Connections 26 - Conclusion

Max grabbed Liz's hand tightly as they walked to the Crashdown cafe. She looked up, eyes smiling, and grinned before kissing his chin softly. She entwined her fingers with his firmly, her ring touching his softly. He bent his head down and touched his lips to her forehead. They finished the walk to the cafe with their friends, now their family.

When they reached the door, Maria touched the door's handle lightly and her hand lit up, unlocking the door quietly. She smiled up at her husband and twisted the door handle. Together they entered the dark restaurant, the others following in suit.

Alex waved his hand across the room and the lights came on. He smiled and Isabel turned in his embrace to look at the rest of their friends. Max and Michael both went behind the counter and got drinks for everyone. Maria, Liz, Isabel, and Alex all sat down at a booth and the adults stood around the room talking quietly.

Liz stood up and walked over to Kareena and the Evans', who were speaking softly about the triple wedding that had just taken place. She cleared her throat quietly and stepped closer to the threesome.

"I need to know, please. Please tell me what happened to my parents..."

Philip looked wearily to his wife, and then back at his daughter-in-law, and, seeing the pleading look in her eyes, he sighed and spoke. "When we found your father here, he was shoved up against your bathroom wall. His head had been bleeding for a long time, but that wasn't really how he'd died." He watched Liz nod, so he continued, "He had a silver handprint on his chest. Your mother did too. We found her in the kitchen of the Crashdown on the floor. I'm so sorry honey. They were wonderful people. Really good friends and great parents."

Liz nodded as the tears threatened to flow over. Her parents had died because of her powers, her changing...she couldn't really see that it was her fault though. Her parents had always wanted what was best for her, what her heart wanted for her. So, wherever they were now, they would only see it as her life, and that it was their time.

Max came up softly behind her and wrapped his arms around her softly shaking form. He looked up to his parents and when they nodded, he led her to a booth. She smiled up at him softly through her tears. They sat down together and Max held her close to him as her sobs quieted.

Alex walked over to the booth with Isabel and they sat opposite Max and Liz. Michael and Maria sat at a table a few feet away, turned towards them. Their parents all sat at another booth. They smiled at their kids and wondered what the future held for them all. Liz looked up from her conversation with Max and their friends. She watched the front door of the Crashdown carefully before she believed what she saw there.

A light blue light shone in the doorway. She leaned in more to see better and saw two figures standing there in light clothing. They turned towards her and smiled. Liz tilted her head and smiled. It was her parents. As her father waved and her mother blew her a kiss, the bright light flooded the doorway entirely and the figures disappeared. Liz sat back slightly as a single remaining tear spilled down her cheek.

"Liz...Liz...are you alright?" Max's voice registered and she turned back to him, smiling still.

"Yeah, I'm fine Max. Everything's gonna be all right. I'm home finally, with all of you."

Max traced her jaw with his finger and placed a soft kiss on her lips. She smiled and kissed him back. She was home...