Mac sighed and opened one eye. He glanced over at the small black digital clock. Who the hell was calling him at 1 am?
"Taylor" He groaned his eyes half open.
"Oh thank god you've still got the same number!"
"Hi Mom. What's wrong?"
"Mac honey, it's Ashleigh she's had a severe allergic reaction. Please can you come down to Chicago and see her please, she isn't telling me or your father much and I think she might like to see her big brother"
"Are you sure? I mean I haven't spoken to her scince Claire died in 9/11"
"Exactly she comforted you then and you get along realy well. Please Mac honey. I don't ask much of you now you live in New york, but please just come and see her"
"Ok, ok I'll get the first flight I can"
"Thank you so much"
Mac hung up and began to pack his case. His little sister Ashleigh Taylor was a CSI at Chicago PD, if she had an allergic reaction it was going to be bad. But she was always careful she didn't just let this happen so someone had to have done this to her on purpose.

"Hey Stell it's Mac I need you to cover for me. Take charge"
"For how long?"
"Couple of weeks"
"Ash, she's had a severe reaction. I'm going to go and see her"
"And if they ask?"
"You tell them"
"Ok bye. Give Ash my best"
"I will Stella. Bye"
Mac sighed he wasn't keen on going back to his home town but he had to.

He exited the plane booked into a hotel dumped his case in his room and was off to go see his sister.

At the hospital a nurse pointed him in the right direction to the ward his sister was in. just outside the room he stopped Ashleigh was talking to their mother.
"Mother! Please tell me you didn't!"
"I don't lie to my children"
"Because Ashleigh he is your brother your mother only did what she thought was right. Even if neither of us want to see him" Mac heard their father chip in.
It was at that point Mac opened the door.
"If you don't want me here Ash all you need to do is say and I'll get the first plane back to New York"
"Ugh... Please do" Ashleigh scowled Mac could tell she was mocking him, they had always been close.
"Mac she doesn't mean that" his mother assured him
"I know,"
"But I do! Until he gets his life sorted out he is no son of mine!" His father scoffed.
"Dad!" Ashleigh squealed outraged at her fathers harsh words
"For your information father" Mac said the last word bitterly as he and his father have had a bad relationship scince Claire had died in 9/11 and Mac had been terribly upset. "I have sorted my life out"
"Mom, dad can you give us a minute?" Ashleigh said sensing the tension between the two men.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor exited the room.

"Are you still grieving over Claire?"
"Realy because the last time I asked Stella you wer..."
"You asked Stella?"
"Yeah she was as concerned as I was"
"Any way what have I missed?"
"Jimmy got arrested" She paused catching her brothers intrest "Again"
"Again! What for this time?" Mac wasn't even aware his friend had been arrested before
Ashleigh giggled " Shoplifting again"
"Anything else?"
"Detective Renee Brennan had at me for you and the whole Tribune Tower incident"
"Sorry, I didn't mean to get you involed"
"It's ok it gave me a reason to smack her in the mouth"
"Ash..." He gave his sister a disapproving stare
"Don't worry. As much as I wanted to I didn't" She laughed nervously. She had given Renee a good hard punch in the mouth just like the bitch needed, but she wasn't going to tell her high and mighty borther that was she?
Mac moved over to the chair by her side.
"You're lucky Mackie you know that?"
"Why Ashey why am I lucky?"
"You don't have any of these damned allergies!"
Mac laughed he hugged Ashleigh.
"Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Stella sends her best"
Ashleigh smiled.

"What are you thinking" Mac noticed the stupid grin plastered on his little sisters' face.
"Have you asked her out yet?"
"What!? No!"
"You should. She liiiikes yooouuu"
"Ash stop it! Mine and Stella's relationship is strictly professional"
"Sure it is"
"You liiiiiike heeeer. You want to kiiiiiiss her."
"Ash! She's the same age as you!"
"So what Mac you liiiiiiike her. It shouldn't bother you" Ashleigh picked up the glass of water by the bed
"You asked out that boss of your's out yet?"
She nearly spat the water out "You remember me telling you about that?"
"Of course I remember. What kind of a brother would I be if I didn't?"
"A good, very good one"
"Well have you?"
"No, I'm wating for him to make the first move"
They had both, at a point, met the love of their lives only for Mac it was death that seperated them but for Ashleigh it was a violent temper.

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