violence and smashed screens, maybe stolen dogs, but of emotion. Asuka actually admitted it! And well…Hikari was dumbfounded because Asuka had a point. "Have you talked to him about this? Maybe if he still cares," she trailed off with a shrug. Since Shinji hadn't leapt at any of the women in waiting it was possible the boy's feelings still existed.

Half in the catch half off, Asuka was seething at the audacity of the dog and gravity not to bow down to her. "When I get that accursed thing I'm going to rip out every seam and sew them in backwards," Asuka dropped yet another coin in. "And why should he care at all, Hikari? I lied about him, treated him like garbage, and lied when he confessed! I had my chance and I squandered it like I do everything good in my life. I should get Wondergirl to come over in nothing but a big blue bow and watch as they shag on MY bed," she started sniffing.

"Have your hormones not gotten back to normal Asuka, because that was a mighty perverted thing to hear from you," Hikari quipped lightly more to brighten the mood. It was so odd to see the high and mighty Asuka, back to her original glory, so humbled and broken. Added Asuka was never so forthcoming with personal info, something was off. "Look, I'm going to go get us something to drink and we can continue outside alright?" Hikari scampered off. Grabbing herself a fruit juice and Asuka's favorite melon soda, she headed back and nearly dropped them.

Some boy was standing there talking to Asuka, an attractive boy, but something about him screamed danger. Not wanting to get in Asuka's way, if the German chose to lash out at a flesh and blood target rather than plush, Hikari just hoped Asuka didn't kill the boy.

"So we meet again, my dear, your friends not with you today?" Suzuki asked casually as he put one of his hands on the machine locking Asuka's left escape route. "After last time, and that boy's freak out, I was afraid I'd never get the chance to apologize to you," he smiled as his prey turned around.

A flame was burning in Asuka's eyes, not only had she finally won the stupid dog, but fate had blessed her with a chance opportunity. "So my wayward prince has returned. No, Touji and Kensuke, aren't here today. So how would you like to apologize to me?" Asuka cutely swayed from side to side with her hands laced together.

Hiding behind a trash bin, Hikari watched on with the fascination of watching a train wreck. Something was going to happen, something big and she wanted to see it. Asuka never acted that way, not even on actual dates, so something about this boy was causing the freshly returned female to act strange. Holding her breath, Hikari leaned forward to hear well.

Putting his other hand up, both on either side of Asuka's head, Suzuki leaned in dangerously close. His composure had all the pomp and swagger of a predator that had just killed its prey. "Maybe some karaoke? I know a great place where they'll let us stay as long as we want in a private booth," he leaned in as his prey's head lowered and her eyelashes batted.

"Is that a roll of coins in your pocket, or are you just thinking of me naked?" Asuka said in a weak and powerless tone unfitting her status as hellion. Putting a hand on his shoulder, Asuka shoved him back, "Is this how you get your kicks, hitting on women just to drag them off to take them?" She advanced on the boy that put his hands up in defense, "Well is it? Do you want this body? Do you envision sticking that prick of yours in something such as this?" Asuka gestured down to herself.

Waving his hands, uncertainty wafting over him, the lad just took several steps back. "T-this a trick question? I-I think you're attractive yes, so I won't lie and say the idea isn't unpleasant," back further and further he stepped until he hit the row of machines behind him. "Did you want to skip the singing and go straight to a love motel?" he offered with a hint of hope.

Leaning in a hairs breadth away from the boy's lips, Asuka stopped. "Yes I do want to go to a love motel, just not with you," she smiled and pulled away from the boy now sliding down the machine. "You're not worth my time or effort, why he was afraid of you I guess is a sign that he is more gentle than me…why he needs me to protect him…why I…" Asuka stopped. "Hikari stop hiding, I'm not going to kill him, and I want to go," Asuka huffed and walked out of the arcade.

Good for her, Hikari couldn't help but feel. Something had changed thanks to that odd man's non-to-subtle pick-up attempt. She had heard Asuka clear as day, and maybe just maybe her friend was going to do something about it. At least try, and whatever came of it, well Hikari wasn't going to condone the two of them making love, the would know best how to please the other if nothing else. Catch up to Asuka, Hikari just let the girl continue to blow off steam, and eventually found herself praying Asuka could keep the courage to act.


