Title: Connections Series

Author: Shanna K

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Nothing Roswell belongs to me. It all belongs to Jason Katims and the others who work so diligently on the show.

Summary: Post Destiny. Max/Liz Maria/Michael Alex/Isabel

Connections 1

Liz was so tired. Everything just suddenly became too much. She stared out down the highway as she tried to make sense of what had happened. She couldn't completely believe everything that had taken place leading up to that point. She wasn't sure she ever would, but standing around beside the highway wasn't going to help any.

She though of calling Maria or Alex to come pick her up, but she knew that she'd have to explain what had happened in the pod chamber and she knew she wouldn't be able to. Liz sighed and began the long walk home to Roswell.

'Home,' she thought, 'Will it ever be the same? No, not anymore it won't.'

Home used to be Roswell, New Mexico, the place where her family, her friends, her heart was. Part of her family of friends seemed now gone forever. They could leave on a silver space ship for the skies, and she believed that someday they would.

As hard as it was to think of life without the friends she'd grown to love, despite how different they were from her, she felt something even more painful. She had lost two very special, not to mention unique, friends, but she had left behind something so much more dear to her.

When she heard a truck whiz by her, she shuddered as she stopped walking for a moment. Her eyes followed the truck as it sped away from her, hurrying to get to where it belonged.

The tears came back to her eyes and she began walking again, just wanting to get to her room so she could sleep away the pain.

The picture of Max and Isabel's mother kept reappearing in her mind as she slowly, but surely passed the mileposts. She had been so beautiful. She had the same light blonde hair as Isabel and the same loving smile as Max. Their mother had simply and suddenly appeared when the four aliens had concentrated together on the orbs. To Liz it was obvious that Max and Isabel's mother was a wonderful person. She thought of what it would have been like to know that woman.

She thought of her own mother and how much her mother loved her. All the hugs, love, smiles, and laughter. She suddenly wished that her mother were right there with her to hold her like she used to when she was a little girl and she had just fallen off the swings at the park and scratched her knee.

Liz stopped as she reached the sign marking the entrance to Roswell. It was blurred to her eyes as she had been crying on her whole journey.

'Oh Max, why didn't I see it before, maybe Tess was right. It was standing in front of me, but it was easier for me to see what was not even there. I could wish you back, and I know you'd come. I suppose knowing that much helps a very little bit. But then your destiny would never be completed and your people never set free. I know how much it all means to you, not to mention Michael and Isabel. I can never go back to you, can I?' Liz thought, she continued to cry as she walked along the sidewalk, heading into town.

Liz looked up as she strangely sensed someone nearby. She ducked into the shadows for a moment and watched as Maria and Alex crossed the street ahead of her. She'd been surprised when she noticed them without looking, but the event was soon forgotten as Liz hurried up the sidewalk once her friends were out of sight.

All she wanted to do was lie down in bed and cry herself to sleep. She felt like she was about to cry herself to sleep on the spot as she ran to the other side of the street towards the familiar restaurant, the Crashdown Cafe.

She reached for the doorknob and turned it forcefully. It didn't budge. She tiredly leaned her head against the door, resting her right hand unknowingly over the knob. She'd left her keys inside. After everything else that had happened that day, she now had to wait around outside just to get into her own home.

Liz brought her left hand up to her eyes and she wiped them clean of tears. She then tried the knob hopelessly willing it to turn in her hand. All the while, new tears came to her eyes. She came to terms with the results of her previous attempt and the presumed fact that she would have to find some other way in.

She caught her breathe as the door opened willingly. She stood completely still for a moment then shook her head clear of the utter surprise and shock that had followed the door's sudden ease.

Liz stepped forward into the cafe and turned to face the door. She shut it firmly and carefully locked it.

Trying to explain what had just taken place quieted the burning pain in her heart. The conclusion she came up with was that the door was simply not actually locked in the first place. It was unusual that the door should be unlocked after the cafe was closed, but she was too tired to think any more about it at the moment.

She knew she was going to crash that night. She was feeling more tired than she ever had before. Liz walked to the back of the restaurant and through the swinging doors. She dragged herself up the stairs and flopped down on her bed after she locked her window and closed her curtains. She fell asleep immediately.