The whole day sucked one massing goat wang, and yet still Asuka stayed in the living room listing to the television prattle on. Misato gave her a damn earful before retreating to her room to drink or sleep or whatever the hell Misato did in that room, Asuka didn't know or care. Who was Katsuragi to tell her what to do anyway, it was her life and if she wanted to live like a bitch it was her divine authority to do so. Acting as she had didn't get her friends, or accolades, but it did limit the hurt.

Hurt like the pain she was feeling right now, waiting for Shinji to get back from his date. His date with a girl that had looks, money, and a demure and ladylike attitude. You know, the things Asuka either didn't have or wouldn't show to others. So why that idiot wouldn't choose Asahina over her, the girl that already spurned him multiple times, was silly. "Life sucks, then you die cold and alone," she rubbed her arms as the gooseflesh broke out.

And yet Asuka clung to that one thread of hope like a lifeline. Clung to the idea that maybe, just maybe some part of Shinji had held out hoping things would change. Ayanami didn't think so, let Asuka know point blank what was thought of her. "Well jokes on you Wondergirl, it's not me who is hurting Shinji, it's him hurting me, not that he knows it," Asuka huffed and changed the channel again. It was well past ten Shinji should have been home an hour ago.

Stopping on a bikini volleyball game on the sports channel, Asuka actually laughed. "To think I used to watch this when nobody was looking," Asuka just rolled her eyes now at the bouncing flesh on the screen. "Idiot is probably getting some right now, girl was likely a closet pervert and drug him off to have her way with him," oddly Asuka liked the idea of Shinji enjoying the pleasures of humanity, only she wanted to be the one. Funny how being in his body made her realize so many things she had been mistaken about.

Life, love, sex, men, women, and so many other things she saw differently after her brief time as a boy. "Masturbating was a lot easier and faster, that's for sure," Asuka flipped off the television, nothing was good at night if you didn't have a little friend to entertain. Grabbing one of her long forgotten romance novels, Asuka idly flipped though it with disinterest.

Then the door opened and shuffling could be heard, it was show time.

Hopping to her feet, Asuka scurried off to catch her prey before it had the chance to escape into its hole. "You're late, Ikari," Asuka said loudly enough to make her presence known to her query. She didn't have a plan really, winging it seemed the best thing to do as estimating Shinji's actions proved fruitless. "You've some explaining to do," she said as she rounded the corner to see Shinji fixing the cast off shoes.

Adding his satchel to the others, Shinji didn't flinch so much as he bounced off the wall at Asuka's sudden appearance. "Oh, I didn't think you'd…be waiting," he sounded off half afraid. Moving to walk past Asuka, he stopped as she mimicked his motions and to keep him penned in. "T-the meal lasted longer because her father wanted to meet me," his tired voice was barely an octave above audible.

"Did you kiss her, fondle those big jugs of hers, or did you hit a homerun?" Asuka leaned against the wall, but made it clear she'd pounce if he tried moving. The fact he went on a date was evidence he wasn't gay, so Asuka was just gauging how far away from him she really was. "Did her father offer you a room to do it in?" she stuck her head forward and sneered.

His fists clenched and unclenched as he observed the floor mat. "Why are you doing this to me Asuka? Why ask me if I kissed her, which I did at her advances and it was nice?" Shinji's body trembled as he spoke. "Do you enjoy tormenting me that much that you won't let my try and find any happiness?" more clenching and unclenching of his fists.

Ok, so the brash approach was a total failure. Plan-b? Wait she didn't have any plan-b, so stick with the winging it girl! What more harm could she do anyway? Flipping the light switch on, Asuka wasn't enjoying the building fury in her often meek as a door mouse flat mate. "I'm asking because I want to know, Shinji, that's why. Are you going to see her again or was this a one time thing?" she tried to sound sincere, since she was it was pretty darn convincing.

Trying to walk past her again, Shinji stopped an inch away from the sudden roadblock that was Asuka Langley Soryu. "I don't know, she seemed really nice and seemed to really like me," Shinji stepped to the side only to keep being blocked. "What do I have to say to you to have you leave me alone, Asuka? Just tell me and I'll say it, and we can continue avoiding each other, just as you want," he finally looked up at her.

Oooh…not good, he looked beaten and broken and Asuka actually didn't want to do that to him. Wasn't this why she planned to leave him find another happiness? Because she was just such a vindictive bitch, hiding herself away from everybody that might offer her any source of warmth. "Tell me, do you like her, and don't give me some bullshit like 'maybe in time' or some other lame line like that. Cut the crap and tell me, do you like her?" Asuka crossed her arms and bore down on those tranquil blue eyes.

Eyes closed for a moment, when Shinji opened them again they were bereft of fear. "No, Asuka, I don't like her like that. She's a great girl yes, but not…not my type," against all rationality Shinji actually split a wide smile. "You're my type, Asuka. Aggressive, assertive, yet capable of tenderness and warmth, but what goo…" Shinji found himself unable to speak thanks to Asuka's tongue in his mouth.

Tasty, even more so than it tasted when she was in his body. His tongue danced in her mouth, swirled about like a viper, and she drew his body against hers in a crushing hug. No more lies damn it! He said he liked aggressive, so how was this for aggressive! Rei could eat a damn boot, Misato could stuff her objections up her ass, and the other girls could get in line! Shinji was HERS!

Then, strangely, Asuka felt Shinji's fingers wafting down to her thigh. They crossed her knee to behind the joint and pressed faintly. That simply touch, Asuka's legs went week, her body hot and fuzzy, breaking free of him, "W-what did you…ooh that feels good." Why had she never known she had such a tender spot before? Wait…Shinji found it, that means he… "You pervert, you touched my va..."

Shinji didn't let her finish, because at times he could be assertive too. Spinning quickly he pushed Asuka up against the wall, his hand moving from her knee to just above her navel. Breaking the embrace, "You like that, I found this one on accident too…" he pushed gently.

BINGO! Asuka's whole body went limp as the boy she loved was touching her in such innocent places yet invoking such crazy responses. "Shinji…I'm sorry…sorry for lying to you. I wanted, wanted you happy and thought I would only bring pain. Didn't think I deserved this," she peppered his face with fairy light kisses. "But if you want to try, know that you're mine, and I'm…I'm yours if you'll have a bitch like me," she offered herself openly and without hidden motives. She was never so fearful of anything in her life, not even when facing death in her Eva, of the silence that filled the room as she waited for her answer.

"If you hurt me like you did again, Rei'll kill you and wear your skin as a suit," Shinji joked lightly as he scooped Asuka off her feet. Carrying her into the living room he set her down gently on the couch. "Sorry, but I do have a confession too," he looked away bashfully.

Shinji could say he was an alien plotting to destroy humanity and Asuka would have asked for a gun to kill the filthy human scum. Why this boy hadn't spurned her and laughed at her confession, Asuka didn't want to know let alone ask. She was going to take what she was given and never look back. "If you tell me Ayanami and you experimented with lesbianism I'm going to kill her," Asuka giggled.

In one deft move, Shinji's hand hit a spot between Asuka's legs than sent the girl over the edge and made a dainty mess. "Found that in the shower on accident too," he said hushed as he kissed her nose.

"Oh fuck her or get to bed you two! I have to work in the morning!" Misato yelled through the crack in her door.

Oh this was going to be fun, in ways Asuka never thought of before, so many delightful ideas. But not today, she was to unnerved to function properly. "Carry me to my room, slave, your mistress finds herself a little…" Asuka gestured down at her rather distressed state of existence.

Picking her up again, Shinji obliged. "As my lady requests, I shall obey," he replied seriously. As he laid her down on her bed, Shinji's hand traced her cheek, "Asuka…I love you."

She didn't doubt it, didn't think it was just a hormonal high, Shinji was incapable of lying to her. Swallowing hard, Asuka fought against her inner self, that part of her that screamed for independence. "I love you too, Shinji, it just took me longer to realize it," she playfully patted his cheek and shooed him out of the room. They'd have time for other things later, right now she needed to get her head straight. It was a dream, so much so she was afraid she was going to wake up as a boy.

But when she woke, the smell of her favorite breakfast wafting through the house, she knew it was reality. He truly did deserve better than her, but who was Asuka to argue in Shinji's tastes in women. Some men just like being dominated by strong women, and Asuka thanked all the gods that Shinji's taste in women put her on the top of the pyramid. She wasn't going to let him go, not now, not ever again. And if the time did come where Rei asked…maybe…just maybe…Asuka would take one for the team to payback Shinji some of the karma due.

The End…again.


Authors notes

Yeah this is a lot happier and in line with standard body-swapping stories, but it worked wonderfully for this story. Hope you agree, hope you enjoyed the alternate ending, and hope you have a great holiday

Ja Mata